April 12th, 2008

she blinded me with science!


Are you in this comm? I'm the shammy from Kil'Jaeden who talked to you in AV last night.

Are there any groups of DPers who play together? I feel like rolling a tank on Alliance but all my friends play Horde.
Push Button For POPSICLES

Dear Portland,

I request your assistance once again. I have an issue and I have given up attempting to resolve it by peaceful means because the message is just not getting across. That message is that it is unacceptable and illegal to block my driveway, yet the patrons of the church across the street routinely do so. I have left notices on windshields, I have gone into the church and spoken to the Reverend about the issue, and yet today, once again, there are two cars blocking my driveway.

I don't get it.

So, the only way that I can see to resolve this situation is to a) ask that the city give the strip of land that is currently the stub of 8th Avenue to the church as they are requesting if the church agrees to pay for the reconstruction of my garage so that it faces the other direction and construct a new driveway which leads to that garage, or b) that the city properly pave, gutter, and sidewalk the rest of that portion of 8th Avenue, label it with the appropriate signage, and enforce parking as necessary.

The problem is, who do I call? What department of the City of Portland deals with these sort of things? I'm unsure where to start, but I can see that this is going no where fast and I am really tired of dealing with this issue. It is a general nuisance and waste of my time.

Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Pulse Salon on Yamhill

Pulse is a really cute little place. I know this, because I've been past it a dozen times. I stare at it. It stares at me. The steps mock me, like it is sticking it's tongue out.

Perhaps I could get someone to carry my walker up for me, but I hate to do that. Meh. Not sure it's worth all that anyway. Have any of you ever been there? Do you think it's worth it?

blackrose benefit show + other events.

hey yall! blackrose collective books is having a benefit show on wednesday, april 16! THAT'S NEXT WEEK! come support your favorite radical, non-profit, all volunteer, collective bookstore and resource center! we're so cool that we can only be described in a run on sentence.

the show is at the big pink house, 4133 SE 32nd (near Gladstone), 9:00 - 11:00.
the bands are...
Abandon Ship! - Forest Punk from Santa Cruz
The Dapper Cadavers - Old Time Skeleton Jigs from Portland

$1-$100 sliding scale. no one turned away! we'll be selling books and records, too!

and while i'm at it, here's a list of Collapse )

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Flocked Wallpaper?

I am looking for some flocked wallpaper. I can find it online but I wondered if there is any in the city. Does anyone know of any places that might sell this type of wallpaper? It's vintage-patterned, raised, often (and preferably) partially velvet. It's the wallpaper at Dot's. I don't need a lot so I thought of looking for cheap scraps at a wallpaper store but have no idea where to even start. Thank you!


Come see my hott gf's sexy all girl soul power band!! FREE BEER AT 8 P.M.

My gf and her awsome ass band,ELATED (http://www.myspace.com/elatedpdx ) are playing Friday night at Good Neighbor Pizza (8th and Dekum) with Wooden Indian Burial Ground (Blues-y,Heavy Rock)  (http://www.myspace.com/indianburialgrounds  )- apparently there is free beer at 8p.m.-first come,first serve- and it is ALL AGES.  Come get drunk and rock out....and whatever,theres really greasy pizza and cheap beer.That is all ya need on a friday night,right??

Portland related because...well,shit,it's in Portland!
c10 dinner

Warning to renters

Watch out for Star Metro Properties.

I moved into an apartment managed by them in late January. Every month, i have left a check for my rent in their dinky deposit slot as instructed when i moved in. They lost my April rent check. They mailed me a letter (the management office is IN MY BUILDING, so mailing things is a ridiculous waste of time, money, and the US Postal service's efforts), which arrived on the 9th informing me that my rent was past due and i owed them an additional $100 late payment fee.

Checked my bank account online and the check had not been processed, so i called the company and left a message explaining the situation.

Then I walked downstairs, wrote a second check and handed it to the person on duty, showing him the carbon copy of the previous check submitted BEFORE the first of the month.

When i got back upstairs to my apartment, there was a notice taped to my door that i needed to pay by cashier's check. I called and left another message.

Someone called me back the next day while i was in the shower. I returned the call immediately, but again could only leave another message. There is no direct line. No one ever answers the phone. Since no one ever called again, i figured the matter was resolved, since i had at that point paid my April rent TWICE.

Today, in the mail, i recieved ANOTHER letter giving me 72 hours notice to pay the "past due" rent by cashier's check or money order by midnight April 11. THAT WAS YESTERDAY. Had someone walked up the steps and slipped it under my door, or taped it to the door again, i would have actually gotten this notice before the deadline, which always helps.

I checked my bank account again and neither of the checks have been cashed. I'm still using my credit union from Virginia and getting a money order from a VA credit union while in Oregon is an annoying and time-consuming ordeal that i should not have to go through when i did everything right, paid my rent early and in full. My landlord lost the check and now *I* am getting threatened with eviction.

I am fuming, and NO ONE will return my calls. I can never get through to an actual person, only leave message after message which does not get returned. I am so frustrated, but i signed a 12 month lease and can't deal with the idea of moving again this soon anyways.

So learn from ym mistake, DPs, don't get caught in this frustrating situation. Star Metro Properties is poorly managed, barely run, and charges way too much for rent. And apparently has no interest whatsoever in resolving problems.
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selling used CDs

Been doing some serious spring cleaning and want to get rid of some CDs.

Just wondering what the best way to do it might be:

1) take them down to Everyday Music and do trade
2) sell them on Ebay (is it worth it with the percentage they charge)
3) sell them all together on craigslist (would someone want to buy 20-30 CDs at once?)

Let me know what you think, I trust your opinion!!
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Smoke & Sirens.

And Heavy traffic. It's as though that on the first truly warm day, people discovered that warm & dry does not necessarily equal "safe," so far as driving conditions are concerned.

There were about 6 stalled cars on my side of 84 - if not more, and on the other side someone's car was on fire. That's the "smoke" part. i think it was an accident, but who knows? i really hope they're ok. Though the fellow i feel the worst for is this poor man trapped in a big white pickup truck, right after the split on the on-ramp to 205 North and 84 East (on the 84 side), sitting there in practically the middle of the road - a place where passing drivers are being sedate if they're going 45. He had his blinkers on and a very worried look on his face. A passing driver could very easily have looked up ahead for just a split second at the long line of cars trying to get on to 84, in order to not see and thus plow into him. When the road is light, the vehicle is white, and the sun is shining, you're not going to be very visible... and right there, there isn't a whole lot of room for someone to suddenly avoid you with.

As for sirens, there were several - the most meaningful to me being the ambulance trying to get by on the left shoulder, with 84 E packed and hardly moving. What was meaningful was that even though the road was packed and hardly moving, people in the far right lane turned on to the shoulder, to allow other drivers to get their own cars out of the way, and who did so. It's this sort of cooperation (or the lack thereof) that can mean life or death for someone in trouble.
i'm sure that there are people who are thinking something along the lines of "Well, it's the law, to give right-of-way to anything with a siren, so of course everyone moved." The most important thing is that people did indeed move in a crowded and difficult situation. While there were probably plenty of people who moved due to the above motivation, i really think that most people felt concern. Remember, this is a city where people regularly slow or stop to give someone a chance to get by, and where people will wave to say "thank you" for being allowed to turn left in thick traffic, or get into the lane, or any of the other things that drivers need to, and are able to do because other drivers wish them well.

This is (one of the many reasons) why we love our city.

HALP! Taxes. . . . . .

For the first time in 15 years I will be paying someone to do my taxes. I can't figure out how to record my home purchase stuff with my online tax software.

I have anxiety about using the H&R Block/Jackson Hewitt because I imagine my confidential information may not be well taken care by a seasonal employee.

I usually file myself by mid-Feb.

I have called the chains and they won't give me a price. How much for a 1040 long form for these places?

Where the hell do I go the Sunday before taxes are due?

Portland related because procrastination is a science. . . . . . . . . .

ETA: I went to Jackson Hewitt to get an estimate. They wanted THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY DOLLARS to prepare and file and didn't find anything I hadn't using the free online tax software. I will file online. Thanks everybody!
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Shall we play a game?

Chez Geek, purveyors of prodigious parties since 2003, are back again with the party for anyone who's ever said "It's been way too long since I pinned a tail on a donkey." The Party Games Party will feature nice innocent party games for nice innocent people, and other party games for other people. From Telephone Pictionary and Charades through Twister and I Never to Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare, we're bringing our game faces. Bring yours, bring a friend, bring a bottle if you can. Do bring a sense of courtesy and respect though; not every game is to everyone's taste, and we hate it when someone makes us play a brief round of Toss The Obnoxious Jerk Out.

The party is April the 19th, starting at 8PM and going into overtime. We hope to see you there. Yes, you reading this. We can see you through the computer, and we love what you're doing with your hair.

4737 SE 44th ave; 2 blocks south of Holgate.

MAX is fail

Does anybody know what happened to the MAX tonight? From what I could gather, there was some sort of power problem that shut down the entire eastbound blue line (and maybe others) around 9 PM. I managed to make it as far as Lloyd Center from downtown before they evacuated the train and stuffed everybody into buses. Good thing I didn't actually need to be anywhere tonight....