March 29th, 2008


HELP !!!

Do you have a room for rent? Going to have a room for rent the first of May?? Is your room in SE/NE CLOSEISH IN??
Is your room for rent for $400 and under???
I have the PERFECT roomate for you! Pleaseee let me know if you have anything opening, toss an email my way at ellistherobot at gmail dot com !!!!!!!!!!!
Portland, you have no idea how much I need this????


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My friend Dave is having a HUGE GARAGE sale today from 9:30 AM until 7:00 PM.

He is getting rid of TONS of stuff as he has a house full of stuff and he has moved to Seattle.


I may update later as to WHAT is being rid of but for now the list includes

over 600 DVDS
Motorcycle gear
Guy Stuff

my apologies for the limited list but I just spoke to Dave a few minutes ago so as we both are more awake I will get more information.

The address for this huge garage sale is:

327 NE Natalie Street
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Snark away at this post, its too early for this NON morning person to be up =)
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(no subject)

The Other would like to know where to get a good hot dog in this town. Apparently, it's not a true hot dog experience if someone doesn't make it for you in a vaguely restaurant-like setting. The only thing I can think of is Annie's on TV Highway, and that's a bit far out. And do they even have hot dogs anymore? Please'n'thanks!

Also, HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE (who doesn't have to work making hot dogs for the rest of us).


I'd like some information on your car commute time if you:

Live in North Portland/St John's and commute to Tigard or Tualatin or,

Live in deep NE and commute to Tigard or Tualatin--how bad is I-84?

Or if you know of any website that has commute time statistics for particular routes...I am failing at Google.


(no subject)

I know this has been asked a lot before, but I can't find any previous posts, so: where can I get a good haircut? I have thick (in the sense that there's a lot of it) long hair that I would like layered, if it makes a difference. I usually go to Dirty Little Secret, but I need an appointment today or tomorrow morning. Where should I go?

(no subject)

I need some wedding song suggestions! For the recessional, and for the reception.

For the recessional, I want something upbeat, and maybe a more recent pop/country song.

For the reception, I want songs that are fun, romantic, both slow and upbeat, but not cliched.

I refuse to have The Chicken Dance, anything by Aretha Franklin or Sister Sledge, or a number of those other wedding cliche songs played.

Any suggestions?
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Saturday in Portland

Enjoying a vanilla bean latte & a buttermilk muffin at the Portland Coffeehouse. Yes, I am now one of those people you see at the coffeehouse, typing away on their laptop.

YES. I have a Starbucks cup. I got it because it has a lid and a handle. I can carry it while using my walker... Do you have a problem with that?

Did I post about my wanderings yesterday? I wandered around much of downtown. It was actually fun just wandering. I do tend to go in circles a lot, though. It started off relatively fairly warm... which was good, because I only had one glove in my basket.It was ok though, the other one was in my room.

Thought about taking in a show last night, but decided against it. Picked up a Caterpillar Roll for dinner, on my way back to the hotel. Changed walker feet and ate. Called my mom and played on LJ for the rest of the night.

I check out of this hotel on Monday. *sigh* The other one isn't so well located.... but I won't think about it now. I'm reminded that I don't really know anyone here that I can call to hang out with. Considered going out to a bar, but I'm not big on hanging out in bars, since I'm not a big drinker.
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Get Rotten with the Sisters - Tomorrow!

It’s been a week and those Easter eggs have got to be going rotten by now!

Earlier this week I bought a brand new Rotten Egg outfit for the 3rd Annual Rotten Easter Egg Hunt to benefit Camp Starlight. It looks like the Easter Bunny had a little too much to eat and puked out the pink and yellow remains all over my new dress. It’s hideously beautiful! I hope you’ll make it to Ember’s tomorow to see my fashion statement. There will be a raffle and prizes, and I promise not to hide the rotten eggs too far up my skirt. ;o)

Hosted By: Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
When: Sunday Mar 30, 2008
at 4:00 PM
Where: The Embers Avenue
110 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97208
3rd Annual Rotten Easter Egg Hunt, $5 suggested donation
All proceeds to benefit Camp Starlight

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Cheap hotels near transit?

My boyfriend and I are coming down from Seattle in a few weeks to hang out for the weekend. We are riding the amtrak in, and continuing to rely on public transit to get from the station to a hotel and then around town. Can anyone point us in the direction of a couple cheap but clean places to stay in town?

We are staying just one night, and we don't really need any amenities beyond a clean bed and shower. We would prefer to be in downtown to keep it easy to get around (within a couple blocks of bus and rail lines), and are hoping to get away with spending under $100.

I've been searching online for awhile but no websites that ive found make it easy to search by being near public transportation.

Thank you!

(p.s. I'm guessing this is the main pdx lj community. If there is another one where this question would be better asked, just let me know!)
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(no subject)

Anyone want a Senseo coffee maker?  It's one of those snazzy little things that makes a cup at a time with individual coffee pods.  Kind of a cross between a drip coffee maker and an espresso machine.  The link shows a red one, but ours is black.  We've had it for a little over a week, and even bought a Coffeeduck permanent filter for it, which makes it possible to use your own coffee in it, instead of buying the pods.  It works great, but making a cup at a time just doesn't keep up with the amount of coffee we drink in a day, and we've already got a drip machine and an espresso machine taking up space on the limited counter space in our tiny apartment kitchen. 

We're asking $40 for it.  Includes the machine, a bunch of regular and cappuccino pods, a little metal pod container, the standard one and two cup pod holders that came with it, and the Coffeeduck that we just bought.  I thought I'd give LJ first crack at it before I posted it on Craigslist.
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c10 dinner


I know people ask about it all the time, but combing through the archives i'm not finding much and giving up and asking yet again-

Friends in town, we are looking for a tasty, not too expensive brunch that is both vegan and meat-lover friendly, preferably on the east side (but west of 205 :) and ideally without lines going out the door as we can't do reservations.

Any recommendations? I live right near Pambiche but suspect that the super long lines there most of the time means that it would take FOREVER to get seating for four around 11am.


Formal attire??


I just found out that the wedding I'm attending next weekend is *gasp* FORMAL ATTIRE. I know, ouch.

Anyway I spent about 3 hours tearing through the mall today with no luck. My problem is that I'm short and slim and end up being directed to the Junior's section wherever I go. Have you seen the "prom" dresses in Juniors? Not good considering I'm nearly 30. And have adult braces. I don't want to look 12 years old please. And it's not prom season really, so not good and not plentiful.

Any advice as to where I should go? Am I missing a great formal attire store outside of the mall?
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High Hopes

Interim License

So I went to the DMV today to renew my license. Last time I did it, they just gave me a sticker. This time, they took my license, took my picture, and sent me on my way with a paper "interim" license. I am flying to Vegas next saturday for my birthday (also the expiration date of said license) and am a bit concerned about getting past the ticket counter and the security checkpoint with this thing, should my permanent one not arrive before I leave. All the lady at the DMV could tell me was "they can choose to accept it or not." Which is also what their website said. Anyone have experience flying with a temporary license as ID? Also note this is my only picture ID. I do have my social security card and birth certificate as well, but am hesitant to bring those things to Vegas...

Uh thank you, thank you very much...

Where Saturdays go to die...

After strolling the downtown area, lurking in the library, and old town the past few Saturdays in a row. Today was my indoor day, and the weather decided to agree with my decision. Yet my Saturday was quickly absorbed by the following programming : Episodes 12-24 of Fate / Stay Night, Spiderman 2, 45 mins of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 3 episodes of Serial Experiment Lain, and finally Cowboy Bebop. All the whlie, I was rereading old comic book scripts to try and a jumpstart the creative juices and surfed the internet for random crap and sports updates.

  And this is where my Saturday went, hopefully someone accomplished something more productive than I did today?