April 5th, 2008


Go-go boots

Are there any shoe stores in Portland (besides thrift stores) that might carry go-go boots? I'd like to try and find one before I give into buying shoes on line, for fear of them arriving and not fitting =/

Recycling Plastic Take-Out Containers

Does anyone know of a place that recycles plastic take-out containers? (The clear plastic boxes with an attached lid.)

It appears that my local trash company does not accept them as part of their recycling program and I'd hate to throw them away if I don't have to. I've already thought to inquire with New Seasons, Wild Oats & Whole Foods. But, I've gotten the impression from a friend that they don't accept them. Does anyone know for certain one way or the other? Or know of another place that might take them?

Thank you!

On the topic of banking...

Does anyone have any first hand experience good or bad with Umpqua Bank? I have been pondering a switch from my current bank not cause they are bad but just for reasons of convenience and also that they are local. I have heard they are good but it's always second/third hand. Just curious if anyone has had first hand experience with them.



I need to buy a lot of antique skeleton keys. I called Rejuvenation and they said they run about six bucks apiece there. Do any of you know a place where I can get them cheaper? I would prefer not to scrap the project I'm working on, but six dollars for one key is just not cost-effective for me. I was hoping to pay less than two dollars for each. A dollar would be ideal. Worse comes to worse I would not be opposed to buying new ones and patinating them myself.

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Tea whores unite secretly

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Just a reminder for the damnreaders and anyone else who is interested, we're holding our first meeting tonight at Tea Chai Te on NW23rd tonight at 7:30pm!

734 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210

Come join us! They have a wide assortment of teas and they also have Boba Tea! We haven't decided on a book yet but I'll haul a bunch down we can talk about if anyone is interested! So stop by, pull up a chair, I'd love to meet a bunch of you!

Oh yeah, and for anyone who read my post about the man who stood me up, boy do I have a story for you! I saw him again and apparently he blacked out in a fit of anger and ended up in the hospital... he wants a second chance... I said hell no.

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ok so.

anyone have recommendations for tattoo artists? i'm looking for one specifically that's good at replicating victorian woodcut style.

this is the specific piece i want a tattoo of. (mostly the bird/spider)

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anyone know housing law?

I applied for a house and got denied without running my background check with a letter that strikes me as age-based discrimination (i'm a college student, but my parents were willing to be guarantors for the rent)

I don't know if I want to pursue it, I just wanted a maybe professional opinion or suggestion of whom might be willing to read it and just sort of say "yeah this is sort of discriminative" or "no, seriously suck it up". That is can I pursue it.

Anyone willing?


Okay I was going to get some lunch today around 1:40pm on Hawthorne at Pepinos and there was traffic blocked by a funeral precession stopped in the right lane going East and a man laying in the street not moving and pieces of a police motorcycle everywhere and then the paramedics and firetruck and other police officers started showing up. They put him on a stretcher and took him away, there was another car involved somehow??? I arrived RIGHT after it happened and am very curious what exactly happened. Did the motorcycle cop hit a pedestrian? He was laying in the cross walk by fred meyers, you know, the ones people with cars are supposed to STOP AT but NEVER DO?????
Tell me tell me tell me!
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Where does it all go?

So I just finished our taxes and realized that while we make a decent amount of money, we're constantly broke. How could we not have enough to buy groceries for another week? ::Sigh:: So it's time to get off my @ss and talk with a financial planner. With that I come to you wise and knowledgeable Damn Portlanders... can anyone recommend a good financial planner? NE would be cool but I'd go anywhere for someone great. Thx!

moar questioning. now with 100% more computer bullshit!

i'm going to be needing a new computer soon. very soon. hopefully when i get all my tax money, seeing as the one i'm on now might not even make it that long.
however, i know nothing at all about buying computers.
i was hoping to buy an unused pc laptop for under $600, but that seems pretty unrealistic. it doesn't HAVE to be new, but it would be nice. i'm not totally opposed to macs, but i'd prefer to steer clear of them even though the shortage of viruses and whatnot is appealing. i know about free geek and while they're awesome, their computers don't do what i need them to do even if i wiped it and installed windows xp. mostly they're just too damn big.
more than anything, i'm concerned about spending as little money as possible on something that will continue to play my digital music collection and last a really really long time. everything else is just a bonus. i need something compact, very basic and less than 600 bucks. i can obtain an OS if needed, so buying just the machine is no problem.

no dells allowed.

portland related because portland is full of losers who know a lot about computers.


now that i have some feedback, who wants to tell me more about acer and this little asus eee thing?

Drew Carney of KGW.

Drew Carney of KGW is the biggest douche I have ever seen. I was so happy when he left KPTV but then to my horror, he was back 6 mos later on KGW. His segments are completely unneccessary, not even close to being funny, and he is beyond ignorant.

Also, some of the observations Brenda Braxton makes are enough to make me vomit.

Where do they find these people? This is Portland, for Chrissakes!

Noone seems to understand my hatred. I feel so cold and alone.

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So, awhile back there was this awesome post about affordable vintage and/or thrift stores in Portland. Needless to say, I've misplaced the link to the post. If anyone has any suggestions that'd be swell. I'm looking for odd nic knacks, art, furniture, what have you. oh! and book stores. I'm tired of Powell's rarely having used books. And I don't want to shell out money for brand new books that a. smell funny and b. have stiff pages that fly in your face when you're trying to read. Cameron's is good. What else?

Oh and for other good commenting fun, anyone read about the Jesus museum? http://travel.nytimes.com/2007/05/24/arts/24crea.html