April 4th, 2008

Looking for a job in mental health

Does anyone have any advice about looking for jobs in the mental health/special education field? I have a BA in Psychology and I have plenty of experience in the field, but I can't seem to find any jobs in the Portland area that pay more than minimum wage. So far, I've looked on Craigslist, Monster.com and through various school websites, but no luck. I have experience with autistic children of all ages and also adults with mild/moderate to severe developmental disabilities.

pls hlp rins noz

So I've had chronic nasal stuffiness for basically forever. It's extremely rare that a day doesn't go by without one nostril or the other (or both) being a bit hard to breathe through. It's not an allergy thing. For the past few weeks I've been using a neti pot to rinse out my nose. It hasn't worked miracles, per se, but it certainly works better than just blowing my nose vigorously in the morning.

Here's the thing. A lot of days, it seems like rinsing out the front passages is all well and good, but there's still some congestion in the back. Apparently, doing "Stage 2" (water in the nose, out the mouth) washes out those bits. All the advice I've been able to find on the net makes Stage 2 sound like a relatively simple affair, at least once you get the hang of it.. but every time I try it, I invariably end up swallowing half the water and choking and sputtering on the other half. It's not particularly pleasant and doesn't seem very productive.

So, since I know at least one of you out there does this: any advice? Is this normal for beginners? Is this normal, period? Or is this some sort of Epic Failage resulting from Doing It Wrong.. and if so, how do I Do It Right? Is it like hocking a loogie? Because I can't do that either.

Audi mechanic?

Can anyone recommend a good mechanic? My wife and I just bought a 2000 Audi A4 Quattro, and we don't want to take our precious baby to just anyone. An Audi specialist would be ideal, if such a thing exists. We're more than willing to pay for quality work, but we don't want to go to someone who's going to assume we're just stupid girls and can be scammed into paying for unnecessary repairs.

We live in SE, but it's not like we have to get the car to the mechanic on the bus, so anywhere in the Portland metro area is fine.
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I know that not anyone can just stroll on in to an LDS temple, but I've seen a couple from the outside and I think they're pretty beautiful. Does anyone know where I can find photographs of the interior of the temple in Lake O?

Or, for that matter, of any of them?

more pampered chef...

Just FYI, the show got extended by a couple of days. Deadline to order is Sunday (4/6). Absolute, final deadline! I know some of y'all out there are DYING for wonderful kitchen produtcs that work like they're supposed to and last FOREVER. So go check it out!
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does anyone else out there actually drink espresso? i do, but i pretty much never order it at coffee places for fear that it will be terrible, as is so often the case. so, where would i go if i wanted a really awesome shot of espresso? albina? ristretto? stumptown? please speak from personal experience, rather than just throwing out a place that's supposed to have really good espresso.
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Calling all parents

Have any of you wonderful Vancouver area parents had experience with La Petite Academy (http://www.lapetite.com)?

Does anyone have experience with any of their schools?

What about recommendations of other early child development centers in Vancouver.

Since we are moving from Portland to Vancouver we are looking for a new early child development center for our almost 3 year old. She would only attend a couple days a week.

Bring on the Vancouver snark if you must. :)


Kids in the Hall

So..appears the original KitH cast is doing a live performance here in PDX, on Mother's Day?!
I'm flabbergasted. I miss that show so much, it was such a cool part of growing up in that era.
I wish it wasn't on freaking Mother's Day..I wonder if my Mom would like Canadians in drag..

TV/VCR COMBO and seprate DVD player

I am in the process of getting rid of things in our overly furnished studio apartment-starting to purge,getting ready for a big move.
At this vary moment I have this little t.v./vcr combo dormroom esque t.v.(8"X10" screen) staring me in the face.This is t.v. number three in a two person household-which I like to refer to as excessive.I would love to get rid of it...and I know there is BOUND to be someone out there who wants/needs a t.v. I am only asking $35 for it.I also have a little dvd player I no longer need that I am asking $15 for.They are both small,compact and take up little space.Both work perfectly and the picture on the screen is perfect.

If anyone is intrested,I am in NE.Just drop me a line.

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Mooping High Tea Gala Procession and General Jackassery with Toast

A Fancy Dress trash pick up day.

This is a flashmob style event geared towards creating a little dissonance around the notion of whose responsibility it is to take care of our planet. The answer is EVERYONE. Participants are encouraged to expand on this theme in any way they see fit (providing that its legal). Yes, that is a CREATIVE CHALLENGE.

Please BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag). Paper shopping bags -Nordtroms, Macy's etc - make a statement. Large plastic bags will be provided. White gloves are a nice touch, though hypo-allergenic plastic gloves will be available. Stumped for an outfit? Simply wear black pants, a white shirt and black tie and join the ranks of "Butlers" who will be running your trash back to the central pick up location. If we clean the park before the hour is up...expand and wander! Though...careful around Lloyd Center. Security there is NOT renowned for its sense of humor. Classical (and other) music provided by Party In A Box and The Watershed art space. Donate unwanted fancy dress to www.abbyscloset.org/Donations.htm.

Holiday Park, between MAX and Lloyd Center
SATURDAY April 12th
Children encouraged to participate

After the event, 4:15, ride the MAX downtown to Rockbottom Brewery for a celebration.

Photographers and videographers. Please post at tribes.tribe.net/publicmayhem, or send to roadsoda@gmail.com
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(no subject)

So is anyone going to see Hillary Clinton tomorrow in Hillsboro? I'm undecided if its worth going or not - I've never been to that high school but I can't see how it can hold nearly as many people as were in the Memorial Coliseum for the Obama rally, and therefore I'm not sure if it's worth trying to get into or not.

Anyone else feel like the Clinton campaign in Oregon is sort of half-assed? Bill was here but as far as I know neither of his Portland stops were open to the general public (the Medford appearance was but I wasn't really interested in driving there to see him) and Hillary is speaking at a high school in Hillsboro & another in Eugene but nothing in Portland proper and nothing that seems to be in a large capacity venue. I guess we're not one of the important states to win like Pennsylvania is?
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Newport Beach

Hey guys!
I am going crabbing in Newport next weekend and am trying to find a place to stay. There are tons of places popping up on google, but I am looking for a place that will have some sort of facility to boil the crabs before we head home? Any one have any ideas/suggestions?