March 27th, 2008

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Need a writing expert to proofread my essays and provide feedback

I’m applying for some scholarships and working on some essays. I need someone to provide feedback and proofread my work... I want to ensure I have a good essay because getting these scholarships is pretty damn important. I’m available tomorrow (technically today, Thursday), preferably earlier in the day. It probably would take no more than an hour - I'm guessing more like 30 minutes. I'll pay you money or buy you food, whatever you prefer. If interested, it'd be nice to know your background/qualifications in the field of writing. Thanks!
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Transgendered man pregnant

From the article:

To our neighbors, my wife, Nancy, and I don’t appear in the least unusual. To those in the quiet Oregon community where we live, we are viewed just as we are -- a happy couple deeply in love. Our desire to work hard, buy our first home, and start a family was nothing out of the ordinary. That is, until we decided that I would carry our child.



Dear Portland Weather,

This is an intervention. We all love and care about you. We like that you keep the plants green and the trees growing. We enjoy the scattered sunbreaks in the summer time. We enjoy the month-long bouts of rain. We are worried about you, which is why we are writing this letter. This morning, we in the Raleigh Hills area woke to snow falling. This can mean only one thing: you've stopped taking your medication again.

Please, let us finish. This is as hard for us as it is for you.

We know that you want to feel normal. We know that you feel like you can go without your antipsychotics. But it's not winter anymore, especially here. Please start taking your lithium again. We wouldn't want to see you end up in one of the state hospitals with an IV in your arm -- we know what poor shape they're in these days.

Your friends,

The damnportlanders
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I need a friendly doctor

Hey all,

Does anyone out here in DP-land have a friendly doctor contact? Or perhaps IS a friendly doctor?
I am having a gout flare up, and I've got a lack of medical insurance.  The solution to my problem is a simple non-addictive anti-inflammatory medication called Indomethacin (or Indocin).  I normally get my prescriptions for this medication from a doctor friend of mine, but she's on holiday in Fiji (lucky girl) till Sunday, and out of contact.

Is there a friendly doctor around who wouldn't mind writing me out a prescription?  I promise I'm not some junkie hooked on anti-inflammatory medication.  I'm just a bartender who's dreading the thought of having to work on his feet tonight.
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Another "I need a mechanic" post

 Hey DP,

The power steering on my '99 Ford Taurus went out a couple of months back, and I'm hoping somebody knows of a mechanic who won't try to convince me that in order to get my car running like it's less-used again, I need to replace the doo-hickey-thingamabob along with the power steering pump.  

Bonus points if it's located somewhere on a Max line so that I can get back to work/home after I drop my car off.

Extra-Super-Bonus points if sharp turning isn't required to get into the lot :)
megamn DANCE!!!


Anyone know where to find Asian style Karaoke?

Private room with tambourine or two on the table... Often times BYOB and thus awesome.

I'm looking for something close in.

Also, favorite karaoke songs???? Mine are probably Under Pressure and Don't Stop Believing (the only time i really like this song).


I really love those white blossom climbing plants that are in bloom right now, a lot of people have them growing up on their houses and porches. Does anyone know what these are called?
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A little screwy...

Hello my dear, sweet DamnPortlanders...

I am confronted with having surgery wherein screws in the bones of my foot are taken out. The Pod that did the surgery in 2001 has long since moved away. So, I'm coming to you for some input.

Do any of you have a Kaiser (I know, I know... sucks for me) Podiatrist that you feel really good about? Or, that you DON'T feel good about?

I would really appreciate your input.

Oh, and if any of you have some encouraging, non-horror stories about having hardware removed from your extremities (I'm no prude, but, no genital piercing stories, please ;) ), I'm all ears!

Thanks, in advance.

so... organic marijuana... and vegan too?

 We were talking about organic and all natural the fact that dirt is both organic and all natural and unless you really have a defined/accepted/certified definition, the actual words can mean whatever we want it to.

Somehow the conversation went to organic marijuana and she made the comment that "it's also vegan" to which i pointed out that it wouldn't be if they added dead fish to the soil.  Then we both started thinking about cookies and brownies and wondered "IS there organic marijuana and how would you get it certified?"

I figure there's enough hippies in this town who hate digusting and poisonous pestisides and love the extra protein that only organic apples and tomatoes can give you, that there SHOULD be some organic weed growing somewhere in this city.

Is it true, does this exist, and is it really organic?   Is it vegan or do they use dead fish for fertilizer.

These are the questions that haunt my dreams and I was hoping this smart hippy ladden community could provide answers.

Lack of serious answer appreciated and additional ponderings that muddy up the waters are strongly encouraged.

Finally,  because all my posts have been political and I can't stop now... a link to Obama and his economic speech that explains why change is needed during the first half and what he believes we need to do to change it.   See... he's not just rhetoric.  Feel free to bypass this part as it was just an afterthought, but I liked the video.


Wow... there IS organically grown weed.  That's awesome. 

For Sale: Coral Pink Nintendo DS Lite & Games

The time has come to say goodbye to my barely used Pink Nintendo DS Lite. So, I thought I might give you guys first dibs. It was gently used. Both screens are in great condition. It comes with a pink stylus and at least two more generic styluses. It will be in the original box with the charger. It also comes with the following games: Brain Age, Hotel Dusk, Cake Mania and Big Brain Academy. I will try to find the boxes for all of the games, but not all will have their boxes. All cartriges play well and have no problems at all. Battery holds a full charge. I got it a year ago and played it for about 2 months and then lost interest.


Everything included for $125 OBO. I am also wiling to drop the price in order for other goods or services J


I live inner SE and work downtown. I am willing to meet there or otherwise negotiable place.


  EDIT: I also found Super Mario Bros & The Nintendo DS Browser [BRAND NEW], which I would love to add for a reasonable price. I would say $150, OBO total for the system, 5 games and the browser? Let me know? KK.

Buying a phone off craigslist? Bad or good?

I had to cancel internet at my house and found out I could add internet access on my Sprint phone for like $10 a month. However, I need to get a phone that is better for navigation. There are tons of ads up on craigslist for Blackberry phones. If I were to go about getting one, is there anything I should know? I know I have to get one for Sprint. But are there any kinds of scams with these? It seems like there are a lot of ads and its hard to tell if some might not be legit or are rip-offs. I am hard pressed for cash right now and can't afford to get screwed over. Any advice?

Ideological Inquiry

A friend of mine posted this picture on her blog the other day.

This got me thinking about allegiance to one's country and flag. I can't verify if he doesn't say the pledge or not, but should it matter in today's day and age? Would a presidential candidate not pledging his allegiance to the flag sway your vote one way or another? Do you need to pledge allegiance to the flag in order to prove your "allegiance" to the country?

I'm wondering all you DPers think?

To give some context, I'm an undecided voter, so I'm not trying to incite hatred for a candidate.
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cherry trees

I know someone was asking a little while ago where/when they could see cherry trees. Just thought I'd share that the ones on the UP campus are in full bloom in all their cotton-candy-looking goodness.

Oops! Sorry, me being stoopid. There's a couple more on my Flickr; just click the photo.

Night Life

I'll be in Portland Friday night and I'm not familiar with the area, where are some good places to go dancing?  Good places to get a drink with a fun atmosphere?  
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Friday Night Blues

Does anyone know about any parties going on Friday night that would be punk friendly and open to a small group of well-mannered party crashers who bring their own booze? I don't go out much any more so I don't know whats going on in town and I have some old friends coming to visit from out of town. We'd like to do something fun but I'm really not up for hitting a dance club or seeing vancover punk bands at Satyricon. Is there anything else worth doing?
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urgent care centers

Do we have them around here? Do they go by a different name?

I've had a sore throat for two weeks and need someone someone to quick look at it and prescribe me some meds.

Tea whores unite secretly

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Hey Portlanders,

I need advice, a guy stood me up two nights in a row, I'll be nice and give him the benefit of the doubt, MAYBE, on the first time (he worked all of Wednesday and so I can see possibly forgetting), but the second time was not cool... I've spent the past two nights in a Olive Garden on Canyon RD in Beaverton waiting for this guy who asked ME out, we confirmed earlier today on tonight and he never showed with so much as text to explain...

So, what's a girl to do? Never speak to him again? Schedule again and stand him up? This was supposed to be my first date ever... anyone want to take a portlander out, too? Haha


Because someone told me I should post a picture to show I am not pathetic...

'scuse the makeup, I was going to the New York Dolls concert.