April 2nd, 2008


Time for another "who else is awake"?

There have been entirely too many drunken, hysterical women and gibberish-screaming mentally ill folk on my block tonight. Will I have an ulcer, or fall asleep first? Suspense!

(Note to world: calm down, please. We can hear you. We're worried about you. But calm down.)

So... tell me your embarrassing stories.

Mine: In middle school, I had a dim friend (read: I was an intellectual elitist, she wasn't). We were all signing a giant get-well card for someone, and when my friend signed her name, I went and "corrected" the spelling, thinking she'd somehow written an O instead of an A on accident. (?) I was an egotistical little asshole when I was 12. Christ. She gave me this totally disgusted look; the memory of it still makes me writhe in shame.
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Calling all computer geniuses!

Problem: Necessary program on floppy disk (hey, remember those!), no floppy drive on computer. Other computer in house has floppy drive.

Windows all around, no linux/Mac/Kaypro2/whatevah.

Is this as simple as just imaging the floppy and burning it onto cd, and then loading the program from the cd?

I'd simply try this, but I haven't asked anyone here a question for a while and I MISSED YOU SO FUCKING BAD.

Portland-related because littlebluedog is hawt as HELL.

Financial Planners

Does anyone have recommendation for financial planners in Portland? To draw an analogy to healthcare, I would really like to have a physical rather than ongoing therapy so those who lean more towards one time advice with a yearly checkup would be preferred over those who want to utilized on an ongoing (monthly?) basis.
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grill communication


Warmer weather approacheth, and the mind turns to thoughts of preparing food outdoors. Last summer I acquired myself a pimped-out smoker, but although it produces a damn fine brisket and ribs, it doesn't fill the bill when I wanna grill.

I'd like to get a smaller one (in addition to my smoker) for charring up burgers, dogs, veggies, etc. Thus, a question:

What's best?

propane / gas
other ('splain plz)

Portland-related because drjeff is THE MAN.
Xmas Socks

Singles Game Night!

Just a friendly reminder of the regular scheduled game night at the NW Lucky Lab location!

If you haven't been yet aware:

Who - Singles in their 20s and 30s
What - Game night at the Lucky Lab! Come hang out with some cool people, drink some beer and eat some food! Oh yeah, and play some games too.
Where - NW Lucky Lab. 1945 NW Quimby
When - The first and third Wednesdays of each month. The next one is TONIGHT, starting at 7pm and going until 10-1030 or whenever everyone starts to leave.
Why - Why not? A fun group of people who like to chill, play games and make new friends!

So bring yourself, a friend and a game or two if you like. We typically play things like Bullshit, Uno, Operation, dominoes, Fluxx; really whatever people want to bring. We've had Jenga, some RPGs and a variety of other things. Hope to see you there!
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Seeking advice from bicycle tourists who've been down Hwy 1 in CA

Hi guys!  

I'm spending the summer at MIIS in Monterey.  I found a pretty decent deal on a sublet about 6 miles south of Monterey in Carmel, but I'd rather not spend my summer in my car - I'd much rather be in the open air as much as possible.  Is anyone familiar with the bikeability with that stretch of Hwy 1?  The terrain images on google maps look like it gains about 400 ft and then goes back down to sea level (not easy, but I have a couple months to overcome my hill-aversion), what I can't tell from google maps is the width of the highway and how CA drivers react to bicycles on the road (especially those pulling less than 5 mph up a coast hill).  

Oh, and if you're familiar with an lj community that involves bicycling in the central CA coast area, please let me know...


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Poll for my Own Curiosity...

I live...

In North Portland
In Northwest Portland
In Northeast Portland
In Southeast Portland
In Southwest Portland
In West Portland (if this exists)
In East Portland (if this exists)
In the metro-area (suburb)
I live out of state, but used to live or am going to live in Portland
I live out of state and for some bizarre reason chose to join this community.
I am a Portlander abroad
I live abroad but for whatever reason chose to join this community.

Sorry for those of you who live in-state but not in Portland. I can't edit polls:(

Hmm, I have never seen an address with "West Portland" or "East Portland" on it, but I thought I'd put them up there just in case. For those of you who are outside of the Portland-area, please feel free to explain why you joined this community (moving here, have friends here, just bored, etc.) in the comments section.

I am posting this just out of curiosity. NO CHEATING! If you're in a suburb you do not live in Portland, even if you're within spitting distance like I am :)


Do you know of any Paint Your Own Pottery places in Portland? I live in SE but I would drive anywhere in the metro area if you have a good recommendation. I want to take a friend to paint little bowls for our dogs. Thanks!
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It might be rude, as somebody totally new, but could I ask some questions? I'm hoping to find out information about living/moving to Downtown....
I am living in Nevada (for now) but I am planning on moving to Portland next spring, with a few days vacation in September.

Any recommendations on apartments / grocery store-deli places / fun places to hang out ?

Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much in advance

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credit unions!

Okay guys, I am SICK of Wells Fargo fucking me over. This time, they posted a deposit I made IN THE BRANCH on the next day, which then gave me an overdraft fee due to an automatic draft which I CANNOT reschedule (believe me, I have tried a million times), leaving me with well over $200 overdrawn when I should have over $400 in the black. And they have pulled this shit with me too many times. I have HAD IT!!!!!
So I come to you, oh DP. I would REALLY like to get some interest on the paltry amount I am able to save each month. And I REALLY need free checking. And I CANNOT have direct deposit (my employer does not offer it), nor carry a minimum balance (because I barely make enough to make ends meet), both of which tend to be required for any bank to give you free checking. And if you want interest, you'd better just give up and go to a credit union. So, which credit unions do y'all use? Ones you love, ones you hate...? Fill me in. There are a ton around here, and I would like to at least have a CHANCE of not getting fucked over by yet another financial institution...

ETA First Tech is getting HUGE raves so far, think I'm gonna check them first. Many thanks to those trying to help! :)
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