March 30th, 2008

Mullet With No Valentine

Why do people wear mullets?  I still see them and it's just not on your usual suspects (rednecks, hispanics, lesbians, etc.) but they seem to have crossed over to the types of people you wouldn't expect like hipsters.  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised since they'll embrace anything, "ironic" or not.  Do you guys have thoughts on the mullet?  Whenever I see a person with one I am so tempted to ask them why they wear that hairstyle despite the mockery and scorn associated with it.  Alas, I have more sense and don't want to get my ass kicked or my hair forcibly shaved into a similar 'do.  What do you guys think?      
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Pampered Chef

So, I'm hosting a Pampered Chef cooking show today. However, you don't have to come to get cool kitchen gadgets! I'm sure some of y'all have seen teh awesomeness at friends' houses and wanted some for yourself. They have some awesome stuff, and it LASTS. The show is open to credit card orders through next Friday, 4/4/08 (checks should be in by the previous Wednesday), so just email me (at shalora at livejournal dot com) or Bree (at chefbree at faeriefire dot net) for a link to the online show and see what strikes your fancy!
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Somebody's car horn has been going in the parking lot just outside my window for a good fifteen minutes now.

Man, I really hope somebody goes out and disconnects the battery or something at some point.

Looking for a used car dealer

I'm in the market for a used vehicle, and I'm looking for recommendations for dealers that people have had good experiences with.

I have searched the damnportanders tags, and I have used the ljseek feature on the damnportlanders userinfo page, to no avail! I could not figure out how to access memories for DPers, if that still exists. If anyone can point me to some old posts, that would be just fine!

Also I'll be unloading my Mercedes-Benz 300SD turbo diesel beater (it has 2 gas tanks though!) some time soon if anyone's interested. It's gonna be CHEAP. Gets me to Beaverton every day, anyway :D

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aaaaack! why?
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what is going on today

i just tried to get on a bus or train to portland from seattle today. EVERY bus and train until tomorrow morning is sold out. the greyhound is continuing to sell tickets online for the sold out night trains. what the hell is going on?

bike shops

I need to have the brakes fixed and an overall tune-up/look-over on 2 bikes I recently put together (poorly?) after having them shipped here. I've been told to take them to Bike N Hike on Grand, but I read bad reviews of them. I live sorta near 21st Avenue Bicycles in NW. I'm looking for a place to fix them correctly and not screw me over on the bill. Are either of these places good? Is there another place I should be considering?

Thanks in advance!

internal clock

So I have a question.

I am going to start taking classes for which I will have to get up at 6 am several times a week. It has been my experience, however, that when I have to get up early for something some days, but can sleep in significantly later the rest of the week, I just end up being so horribly tired on the days I have to get up early that I have to focus all my energy on staying awake and cannot concentrate on anything else.

I know one obvious solution would be to just start going to bed early and getting up early every day, but I would prefer not to (let's word this more tactfully for all potential adults out there), because it would be detrimental to my social activities. On the weekends (and hell, just whenever possible), I like to stay out until the early morning hours.

Is there any sort of way to manipulate my internal clock so that I can get to sleep at a reasonable time for my 6 am days without going to bed early every night??

ADDENDUM: I can deal with having a "bad" social life for a few months (and by bad, I mean practically falling asleep when I go out, because I know myself well enough to know I'm going to keep going out, even if I try to institute self-discipline). But I would rather not and I was looking for helpful suggestions to try to have the best of both worlds. Amazingly enough, amongst all the bickering about how I need to grow up, I actually got a few helpful suggestions like I was seeking. Yay. I have heard tale of people who seem to have amazingly flexible sleeping schedules, so I thought there might be some secret to it.

I also failed to mention that this is particularly problematic for me, because I already have a lot of sleeping problems. It is, however, important to me to take these classes, because it is the only way for me to graduate by the end of this academic year and I have conflicting plans to move quite far away this summer.

This is an additional reason why my social activities are important to me. Because I want to enjoy the companionship of my friends before I am thousands of miles away from them.

Thank you to all the non-"adults" who responded. My god. . .
Yo Gabb Gabba


I've been looking for some shoes to replace my holey converse. So far I havent had much luck at the Adidas store, Nordstrom, New balance and Puma. Also checked places such as Shoefly and Sole. I'm looking for some trainers like these Onitsuka Tigers. Retro-style trainers I guess? Anyone know where I should be looking?
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volunteers, I'll be on tv

Hi People,

We need a volunteer per show to help move change the set during intermission between the first and second acts of my little opera. It's a chance to see the opera for free. (If you want to pay, tickets are selling through I'm excited to put the show on again (now with a second act).

So... if you want to volunteer, e-mail meg chamberlain meggiechamberlain at

We open on April 4th and play through to April 20th with shows on Thur, Fri, Sat and matinees Sunday.

ps. Some of the cast and I will be on tv tomorrow morn; Fox channel 12, 6-9AM.
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Verbal games/ activities for kids?


Soooo guess what? I don't work for the zoo anymore! (Or make fudge! Someone else gets to do that now, yay!) I start my new job tomorrow morning (and will lose my internet connection then, sadface), but I was wondering if y'all had any good experience with games and activities to keep kids busy/thinking/playing around.

Things that are awesome:
Alphabet games
Rhyming things

I'm in the need to increase my repetoire and yes, I will be doing some googling, but sometimes you get better results just by asking! ;)

So, any good games for kids? (I'll be working with 6th graders.)

Edited to clarify: I'm looking for... walking games, things to occupy kids when we're walking to this activity or to the seashore or to the dining hall--or waiting for the rest of the school to show up. At a minimum I'll be dealing with 50 kids, outside, in the miserable conditions, so I doubt I'll have time to set up anything cool or remotely complicated. :C I'm just looking for alternatives to singing the same camp songs every single time--you do get tired of them...

I'm going to be a staff member at Outdoor School and thought maybe y'all would know of some good "Let's puzzle this out" or "Make up a song game"! Sry for not being clear! :C