March 31st, 2008


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anyone have any experience adding a new phone jack to a home? how much does this typically cost? my phone company charges $99 per jack, is there anyone independent that can do it for less?
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Hawaii--the BIG one

So I am headed to the Big Island for a 6 day camping extravaganza. I figured a few of you have probably taken advantage of Hawaii on the cheap so I am looking for some tips...

~Has anyone rented VW buses on the island? I would like to hear pros/cons/never do agains... places?
~camping We are looking at staying in park cabins/shelters.
~Any must dos or don'ts are always appreciated!


Cognitive Therapy?

I am irrationally scared to fly. This is a problem since my family is on the east coast and I never see them, but I'd like to. I got on a plane once but as soon as they announced the doors were closing, I announced I was getting right back off the plane and so I did. Like I said, completely irrational.

I asked my PCP for drugs so I can pretend I'm not really far off the ground and yet close to death and she suggested I see a cognitive therapist instead.

So I ask you, DP, have any of you this irrational fear as well? What has worked for you? If cognitive therapy has worked, who did you see?

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Music help

I'm trying to think of a song and I don't know what it's called or who sings it. Easy, eh? It has Karma or Karmic in the title, female artist, and it's very pop. She's singing about how she keeps going through her lives paying for sins she doesn't remember. Does this ring any bells for anyone? 

Portland related because.... it's -karma-... definitely a Portland thing, right? ;)

ETA: - The puzzle is solved! :) The song is Karma Slave by Splashdown. Thanks so much for everyone's help!

San Juans in May?

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Hello People

I live in Idaho, coming to Seattle May 10-15th-ish. Are the San Juan's recommended in May?  Is taking the ferry from Anacortes usually the best way to get there? Do we really need to be there 2 hours early if we plan to take our car? Anything in particular you recommend doing there? We do plan on doing some kayaking. Have you had any good experiences you wouldn't mind sharing? We'll probably stay 2 nights.

ALSO, is there such thing as ONE website that has events from MULTIPLE venues in Seattle? Where do you guys look for things to do? We like neat museums and live music (we like radiohead, dashboard, pavement, etc). Thanks for  your help!
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Reason #4325636 Portland is better than Vancouver: 

Someone stole a couple of wheels off of our company cars. Jerky, but whatever, we're big bad corporate America and we can replace them. This someone also stole ALL the lugnuts off another vehicle so when I went to drive said vehicle...the WHEELS FELL OFF. RUDE!

I am unamused with this city and I've even had my car stolen in Portland.
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Take Them Stickers Off

I've always been curious as to why some people in the area still have outdated bumper stickers on their cars.  To this day I see "Kerry-Edwards 04" stickers on the backs of autos in Portland.  Sadly, they are outnumbered by the "Bush-Cheney 04" and "W" ones (especially here in Vancouver).  What surprises me even more are the really outdated ones like the "No On 9" ones.  Wasn't that from the early 1990s?  Why do people keep these on their cars?  Is it a sense of pride?  What about the ones that endorse losers like the Kerry one?  I don't get it.  Hopefully you guys have some answers.  Now if you'll excuse me I have an awesome "Imagine Whirled Peas" bumper sticker I want to put next to my "Dole for Pineapple '96" one.  ;)