April 11th, 2008

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Celtic Music...

Would there happen to be any Celtic music shops in Portland that sell Celtic musical instruments? (Specifically, I'm looking for Bodhráns.)

And a bonus, for everyone's enjoyment:

A Bodhrán is the "drum thingy" that the woman plays.

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If your car is parked in Zone L, it probably IS, in fact, being towed right now. They put the "no parking" signs out for street sweeping, and by golly, parking enforcement and towing are in full force. I kind of want to blare Ride Of The Valkyries or something.

Just so you know.

(It's like Christmas! Anyone want to come out with a lawn chair and watch with me?)

Edit: The streets affected are around NW 16th to NW 21st, from Burnside to well past Glisan. You can park again after 10:00 a.m.

Cupcakes like whoa

Hey Portland, I'm looking for a bakery or store that makes delicious, head-over-heels, kill-your-brother-with-a-spoon-for cupcakes....or cake for that matter. But cupcakes are much better. Know any places I can get some? I don't care about location, if they're good I'll find them.

After careful consideration I've deicided to hit up both Cupcake Jones and Saint Cupcakes in a kind of cupcake feeding frenzy. Thank you all (cept the Cupcake Nazis) for your thoughtful insights.
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Cell phones on public transortaion

Do you get irritated when people talk on their cell phones on public transportation? 

Would it be totally out of line to try and get Trimet to pass a no cell phone policy or is this just something that we all have to live with and the people who get irritated should just deal with?  


I sometime wish they would pass something like that, but at the same time it would feel like some sort of right has been taken away, like, “They can silence my cell phone when they pry it away from my cold, dead fingers.” 


I don’t know, people who talk on their cell phones on the max irritate me to no end, but I feel like maybe it’s just something that’s part of living in the city. 


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i have had many pets over the years, in fact i have several now. i have always taken good care of them. that being said...

i have a rat that i feel i cant care for to the level that i want to. its not a money issue. i have all the stuff for it. she has a nice set up. but since her mate died i think she is lonely but i have not been able to get her to bond with me.

i am looking for a new home for her. someone that might be able to get her to be more social. shes not mean or anything, just runs down to the bottom of her cage out of reach when i try to pet/hold her. im thinking someone who has had a rat before or just feels they might be able to bond with her would be better for her than me.

i know i will probably take crap for this, and yes it was not the wisest choice to have 4 pets in a studio apartment in the first place (5 before the other rat died), but really i just want what is best for her and i dont think its me. shes a black and white rat from a pet store. would come with cage, treats, food, toys.
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European Groceries and Boba Tea

New in town.

Where is the best place to find European goods, more specifically Eastern European.
I tried Ril's European Market on SE Harrison but it's closed!!!!!!!!!! ;(  Closed as in the shelves are empty and there is trash on the floor.   There was no move address so i guess the business shut down.

Upon seeing it was closed i went next door to the Karma Cafe because someone told me they served Boba here.  Apparently people in Portland called it "bubble" or "jellies", but anyway their Boba was awful, it was really soft and gross.  Anyhow does anyone know where to find some good Boba?


get ready for it...... the great DamnPortlander Yard Sale!!!

So I recently met another DamnPortlander and we got to talking about garage sales, and how we would like to have one.......

I have the perfect location! On E Burnside St at about 50th. I live in an apartment complex with a huge courtyard and lawn out front. Plenty of room for a huge yard sale. Since I am in a small apartment, and have about 1/2 a yard sale worth of stuff. I would like to welcome anyone else to join me and sell their stuff!

One week from tomorrow-- SATURDAY, April 19th, from 8am until 5pm

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ahhhh, my SAD is finally gone!

it's GORGEOUS today and the bf and i are in SUCH a good mood, we want to enjoy a delicious happy hour at a close-in bar that has really nice, airy, sunshiney outdoor seating. where is your favorite place for a late afternoon drink on a day as nice as this one?
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throwing out mattress

I have a twin-size mattress and box spring.  The mattress is smelly and cats have been using it as a scratching post.  The box spring is fine, I think.  If someone wants these items they're all yours, but my real question is: what is the proper way to dispose of them.  Do I just leave them at the curb on trash day or do I need to call someone or take them to a dump?  I'm in Multnomah County, in case that makes a difference.

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Hi. I'm going to the super sweetzor awesome Alter Egos party tomorrow night. I'm lacking one thing for my costume that I was unable to procure at Goodwill.

I need an old style Starlyte Lazer Tag gun. I don't care if it's working or not. And I'll totally pay $25 for it, which should be more than you paid for it. I'd need it before 5PM tomorrow afternoon.
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zomg balls.

So, I ended up with a pair of free tickets to the basketball game at the Rose Garden tomorrow, 1pm, but I'm going to see my friend perform in Threepenny Opera. 

And I don't really want to go to a basketball game anyway. :D Anyone want them? batshads at gmail

Children's Charities/sponsoring children overseas

Real long shot, and not PDXy

I want to sponsor a little girl in India, that shares the same specific name as a Indian friend of mine.
Basically want to send money to make sure the little girl gets to eat, and want to do this in honor of my friend.
Anyone know a good charity that can do this, and could accommodate my name request?
EDIT: Found my answer, thanks!

Cirque du Soleil ticket

I've got an extra ticket to Cirque du Soleil tomorrow night and none of my friends can make it. If anyone wants it, it's free and first come first serve.

Leave a comment with your email address and I'll get back to you in a jiff.

edit:Taken after about 2 seconds :)

Next great adventure:

Following previous adventures on foot and bus to various places around the greater Portland area, today I set my sites on the far east of Clackamas County. Its actually pretty easy to get out there...the Sandy Transit system seems pretty flush with money! The buses from Gresham to Sandy go every half an hour, and are free. The buses from Sandy up to Rhododendron cost two dollars, and run less often. But, for how far out it is, it is still pretty easy and cheap.
As for East Clackamas County itself (I walked from Rhododendron to somewhere west of Brightwood), it is very mixed. As could be guessed, Highway 26 is really ugly and dangerous to walk by, and the area right on either side of it isn't exactly an example of natural splendor. But you don't have to go too far away in places to find some really good natural areas. Also, some of the towns are still really smalls, and not glorified truck stops. I also have a penchant for places that are in a state of decay or disrepair, and there were some interesting abandoned buildings.
So, anyway, as far as places that you can get to easily on city buses from Portland, this is actually one of the easiest and best.