April 14th, 2008

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I am looking for somewhere where I can purchase bottles of Mekong "whiskey" from Thailand. The internet has failed me (even though there apparently a ton of sites that will happily sell you absinthe, even though it's just barely legal here).

So, does anyone know of a shop that sells imported Asian liquors?
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You hurt me, so now I will hurt your bank account.

I don't like lawsuits. Unfortunately, I will be a major player in one, possibly two, coming up. Ick.

I mean, I'm poor. I've been screwed over a lot. Where the hell is my money? But really. If something bad happens to you, is it going to better your life that much if you magically get a stack of bills? Will an organization really learn responsibility and change if you slam them for tens of thousands of dollars? Will your emotional distress magically go away if you get money, after grueling and stressful months of court? Will your dead loved one be righted by a monetary loss or gain on anyone's part?

Now, I know that the peak of well-publicized, ridiculous lawsuits has come and gone, what with McDonald's coffee (Edit: corrected) and people tripping in parking lots and all. But still. I wonder.

I think that in civil court, there should be Mighty Ducks-like consequences. More community service, direct action within the party at fault... I don't know. Put the victim on salary and have them supervise for a month! Donate money to a parallel organization! Put into effect a project that solves the problem. Just something besides lots of zeroes at the ends of things. I'm so tired of that stuff. Maybe I live under a rock and there's such "justice" in other cases, but in the news I'm seeing, it's all zeroes upon zeroes.

Or are there really benefits to lawsuits that I am not understanding? Monetary compensation = ?

What are your experiences?

Wedding questions, oy vey

I'm not crazy enough to join one of those wedding planning LJ communities because what I've seen of them there is a lot of catty behavior and Bridezilla's tromping around in them.

I've already found calla lillies and roses for my bouquet, I just need a few strands of ivy for it. Which brings me to my question: Is it illegal to take ivy from parks/graveyards/buildings here? (Strange for me to have added in graveyards, yes, but that's one of the only places I've seen abundant crops of ivy growing.)

I could go out and buy some, but I'm getting the calla lillies and the roses from my grandmother's garden, and I just wanted all the plants in my bouquet to be naturally grown and freely obtained. I just don't want to get in trouble because I'm hopping fences and stealing ivy like some sort of twisted version of Rapunzel's dad.

And locations. I want my wedding in a foresty park area. You know, Laurelhurst, Powell Butte, Macleay Park (sp?), or generally a wooded public area big enough to hold about twenty five people and easy for people with disabilities (canes and walkers) to get to. But alas, I've been told by about a billionty thousand people that even for a public park, I'd have to get a permit. I mean, it's public. Why should I have to need a permit to use a public space?
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I've never filed taxes and this year I would like to in light of the stimulus distraction our country is sending to us who do file. Anyone know which company to use online that is truly free to file with?
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Because Portland likes art, and she is a local artist...

Audrey Angel is now selling prints and originals. All of her art is done entirely in colored pencil. The prints available are 8 x 10, and some are limited edition, only 500 available and are hand numbered. You can also purchase her originals which come framed and matted. Prints are only $15 and come in a plastic sleeve for protection. Limited edition prints are $25. The prints can be framed and matted as well, contact me for pricing information. Originals vary in price from $500 - $700.

If you like her style but don't see something that particularly jumps out of you, let me know what kinds of things you'd like to see from her. If you want something specific, like a portrait of yourself or family, etc, she can be commissioned to draw something for you. Contact me with your idea, size, etc. and i'll quote you a price.

All available for sale can be viewed here.

Here are some examples of her work:

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Taxation dilemma

So, I slacked a bit and didn't do anything with my taxes beyond entering the various forms into turbotax until last night. Now turbotax is choking on the apparent complexities of the fact that I moved and had two separate home offices during 2007. I'm thinking at this point I have two options:

1) Try and get in at some place like H&R Block today/tomorrow and get them done there
2) File an extension and get them done by a real CPA

Mythical option 3 is the most appealing: Get them done by a real CPA today or tomorrow, but I assume that's not likely to happen...

Anyone have any opinions/good experiences with H&R Block type places? Or know a CPA that has some time free in the next two days? ;)

If I do file an extension, anyone know how that works exactly? I think we probably owe a couple hundred in federal taxes, but I can't say for sure since my home office deductions aren't working correctly.

*ETA* Also taking recommendations for a good CPA I can use in the likely event that I file for an extension.


Taxes. Ack!

I'm suddenly having that "Oh shit!" feeling set in realizing tomorrow is the 15th and I'm no where near ready (or will be in less than one day) to file my state/federal taxes. I have been working as an independent contractor for a while over the last year and it has left me so overwhelmed over what to do about taxes I've been putting it off. I need an extension form but I don't know where to get one and maybe I'm not Googling the right things because I'm not seeing any links to a pdf or location where I can pick one up in person! I'd prefer in person since I don't actually have a printer.

I'm getting increasingly frustrated because UGH I just want to file an extension so I don't get penalities. I'm searching to oregon.gov site and I ain't seeing nothing! It'd be so much easier if they had an e-form for this since you can freaking e-file your damn taxes.
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selling jewelry

I'm trying to get unload some jewelry. A friend suggested that I look into selling it at a store that sells estate jewelry. Do any of you have experience with this, or suggestions for a store to try?

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  dearest DPers.

you are all so much more music savvy than me.  i am trying to put together the perfect soundtrack for my wedding. not silly lovey first dance songs. i need music that is 18th century inspired. but not classical. i dont care if its dance, goth, rock,pop or whatever. as long as it has an baroque feel. any modern songs with a harpsichord or harp is a major bonus.

so any songs? musicians? hell, any genres you can point me towards? 

thank you

Party place?

I'm looking for somewhere to hold a tame (for my family, older people with teenage kids, grandparents, etc) graduation party.  Anywhere in or near Portland is fine- in fact, I'd kind of prefer on the outer edges/suburbs, in any direction (people are coming from all over OR and WA).
I'd like it to be a relaxed pub-type place with a room or upstairs or something that I can reserve, where I can do more of an open-house-type thing rather than the we all come at the same time and eat together thing.

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Oh wise Portlanders,

Where can five overly dressed young adults (only two still 17) go and have a good time after 11 PM? We we thinking Wunderland (the nickel arcade) but they close at midnight and our prom/dance is in NoPo.

The request from my comrades is no super disco clubs or hooka joints, and it has to be someplace pretty easy to get to. We don't really want a hotel room, and hosting/attending any after prom party is not really on our list of things to do. We are going pretty cheap this year (I bought a cheap yet cute dress and have worn it multiple times to family events and a wedding, and my friend got hers for free) and I'm driving.

We're open to suggestions for just about anything else, so fire away!

In case you were wondering:

Two girls, three guys.

Prom is May 3rd.

Our school is De La Salle North Catholic High School in north Portland (you may have seen us with our fleeces at your workplace or around the city)

Mad props to the best ideas!


Cyclists on the Sellwood Bridge Please Be Careful

On about 3 occasions I have seen cyclists on the Sellwood bridge nearly cause accidents or get hurt. (including today, guy in the blue spandex)

If you are a cyclist and need to go across the Sellwood bridge please ride on the side that has the (albeit small) area for cyclists and pedestrians. The other side does not have enough room for both cyclists and cars and as people try to give you room they end up going into the other lane of traffic. The bridge is very traffic heavy and it may seem easier to just ride up the side that doesn't have room but it really isn't a quick solution as it causes more traffic headache and potential accients.


that is all.
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Mouse Saga: Continued

So, after a month of trapping I'm still catching friggin mice. I contact my renter and he told me to choose an exterminator and let him know how much it will cost. Can anyone recommend a good exterminator? I've only had an bad experience with one company that came out and set some traps (thanks, I'm capable of that myself). I'd like someone reasonably priced who will try to determine an entry point. If it matters, poison is not an option as two fuzzy kitties live here as well. I thought I had it pinned down but after stuffing some holes with steel wool I'm still catching the little bastards.

Alternatively, if you've had a bad experience and want to share that, that is also good.


Also: My renter's reaction was hilarious, after I said I had been finding mice and trapping them for the last month with no end in sight his response was, "In the house?!!?!" Haha, nah, I've just been setting traps outside for fun.


So, if a person already filed their Federal income taxes and put $0 as the state income tax refund since this person couldn't remember and thought it was a small amount anyway, but now has figured out the refund was $200ish and still has yet to file state income taxes (not in oregon, for what that's worth)...would you think it would be better for this person to include the state income tax refund amount on the state income tax return in both of the two places they ask for it, so the state income tax refund will match the amount the state actually refunded the year before, or to just put $0, so it will match the federal return?  Can states verify info like that against federal records?  Do they?

So crazy it might just work?

What do you think about the idea of passing some kind of law that made all boys and girls, when they reached puberty, receive mandatory operations so they couldn’t breed.  Then, maybe around the age of 25 or so, they're allowed to get the operation reversed, but only if they pass a screening by a sanctioned group that deemed them fit to breed, based upon the merits of what they have accomplished, their financial situation, an their future goals. It’s a little Orwellian and I know there’s a lot of kinks to be worked out and frankly it's just totally fucked up, but still I can't help but think that it could actually work.