April 8th, 2008

Cheap body Jewelry

That's pretty much it. I know that surgical grade implant steal is better for piercings, but it's stupidly expensive.  I've been rocking the cheap jewelry I got when visiting friends in Columbia, Missouri at a buck fifty each piece for a few years but need new jewelry now. Anyone know where to get body jewelry that is less than 20 bucks a piece?

Oct 2010

Chiropractor needed

I need a good chiropractor.

I live in Hillsboro, but would travel into Portland or Beaverton or such to get to one that is really good if I need to.

It would be wonderful if they had Saturday hours.

Anyone have suggestions? I can google this myself and have but I don't want to pick someone randomly. I am hoping for some real live feedback.

Thanks in advance.
Obatala Ochun

Tell Me Why You Love Portland, Oregon

Hi! I'm working on a Project and doing some research. What do you like about Portland, Oregon. I moved here from San Bernardino, California thinking that I would move back after about a year,and although I currently reside in Vancouver, Washington, I spend alot of my time in Portland, falling in love with the lush greenery, the vibrant colors, the mix of culture, art and style, and the (I know, hard to believe but true) abundant moisture we have here in the Northwest. There's always something new and interesting to find in Portland. Even the parts of the city that have been let go have a certain...weight about them that can't be ignored. It draws your attention and demands your respect. Southern California is so dessicated next to the Northwest and it's kept me here for 9 years. My life has been fuller here than it has ever been in down south with few exceptions.

So, I would like to here what brought you to the Northwest, Portland specifically, why you stayed, and what you love about it. That's if you'd like to share with me ;P
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Good evening!

Where can I obtain tie-dye print chums? I am trying to make everything as bright as possible so I don't lose things. (seafoam green sunglasses? CHECK.)

Movin' to the woods for the summer, 2 hours from a town. Losing sunglasses would be terrible.

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(no subject)

Hiya, DP. I'm currently working on a paper on Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey. In the interest of procrastination, I thought I'd ask if anyone here has seen the production of it they're putting on at Portland Center Stage? I might try and catch it, since we read the book for class. I'm really curious how a book like that translates to the stage. Has anyone read Notion? I'd never even heard of it before this class, but I think I like it better than One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Anyway. Back to work. </procrastination>
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Portland Depeche Mode fans?

I wanted to offer this up here before going to Ebay and risking that venture! I have a Depeche Mode poster in practically mint condition, save for a ever so small bent corner! I am looking to sell it, I paid $20 for it, but I'm willing to part at $15 or best offer and I will meet somewhere to deliver it.

(of course, not as weird as this photo makes it look in spots, I pulled this off a website to show)
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So me and my siblings just decided we want to all go to a lake for Memorial Day Weekend. Anyone know of some good resorts? I've found some through the Google but personal recs are always nice.

We need:
- A place that'll sleep four
- A resort no more than six hours drive from Eugene
- A cabin-type place (We just don't want to stay in some hotel, no matter how nice)

Cost isn't too much of a factor as long as it's not wack-expensive.

Thanks in advance! Also, it's been said before but I freakin' love this community, you guys always have the best suggestions and advice.