April 15th, 2008

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Who is this douchebag that's been all over the intarwebs recently? I wouldn't even know what to google for.

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eta: Solved! it's some guy named "Aperture Science" from Something Awful. Full thread here. He's got a wife and kids. Why would anyone willingly post pics like this of themselves to SA?? Oh well, it brings the lolz.

eta2: This post is so old that I doubt anyone else will see this, but the guy also has a Myspace.

and another tax post...

So, I did my taxes with a friend a few weeks ago. But her printer wasn't working. So she saved them as .pdf files and sent me home with a CD to print them here. Meant to do it a while ago. Actually doing it tonight, of course.

And found something awful.

Somehow, we missed one of my W-2 forms. !!!! It was a job I no longer hold, and didn't really consider a "job" even at the time; working for the aunt of a friend of mine, getting paid through DHS. So... What's the cutoff for "if you made less than this, you don't have to file"? I'm assuming, though, that I have to include it no matter how small (it was $521.44) because I do have to file for my "real" job. And even though I checked the "please withold taxes" box on the initial forms, they didn't withold anything. Bugger it! I already owe the feds nearly $400, this is not going to help with that!

Rawr. I just hope she's going to be around tomorrow so I can get back into the software and update this stuff before I mail it and get in trouble with the IRS. >:P

ETA: Got a hold of my friend with the tax software today and all has been handled. I now owe the feds another $50 or so, and my state went from a $14 refund (oooh) to owing $22 (and I wrote them my last 2 checks! OMG can't believe I forgot to order more! so did that just now, too), and I'm off to the post office. Thanks for the help, guys!
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Wig extension help

I know at least one of you has mentioned before that they work with wigs, so now I have a question about what the heck is this person talking about?

I asked them how they made their wig ( http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1371829/ ) and they've told me, only now my little knowledge of wigs, other than knowing that they look good, is holding me back from understanding what she's talking about.

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My friend thinks she can do this, but has never done it before so I just wanted to make sure this would be the correct way of doing it (the person explaining this above said she didn't know how else to explain it).

Help me, DP! You're my only hope!


So who is totally stoked for the ONLY televised debate between the candidates for the democratic nominee for US Senator?

Eh? Eh?

I know I am!

Anyone wanna watch it with me so I don't feel so lonely and nerdy?


Oh, yeah. 7-8pm, Channel 8!
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Oh gawd, another one of these

Has anyone rented through Round Hill Pacific? Cheers and/or jeers? I'm moving up to Portland from Eugene sometime in the next 6 months and would like to live in a studio in NW. Also, I have an awesome cat. This company seems to fit perfectly with my plans, although seems a bit pricey, so I'm just wondering if they're worth it!

Spanks in advance :D

Runner peeps

Anyone know how long the track is around Nike's campus in Beaverton? Teh interwebs are giving me estimates from 1.5-2.0 miles with no definitive answer.
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Help please!

Hey guys!
I am moving back to Portland in a couple months and am having the HARDEST time trying to find some place to live.

I am looking preferably in NW, or SW downtown, 2 bedrooms and move in by Sept. 1 at the latest. I seriously feel like I am hitting my head against a brick wall over here. Does any one have any suggestions of apartment complexes or companies I can go through, or start looking at? Many of the rent controlled places won't rent to me because I will be a full time student. :(

Any and all help is well appreciated. Thanks so much!

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piston honda

cheap boxes?

i'm looking for wholesale boxes in town.. i'd use the post office boxes if it wasn't a federal crime (to use them without using USPS to ship them)..

is it a crime to use a USPS box say for flat rate priority, but then to cover it in paper and ship it parcel post?
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Another "Have You Lived There?" Post

Okay, I'm looking to move this month and think I found myself a nice little spot in Nob Hill. 19th and Johnsonish called "Belmar Apartments." Now, I've made a bit of an opinion for myself, but it's always worth getting another one. Anyone lived there and have congrats on the place or dire warnings?

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I promise I won't induce any more coffee temperature debates. (Blinking; shaking head.)

All this scary economy talk is seriously getting me down. I'm kind of wandering around, waving my arms, yelling, "Doom! DOOOOM!". So, really, there's only one thing left to do.

Let's go all-out and assume that we're in an apocalyptic spiral that will mean the end of civilization as we know it. You know. For fun. So, use your imaginations in this scenario. What was the last straw? Who doesn't survive, and why? What do you do for the necessities? What is your role in this new world? Do you or do you not roam the deserted streets of Portland with a band of bloodthirsty marauders? (More importantly, how are you dressed?)

Mel Gibson or Kevin Costner? YOU DECIDE.
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Tourist fails to do own research, instead asks snarky LJ community

Hi all you hopefully friendly people,
I'm heading to Portland (on a road-trip from San Francisco to Vancouver) and am very excited about stopping in what is apparently one of the coolest cities in North America (obviously I'm talking about Salem, yeah)
So where should I go while in Portland? I'm especially interested in book shops, bakeries and cafes, but of course suggestions anything you think should be checked out would be nice.

Travel Guides are fine, but they're missing that little something extra that you get from personal recommendations. Obviously by personal recommendations I mean from strangers over the internet. Thanks millions!
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April Meetup

Here's your week-prior reminder: Meetup is Tuesday, April 22nd at 7pm at the East Bank Saloon.

Alas, I'll not be in attendence this month as it's my birthday and my parents want to give me a bunch of stuff (woo-hoo!), so bellybalt is in charge. Feel free to prank call me throughout the evening seeing as I'll be at the opera with my phone on silent anyhow.

I'll remind you the day prior and day of still, natch. Have a good time, y'all. ♥

Question du jour:

Which post office(s) and where can I go to e-mail my tax forms that will give me a 4/15 postmark within the next two hours? I'm located in SW but will also be in SE in the next couple of hours. I can also drive.
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(no subject)

Hey guys! My mom is getting rotator cuff surgery on her shoulder tomorrow, and is going to be on sick leave for 6 weeks. Knowing my mom, this is going to drive her crazy. She has a really hard time just sitting around and not doing a whole lot, which I presume is what you have to do when you get major surgery on your shoulder.

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions about what I can do to help her out? The thing is that she's in Boise and I'm here in Portland, so I can't exactly visit or anything. I'm definitely planning on calling and stuff, but for those of you who have had to recover from surgery/sickness, what did people do to help you out while you recovered? Thanks!

Portland-related because PDXers love their moms.
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(no subject)

I need some glow paint that dries clear, but shows up blue when exposed to blacklight. are there any arts and craft stores around Portland that would carry this? or would I be able to find it at any general art store like art media? I'm open to any and all suggestions. thanks guys!
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(no subject)

I've just had a pretty negative experience with a doctor near the Rose Quarter who by all estimations is a talented surgeon, it's just that for smaller matters he has suddenly become dishonest and well, kind of unethical. That word sounds so serious! But still, dude had no luck lying to me about my symptoms in the first place when I know what's wrong and I know what's hurting and the doctor is ignoring obvious glaring facts. The pain in my foot is not in my head sir. When I can't walk for three days it doesn't mean I'm "lucky", it means I can't walk for three days at a time. When metal implants press painfully against my bone it does not mean I have arthritis. When I ask for a medical opinion it shouldn't mean wait some agonizing weeks and then getting ignored completely.

After thinking about it I wonder if he's just lazy. But there's a deadline involved and lazy isn't good enough, so I'm settling on "asshole".

I would like to destroy him. How does one go about destroying an unethical doctor?

A travesty of epic proportions.

I would like to bring to the attention of the community an abuse of the DP community guidelines. To wit:

"1. No disabling of comments or deleting of other peoples' comments (deleting your own is okay, as long as you're not just commenting and then deleting to piss someone off without getting in trouble)."

In this thread: http://community.livejournal.com/damnportlanders/11909174.html I made a comment referencing pie, movies, and the motivations of people of possibly of dubious sanity. The person who created the thread then decided that it would be a great idea to go ahead and delete my comments.

And as I'm typing this there sees to be more and more comments getting deleted in the thread.

Edited: Losing personal insults and attempting to bring it more in line with community guidelines


I know this has been asked before, but can anyone recommend the best DMV location for taking the written test on a Saturday morning?? Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

As deleting other people's comments is against the rules, I thought I would give back what was taken from us, as a community.

You can thank me with a hug (or a punch in the face) when I get to Portland in June.

Here you go.

Ugly Singers With Beautiful Voices

So I was reading the Onion AV Club and there was an article with Beth Ditto of The Gossip.  Pretty interesting but as I read it a thought occurred.  That woman is a great singer but  damn is she hard to look at.  She's just not an attractive woman in the least.  Shallow but true.  People like her and Amy Winehouse as well as guys like Nick Cave and Seal can definitely belt out a tune but while some people are better seen and not heard, the opposite holds true for them.  Can anyone here name performers they like who they would rather hear than see? 
Oui Oui September 2013
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on a lighter note

People seemed a bit stressed around here so, I give you this.

Nope, I did not make it myself and no you don't have to click it...I CAN promise it's not that Rick Astley bit going around. It's a song that has a simple message and is quite pleasing to the auditory receptors(to me anyway).

Sit back, press play and enjoy =)

Peace DP
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DamnPortlanders Protips

#1. Deleting comments that aren't your own is not allowed. Still.

#2. If you feel a comment should be deleted, e-mail the mods and we'll deal with it as necessary as soon as we can. (The e-mail DOES work now.)

#3. When in doubt, take a screencap and E-MAIL THE MODS. Posting to the community does NOT count as contacting the mods on the grounds that some of us occasionally have to do things that are NOT refreshing the community every five seconds to catch the newest drama.


...Just sayin'. *scoots off to make some little additions to the userinfo page*


i need a job. 
i'm looking for: an entry-level type, probably retail . not restaurant work. 
i'd prefer these areas: division, hawthorne, nw/pearl

anyone hiring out there? i know a few places are definitely hiring and i've got a few applications but more places would be appreciated.

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What's a boy to do?

Hey guys.

So my boyfriend is coming to visit this Friday. He lives in Tacoma, (I've been there and it's horrible) and I'm trying to convince him to move here by showing him how awesome and great and wonderful and super Portland is. He doesn't want to leave Tacoma but I really think it would be a nice change for him. So what's a boy to do? What do you recommend we do to make him consider moving his butt over here and out off Ghetto-White Trash Tacoma?