April 7th, 2008


I've had all three of my tattoos done in Seattle when I lived there last year, so needless to say I don't have the same contacts I used to and while I've got my thoughts and opinions on piercings here in Portland, I don't have any on tattoo places because I've never gotten one here.

So. I ask thee, inked people of Portlandia, would you aid me in my search for a great place with great artists and atmospheres?

Sure hope ya do.

Pin up girls is what I'm planning on doing next. I want to find an artist who will make the girl look so freaking alive that people think she's gonna jump off my arm and try to get in their pants. Rawr. I've seen some pretty horrendous pin up and portrait girls, and it's made me very wary, but I figure if I get a good artist, I shouldn't worry.

So, know of anyone in Portland who does good pin-ups? I'm talking Varga girls/Olivia type stuff, not Louis Royo girls. (Though I like Louis Royo, he's got some good stuff.)

Aaaaand GO!
& Daggers!
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Those of you living in the Roseway/Gateway-ish neighborhoods in NE might noticed a rather unsavory brown color coming out of your showerhead, faucets, and up your toilets this morning.

I've been browsing around Portland Water Bureau and local news websites (probably something on the news, but can't exactly watch TV at work), but can't seem to find much of anything current. From the looks of the gushing sewers and flooding, a water main must have broken. Not sure how far it reaches, but I personally saw a 15 block range. Parts of Fremont between 72nd-82nd are flooded and closed off.

Good luck getting that shower! :)

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and to the carload of good ol' boys who yelled at me as i was riding down powell last night and who turned into a parking lot and waited for me to pass you so you could fuck with me some more:
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I-5 South Morning Traffic?

I have to drive I-5 South from North Portland to the Lake Oswego exit tomorrow morning for a meeting that begins at 9:30. 

Mapquest says it takes a half hour. 

Is there usually a lot of traffic at that time?  Like the kind of traffic that backs up I-5 North around 4PM or is it usually steady going?  

Thanks :)


Plasma TV

The Wife and I are looking to invest in a big-screen TV for the business. We want our clients to be able to see their proofs without having to squint at our flat panel monitor. I'm looking for:

a) Good, personal experiences with a local store. Bonus points for a specific person to talk to


b) A specific recommendation on a TV that meets the following criteria:

- Must have accurate color
- Must be able to accept input from my laptop or other computer
- Must be at least 42"
- Must be under $1800.

...and go.

Jim Bosley

I know most of the transplants won't recognize the name but Jim Bosley, long time weather man on KATU passed away. I remember watching him on AM NW when I was a kid and in 2000 when he retired.  He was always lively in his broadcasts and a true damn Portlander.

Camping with Kids

I've invited a fiend and her kids to go camping.
So I'm looking for a place that is/has these:

* close to Portland (2 hour drive or less)
* running water
* bathrooms
* forrest
* neat trails
* easy/fun things for the kids to explore

So... if you know of somewhere...
also, Portland, if you have neat ideas of things to do while camping with grade-school aged kids, please share.

HALP! Dog related. . . . . .

I have this "friend" who has a dog that she is trying to place in Doggie Day Care. Her dog generally flunks the interview part of the screening by "marking" other dogs. He had a successful run at one doggie day care but then due to tight finances, he didn't go for awhile and once he wanted to go back they'd changed owners and he'd need to do screening.

He recently had a tryout day at Wag the Dog, which went fine. Then on his first drop-in day he was humping the other male dogs like crazy. Which made the dogs mad and so he "didn't work out". The owner said that he was totally sociable and stuff but she was worried for his safety. She thought he may have been overstimulated and nervous since he's not-so-much a humper. She suggested a smaller doggie day care.

My friend would like a place where she can take her dog for drop in every so often. He's at home alone alot, which bothers her more than him. Is there a "special ed" doggie place for special needs dogs?

Portland-related because where else . . .
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we don't need no water

Because I'm too lazy (and, to be fair, pressed for time) to do my own comparison shopping: What's the best place in town to buy some blank DVDs? +R or -R doesn't matter, and a place on the east side would be preferable, but as long it's cheaper than ordering online, I'm down. Oh, and by "cheap," I mean the best price for good quality discs, not crappy ass bargain bin DVDs that won't even burn half the time.

To be used for completely legal purposes, of course. <_<
little blue dog



My contract with the T-Mob is up later this month. I have some tax return cash handy.

Should I get an iPhone?

Why or why not? Personal experiences, either with the phone itself, or with AT&T, are appreciated. And if you know any rumors about expected next generation rollouts, kick down!

Thanks. :)
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Great debate

So let's say hypothetically you are going to apply for a different job within your field that pays much more (like 20%) than what you currently make. However, you are a dope and love your current job but see obvious benefits to applying to new job--like meeting your financial and some professional goals.

Is it a completely dumb ass move to state that you don't want to leave your current situation but feel that the new position offers advancement in a number of arenas that your current job doesn't afford or should you just shut up and write a standard cover letter?

Also, any advice in salary negotiations? Would you mention your application to your current boss once you feel like you're a shoe in? As a member of the generation of entitlement I am a bit confused and I'm new to this :)

please advise.

PDX related because I live here. Duh.
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Hair where?

Alright.. I'm looking to add some bright orange tips to my dark brown hair. I just don't know where to go... I thought about going to Phagans in Tigard, but I got my nails done there a few weeks ago and they looked absolutely horrible.. so I'm not sure how confident I am in those students right now.. so any suggestions as to where to go? Has to be excellent, not horribly priced, and obviously must stock bright orange dye. I mean like the crayon, not the typical hair color :)

I'm located in Aloha, but proximity isn't as important as quality!!

Where to buy a luggage rack?

We're not looking for anything fancy, just the the folding kind (metal or wood) you see in motels and hotels. Any idea where to find one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? (Storables in the Pearl has them starting at $40, but that is a bit more than we were hoping to pay.) Downtown-ish preferred, but any suggestions would be appreciated.


a favor?

Hi Damnportlanders,
I was wondering if someone would do me a favor. I need a word document turned into a PDF. The free online converters aren't working for me (I am on a mac) and I don't have Adobe Acrobat. Does any kind soul who has Acrobat want to do this for me? Pretty Please?

Windows download?

I got my first Macbook and I need the newest version of windows for it...but I am supercheap. Anybody know how I could download it or where I could get it cheap.
(obviously I am not any sort of geekster)
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