April 10th, 2008


Car Disposal Advice

It's time to finally get rid of my Subaru. It's been sitting in front of my house for nearly a year. The engine sounds like a bicycle with a baseball card in the spokes. My friend with basic mechanic skills says it's not worth fixing. The tags are expired and I can't pass DEQ to renew them. The title is still in my parents name but they approve of my getting rid of it. It runs and drives but I reiterate: the engine sounds terrible and the tags are expired.

So, what do you think is the best way to dispose of it? I'd rather junk it considering that I don't want to deal with transferring the title to someone else. I'd donate it but I don't need the tax write-off. I'm thinking of getting some temporary tags and driving it to a scrap metal yard to try to get as much money as I can. So can anybody recommend a scrap yard? Or a alternate method of disposal (not involving fire or explosions, sorry).
No Fun

need a job?

(cross posted in Craigslist):

Earn some extra cash this summer (and get your threads cheap!)at one of Portland's hippest places to work!

Looking for retired astronauts who enjoy a good martini! - People who are also responsible, independent, fashion-savvy adults that love working with other people.

Retail experience is a MUST.

Gotta love fashion and dressing people up!

Only applicants with flexible summer schedules will be considered.

Apply in person with resume to:
3 Monkeys
811 N.W. 23rd Ave (between Johnson and Kearney) between 11 and 6 pm.

Kinda Sorta Naturopathic doctors?

So, my wife picked out a naturopath using the doctor finder on BlueCross BlueShield, and set up an appointment.  The doctor's office called to get her insurance information and then reported back that only labs would be covered and nothing else.  After many confused phone calls back and forth, It turns out that despite the fact that BCBS lists "naturopaths" and helps you find them, they aren't covered under our particular insurance.

So my pleas to the dp community is to find out if there are any general practitioners in the area who steer toward naturopathy but aren't actual naturopaths?  In an ideal world, they will be on the eastside and taking new patients, but at this point we'll settle for any good recommendations.  Bonus points if they have experience with diabetes/hypoglycemia or ob/gyn.

I've already googled past dp topics and we checked the names offered there (Suzanne Scopes, Rhonda Marcus, and Julie Kahn) but none of those are covered.

Thanks all!

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Anyone ever been to the Euro Insitute of Skin Care to have something done? Opinions?

I'm looking for any recommendations for a place to get a fairly priced facial or microdermabrasion.

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Lost and Found

I lost a set of keys two days ago around Portland State University.
If you have seen or found any lost keys, please let me know.

One of the keys is my BMW's with the logo, so it should be identifiable.
I called Trimet and PSU Lost&Found Office, but they haven't received such keys yet.

Please help and thank you! :)


Ok there is quite a bit of you who have babies here, so help me out here :)
Friend of mine is coming to Portland from Van BC and they hope to do some baby shopping (their first one is on the way) and they asked me for some recommendations. I'm a horrible person to ask b/c I have no experience in that department.
So, this is where I need your help..
What are some of your favorite baby apparel stores around Portland??