April 3rd, 2008


Ok, so I am really getting frustrated with PSU's teaching method for Japanese. I dislike the Jorden system and constantly hearing from grad students/ta's and such that we will never be fluent in the language. Not a great confidence builder. I have been thinking of transferring to another school and was looking at Pacific University as they don't seem to use Jorden's books. But a lot of their teaching staff have graduated from PSU. Does anyone here have any experience first hand with Pacific's Japanese program, or even better yet transferring from PSU to Pacific or another local college while studying Japanese. I have contacted the school but have not heard back yet and was also wanting personal experiences. Also, Thank you.

Cold remedies

Please post your favorite cold remedies. I have a cold/flu or maybe just a flu in my chest... I dunno man. I am maxed out on OTC symptom relievers and would like to know about your folk remedies etc. Portland related b/c everyone around me is getting sick too. Gracias.

EDIT: Thanks guys, I have just tried this tea with lemon and honey thing. Honestly I've never done that before- we don't learn the simple stuff in nursing school. Will try other methods as the day progresses. It's nap time.
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My kitty needs a doctor!

I tried searching old posts, since I know I saw some regarding recommendations for vets, but they're too far back to find and not listed in tags.
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oh, and while I'm at it...where in this town does one get truly good sushi and not spend a minor fortune? I come from an island, and so far Portland's sushi scene is making me depressed.
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Found Cat!!

Found near the Thriftway at Garden Home Rd in SW Portland/Tigard area. Hanging around my work for hours looking lost and scared. Very friendly and very talkative and seems really tame, so I'm sure this must be someone's pet and not a stray. No collar or tags. I'll save photos and physical description for if someone describes her to me first. But, distinctive things: really likes water (tried to jump in the toilet when we brought her in, tried to drink out of the sink even after I gave her a water dish.) Really bushy tail. Long hair. Big eyes. Chirpy meow.

Guess I'd better do a gender check...hold on...k, nevermind, REALLY long fur back there and she (?) gets mad if I try to move her tail to look. 

I'm taking her to get scanned later today, but hope by some odd chance her owner is on LJ.
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Do any of you happen to know where I may be able to buy some DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) locally? Not the industrial grade solvent you get at the hardware store - preferably a more body-friendly concoction that I can use topically.

I know it's out there and I hear that they sell it at some "health food" stores, but none of my usual haunts are turning any up. And I'm pretty crunchy like that! I can usually find what I need! No such luck... so far.

I do not want to purchase online. I want to purchase locally.


Thank you thank you thank you! :)


My macbook is still for sale. I've reduced the price from 899 to 850. I just don't have the power cord for it because I lost it last time I was in LA, but it's in great condition and works perfectly and has leopard. Let me know if you'd like to give it a happy home.

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Hey people,

we're having a press screening of the opera tonight. We have some extra free seats. It's a first-come first-serve sort of deal. I just found out about the open seats an hour ago. Love to see you there.

At the Portland Center for the Performing Arts
(on Broadway by the big vertical 'Portland' sign)
1111 Broadway, in Brunish Hall. 8pm.
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Books Needed

I'm hoping that someone out there in internet land has these books for Women of Rock and Roll

"A Bad Woman Feeling Good: Blues and the Women who Sing them" (Jackson, Buzzy)
"Electric Ladyland: Women in Rock Culture" (Rhodes, Lisa)
"Shout sister Shout: The untold story of rock and rock trailblazer sister rosetta tharpe" ()Wald, Gayle)

"Scars of Sweet Paradise: The life and times of janis joplin" (Echols, Alice)

and the packet of readings... please help me save money.

I am posting this in pdxedu and DamnPortlanders for maximum exposure
Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

car disposal

Has anyone had any experience disposing of a car?

To make a very long story short: I inherited a commuter car from my brother which was to get us (my wife and I) by for a few months until we were finished with school. I got it up here from the Bay Area, and, no joke, the first day I went to take it work both front struts collapsed, ripping the bolts right out of the frame and causing an estimated $2700 worth of damage. Ouch. I paid nothing for it, and have no desire, equipment, nor time to try to salvage it at this point.

It's now sitting at the shop, and I'm now responsible for disposing of the damned thing. First problem: the title hasn't arrived in the mail yet, and until then I will need to have it hauled to my apartment. Has anyone had any good experiences salvaging cars at any particular U-Pull places in the Portland area? Or even donating?

It's a '93 Nissan Altima, 170,000 miles, only 40,000 on a new engine and new clutch. Manual. Hell, if anyone wants it, I will practically give it to you.

Look at my journal later on for a detailed account of my absolutely terrible terrible luck with cars.
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