April 9th, 2008



So my friend has a toddler boy and is moving to SE this weekend from SW. Where are the GOOD, "family" friendly places close in to hang out? Coffee shops? Restaurants? Somewhere people bring their young kids and it's ok, friendly and safe. Every time we hang out, I keep drawing a blank because I'm so bar prone, I feel bad and we end up going to Bagdad which technically is a bar but is a restaurant during the day.


Oh! We'd like to stay close in se/ne if at all possible, just trying to find a local haunt we can be comfortable in.

Edit: Thanks for the suggestions and staying on topic!
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This was on Craigslist this morning; I figured y'all would be able to answer it better!

It's 11:00 PM, you just finished your show at the PCPA, and now you and 120 performers, friends, relatives, and groupies (don't we wish!) want to meet somewhere for coffee, beer and a bite to eat. You're looking for some place that will be open until at least 1:00 AM and has room for all 120 of you to sit together, and where there is _no_ live music (or loud music of any kind) because now you all want to sing for each other (nobody got to hear each other from backstage during the show).

It's called an "Afterglow" -- the show after the show.
So, where would you go in downtown Portland?


We have fleas in our apartment.

-The indoor/outdoor cat has been treated with Advantage, two weeks ago.
-The neighbor sprayed some kind of natural stuff in the hallway carpet
-The apartment is hardwood floors, with a couple small rugs. We only have one couch, and it is not fluffy or anything.
-I don't have a vacuum.
-We both cleaned up our rooms- so no more clothes on the floor.

Anything else we can do? Is there a natural solution?
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DP Q of the day: High school grad gifts

What did you get your younger sibling for high school graduation?

My sister's graduating this year, and I have no idea what to get her. The first things that come to mind are college supplies (cheesy but useful) and a gift certificate to REI (since she's probably going to do service work abroad for a few months). Her 18th birthday is a few weeks before graduation, so I'm probably going to combine the two gifts.

Alternately, what did you get for high school graduation that you really appreciated? I don't remember what I got, as it's been eight years. (Oh god.)
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Portland Schools / Upcoming Trip

Hey, it's yet another "thinking about moving here" post! I've gone through the memories, but didn't see much about this topic, so hopefully you guys can help.

My husband and I are seriously considering a move to Portland from Dallas once I finish school, and the two things people keep warning me about are the weather and the job market. I'm not much fazed by the weather, but the market could be a concern.

I'm in school getting certified to become a teacher (reading, grades 4-8) and I was wondering what the area schools are like. Is it hard to find work (especially not specializing in math or science)? Are the schools better in one district vs. another? I've been keeping an eye on various postings, but any insight would be welcome.

As an aside, we're taking a trip to Portland next month, and need some suggestions. If you could only eat at one restaurant in the area, what would it be?

Thanks for any tips.
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Kiddie Play Dates

Fellow PDX Breeders(hahaha, i bet that causes some rabblerabble but ohwell), I need help finding play dates for my son. as most of my friends have either taken the DINC route or are just starting their child making and behind the curve, i am trying to check other possible avenues for finding peeps for my child, and maybe even myself, to hang out with once in a while. With the (hopefully) coming sunshine, social friends to meet for a port-nap snack or romp around local playgrounds are something we are looking forward to as Dadda has reached maximum Elmo capacity.

I have checked communities (LJ Community searches are not my fine point) and all I have found is PDX Mommies which most recent post was 05/07. Can any parent out there direct me to where i might be able to find fellow minded parents? or are there any other single or couple parents that maybe get together that have a child in the range of 2-3 looking for the same in the general NE area of PDX?
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Helen Keller...

For everyone's amusement:

Anyone who knows me knows that I am, uh, enamored with Helen Keller. This video clip I happened upon shows an actress playing Helen Keller falling off the stage. What's amazing (and by "amazing", I mean absolutely hilarious) is how she simply gets back onto the stage and continues with the play while the actress on the right remains horrified. Talk about relating to your character.

Also, did you know that it was Helen Keller who introduced the Akita to America? Well, she did!

(Portland related because Helen Keller was a socialist, and we have socialists in Portland.)
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Your favorite drinks!

My boyfriend turns 21 in three hours and the plan is to spend tomorrow night at home drinking every concoction that sounds good! We have found plenty of websites that offer mixed drink recipes, but they aren't rated or anything and it ends up being an endeavor to fight through the lists!

What are you favorite drinks, DP?
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Who'll let my dogs out? Who? Who?


My puppy is almost 5 months old and she is still not potty trained. Problem is that I am not home all day so I miss the crucial times to take her out. She goes when she is taken out though, so we're halfway there, I just have to get her to stop going inside the house.

I'd like to bring outside help in on this one but I'm not sure what to do. I know some places will come to my house and walk her but I don't like strangers in my house and I could put her in daycare, but will they also work on potty training while she's in daycare or does she have to be potty trained before going in?

Help me DP, you're my only hope!