April 1st, 2008

Fatty Goldfish

coloured contacts!!!

anyone know where to get the best price  on coloured eye contacts, specifically green or blue?

i know that online,  they seem to be about 2-300$, but ive heard  of people getting them as cheap as 40$, but i dont really know where to start.

   any ideas, costume shops, anything?

thanks :)!

Mmmmm karaoke.

I think we should consider having one of the DP meetups be a karaoke night. I would definitely attend. Anyone know a good place, that allows underage, doesn't have terrible food, and might have a quieter corner for people who want to talk between bouts of singing?

Poll #1164117 Karaoke?

Should one of the next DP meetups be a karaoke night?

Yes, it would be a lovely havoc!
Yes, but where?
Yes, and I know a place that allows 21 and under
No, it would be a havoc.
No, I hate karaoke.
No, there isn't a single underage karaoke place in town.

Favorite toy?

What was your favorite childhood toy?
I think I would have to say legos... but I coveted my friends Voltron, he wouldn't let me touch it cuz I was a girl and he said I would break it. Blah.

take a peek I am so excited I just can't hide it:

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(no subject)

so i was crossing the street this morning and a huge white truck turned the corner and almost hit me. i was not jaywalking. she didnt even look. the only reason she stopped is she heard me scream. this is the second time this has happened in the last few weeks, and just blocks from each other, and they stop inches from me. i am not hard to see. i have bright blue hair. so what gives? did someone put a hit out on me? was there a sale on huge cars to people who thinks the world revolves around them? is the pearl district not pedestrian safe?
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Delicious AND healthy!

I am sure many of you know the wonderousness of Jamba Juice. But did you know they have granola toppers? Fruit, yogurt and soy blended together and topped with organic granola. MMMM. With an Omega-3 Chocolate brownie cookie you got yourself a very nutritious and delicious breakfast/lunch! BTW, the brownie cookies taste awesome toasted. It's like the corner of a fresh baked brownie all around. mmmm food.

Variation on a Theme

Anyone need a sturdy little car? A change in job location means a shorter commute, and a shorter commute means I don't have much use for a car anymore! I'm selling a very reliable 1990 Toyota Corolla that has lots of life left. Check out the craigslist ad if you're interested.
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Question About Flying and IDs

So, I just renewed my ODL, and an interesting question came up. I'm hoping you can help me answer it. I'm supposed to be flying on Thursday, but all I have is this paper "temp ID" thing they give you while you wait. In talking to the DMV personnel, I was told I'd be SOL to fly because it's not really "valid ID according to the airlines". I tried checking the TSA and PDX website and didn't see anything to answer my question. I called the airline and they said I "should be okay".

I guess I don't want to wake up at four in the morning to get to the airport to be told I cannot fly.

Anyone know if I'll be okay? (And no, I don't have a passport, in case any of you were going to ask.)
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Hi Guys,

I have challenged credit, a good paying job and good rental history. My husband however is laid off, has collections and judgements.

We have applied several places and we are running into a wall.

He has 10 non medical collections and an eviction from Oct 2001.

Please help us!

Thank you!
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Some questions for ya'll

I am a local musician. This is my first official post on this community but I have been watching it for a long time now.

I honestly don't know what my resources are as a independent musician here in Portland. I am very poor. LOL And can't afford anything lol.

What I really want is to just connect with some people who are like me, or know something, or just want to collaberate. :) Anyone else like making music here?
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Abou Karim

Did Abou's (on 2nd & Pine) really close, or is this just some horrible horrible rumor? Maybe they've moved? I'd drive over right now but I'm working; DP is the next best thing to seeing it with my own eyes!
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(no subject)

So I needs me a new credit card soon, and I also wants me one that gets me them Air Miles. Anybody know of good ones, preferably with low/non-existent annual fees? Shopping for credit cards has been a Scary Enterprise; was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of a good deal from personal experience or such. Thanks guys!

Cheap housing ideas...

Hey all,

A good friend of mine is in a real predicament vis-a-vis her current roommate, who's demanding she move out to make room for an incoming friend.  I don't know all the details, but it sounds super sucky.  She's looking for a new place, but her finances are limited.

She's hoping for a spot in the $350 - $400 range.  She's no pets, no smoking, confidently employed, cute, around 22, and hoping for a home within easy striking distance of swan island.

Anyone got their ears on anything of note?
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Free Tapes?

Everyday Music on Sandy has a dumpster full of cassette tapes they are throwing out.  Apparently, the format is now officially dead.  

Dive in and enjoy, there was actually some decent ones in there.  Also a lot of crap.

(edited because I had the wrong damn music store)
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Good Gay Bars (for Women)?

I'm out with my incredibly hot friend at Casey's, and we're looking for a good place to go for meeting women. Would anyone have any recommendations? Of course, we're out now and I don't know that anyone will respond in time for tonight, but... if anyone could help a couple of girls out I figured you all could.

No! Not April Fools! ;P

Looking for sponsors for the MS walk April 12th

Some of you know my oldest daughter Ramie was diagnosed in 2003. This year my 7YO grandson Keegan is determined to do the MS walk April 12th on her behalf. I should mention he chose this over having his birthday party and I would love to see him very successful at his efforts on behalf of his aunt, because it's important to him. (I walked last year but felt he was too young to go).
My younger daughter, his mom, is walking with him this year since I have to work a 12 hour night shift the night before and I cannot go with them. If anyone is willing to be a sponsor for either of them, please pledge online to sponsor them.... you can do a per mile pledge or a flat amount pledge.

Keegan's pledge page is here:
Karina's pledge page is here:

You can donate to either of them or both of them.
Thanks in advance to everyone who agrees to sponsor them, my oldest daughter Ramie thanks you too.

If everyone in this community pledged $5 they could both pass their goal amounts.... if you want to donate more than $5, that's okay too. ;)