April 13th, 2008

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Zoo Mess

My daughters and I headed out to the zoo yesterday, but after getting stuck in traffic and being mis-directed to "shuttle" parking (which ended up being the parking lot of a tax firm and the CPA lady came out ranting and raving) we decided it wasn't a good zoo day. (I heard later it was some sort of elephant birthday party.)

Man, this CPA was PISSED. I don't know who put up the "shuttle" signs leading directly into her parking lot (either it was a prank or a huge mistake) but she was saying "I know the zoo is nice and all, but I'm a CPA and I have clients that need to park here!" blah blah blah.

So, we left and went to the Japanese Gardens instead. It was so beautiful!


Did anyone actually make it in to the zoo yesterday?


A gorgeous, affectionate feline followed me & the BF home last night. We found her around E 65th & Burnside. She's reeeeally sweet so we think she has a home and a family who misses her, but she was wearing no collar.

If you or someone you know has lost a cuddly kitty in this area, and can properly describe her (although I'm not sure whether it is in fact a her), we would LOVE to reunite you!

If not, we're keepin' her.


ETA: Already poked around Craigslist, too. No luck there.

(no subject)

anyone wanna donate a card table to blackrose books? how about a whiteboard? or chalkboard?

we're reallllly cool, and non-profit, and collectively run, and we're all volunteers, and we're super radical. in FACT, you should come visit us! we're at 4038 n. mmiissiissiippii, in between shaver and mason.

THANKS! <3<3

free stuff

Hi. Free stuff. Christmas stuff, vintage stuff, funny stuff, weird stuff- free stuff. Come check it out, come claim some free stuff. Be nice, don't make a mess. We will be watching. Stuff coming out most of the day, stay tuned.

Where: 27th and Madison 1 block north of Hawthorne.

super free stuff

edit: very funny..

Date: 2008-04-13 15:04:38
PostID: 641140978
Title: (free stuff) FREE STUFF
Hi. Free stuff. Christmas stuff, vintage stuff, funny stuff, weird stuff- free stuff. Come check it out, come claim some free stuff. Be nice, don't make a mess. We will be watching. Stuff coming out most of the day, stay tuned. Consider this notice that you will be filmed. Only those over the age of 18 should take pornography and alcoholic beverages. Some open containers have been compromised, and should be consumed at your own risk.

We would prefer the bed frame to go to a family who needs it, and have been assured that the urine on the mattress poses no health risks whatsoever. The vomit smell will take care of itself if you leave the mattress in the sun for 48 hours or so.

Our dog does not bite, but has been nicknamed "The Mad Humper" since he's come home from his snip-snip appointment. Wear dark pants, and please don't be alarmed- he's just trying to say hello!

We look forward to you coming, and to our stuff leaving.

Where: 27th and Madison 1 block north of Hawthorne.


super free stuff

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Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

VW/Portland community

I'm going out on a limb here, (this is a new thing for me), but...

I've created a new community, vw_portland. I felt there was a need for more localized support within any VW owners/enthusiasts/casual owners/haters/hopefuls.

Feel free to check it out, and you are welcome to join.
Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

school project

(x-posted to pdx_edu.)

I have a project for an International Studies class at PSU (471) that I need some assistance on. It is an ethnographic interview project, where I am expected to spend anywhere between 3-5 hours cumulative with a chosen "informant" from a culture group unfamiliar to me, and write up my findings in conjunction with a research project and submit it as an ethnographic/anthropological-style of assignment.

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If either you, or someone you know may be interested, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll forward on to you my contact information.
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it stinks

Anyone remember this?

Around age 5 I was subjected to a particular anti-drug or smoking film, a cartoon in the typical garish fashion of the late 80s. It featured humans in the future, and they wanted to be a part of an intergalactic federation of sapient aliens, but they weren't allowed into this elite group because drugs still existed on Earth.

Their solution (I challenge you to find a more air-tight plan) was to send a group of radical teens into the past (the 80s) and stop drugs from happening in the future by telling grade schoolers to turn down free weed on the playground, one at a time. I think there were keytars involved.

To the best of my knowledge, this really happened and I am not making it up, although I kind of wish I did. I haven't been able to find anything about it on the whole internet. Help?

EDIT: It was not Cartoon All-Stars, the very well-known piece of 80s anti-drug kiddie fanservice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jivU-4xv7aw which I'm pretty sure everyone was forced to view at one point or another.

Advertising bands.

I've promised to put some fliers up promoting two upcoming shows for a friends band. The question is are certain things illegal to tape/staple fliers to? I've seen them on telephone poles but not on lampposts for an example.
Also if anyone in this community works for a music store or any other store that puts band fliers up in the windows what's the best way to approach putting one up? Just walk in and ask at the register, "Can I put this in the window?"
I hope this made sense, I need a nap.

Oh, and this is the band's myspace to hear what they sound like http://www.myspace.com/wideeyepanic
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A SCAM to avoid

Any local musicians who use myspace should know about this "magazine" that will message you with an amazing offer.

They are called Coast2Coast Mixtape Magazine and I got a message from them on myspace that they wanted to include one of my tracks on their next mixtape. Sounds cool but then I got an email from them saying what I needed to do. Here is the email:

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Spread this far and wide cause this is very offending and shouldn't be allowed to happen.
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Sushi Train?

So one of the midwives would like to order sushi to tide her over through the night. The sushi place isn't answering their phone. Anybody got a clue about Sushi Train's hours? The one in Tualatin, on SW Martinazzi. Are they not open on Sundays, or just not open yet, or...?
Fatty Goldfish

Ds o___o?

ok, so. i have a ds original,  and a ds light, neither of which are  playable.

i was trying to navigate the nintendo website, and i didnt know what parts i might need,  or if there were any places i could get them refurbished?

   the ds original: wont turn on, we noticed it wouldnt turn on at all after it got squished in someones pants pocket along with a banana awhile back. i think it MIGHT work if it had a new battery or something.

   the ds light turns on, still makes noise, still makes light, but the screen is miscoloured on top, and has lines thru the bottom screen. it was bought used at a game crazy type place in totally good condition, but over the past year its slowly grown discoloured and gotten white lines thru the bottom screen. it obviously still has touch capabilities, as it still responds to the stylus, but its just hard to SEE anything.

ya portlanders got any ideas :D?

(no subject)

Hello hello. I just joined this community, I'm Eli - nice to meet you all.
I work at a head shop, which can tell you a little about my habits, I'm sure. I love to read Chuck Palahniuk books, which is what brought me to this community. I hope to meet some fellow... cool people.