March 26th, 2008

Wicked through and through

Help me DP-wan Kenobi.

You're my only hope.

OK, not really, but you're more personal (and snarkilicious!) than Google, though I'm trying that as well as other stuff.

My ex is in town to visit the spawn and wants to "see the sights". Besides Powell's, this is a bit difficult, as I've only been here since summer and haven't "seen the sights" myself. So today we're doing downtown and I have (gods help me) volunteered to drive. I've only done so once before and my husband was navigating. The thought of doing it on my own (with limited help from a 12-year-old in the back seat) is a little nerve-wracking.

Although, now that I think on it, I may beg off of that and stick to the Max. I didn't sleep well and I know I need all my wits about me so as to not go the wrong way down a one-way street or get beat up by a cyclist. (Kidding. Don't hurt me.)

So point me towards some "sights". Hell, I'm not even sure what he's after, other than not so much restaurants, shops, and museums (time issues). I have this "Walking Map of Portland" that IS mostly restaurants and shops, but at least it gives me something to mark up with ideas from you lovelies. The Portlandia statue? That one...umbrella man.... I have no idea where these things ARE!!! Help!
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This weekend, a discussion with friends about different gross sexual terms we were reading off of, took an interesting turn. We got off subject and started talking about Choco-Tacos, and how much we all really wanted one of these delicious caremelly ice cream treats. So dearest DP, does anyone know where one can find a delicious Choco-Taco in Portland? Is there some magical Plaid Pantry, 7-11 or amazing ice cream novelty store that we are missing? I have included a picture to verify the deliciousness of this request.  

Last chance for "The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged)"1

Its the last weekend to catch "The Bible Abridged"! Thursday tickets are only $7! Reservations are reccomended, but so far tickets are available for all three shows.

Cacophony Productions presents
In cooperation with the Linkville Players:

Adam Long, Reed Martin, & Austin Tichenor
Additional Material by Matthew Croke

Directed by Simeon Denk
Starring Royal Hebert, Phillip M. Meyer, and Jeff Gardner

March 6th-29th
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm

The Historic Firehouse Theater
1436 SW Montgomery St

Thursdays all tickets $7
Fridays and Saturdays: Students, Seniors, Veterans: $10, Adults: $12

Tickets available at the door or call for reservations at 503.310.0771

Three hilarious young men take you on an irreverent romp through the
sacred text, showing us all why the Good Book can be Great Fun. From
Noah to Nahum; from Peter to Paul to Mary, no biblical figure is left
unscathed. God has been laughing at us since the beginning. Now it's
payback time!

Read what the Willamette Week says about our show!:

What’s the best way to play the Bible in two acts? Follow the example of this show’s musical nuns—take a double shot of Gordon’s dry gin and “go to.” Cacophony Productions’ debut features Terrance and Phillip as Pharisees and Sadducees, Paris Hilton as Salome, a singalong Noah’s Ark, and an amateur magic show by (who else?) Jesus himself. Actors Royal Hebert, Phillip Meyer and Jeff Gardner work well as a comedic team—think Laurel and two Hardys, only one of the Hardys is in drag—and they’ve got a good script. One quibble: The song-and-dance numbers are underprepared. But what The Bible lacks in high-concept glitz and comedic finesse it makes up for in sheer balls. If there is a God, these guys have definitely pissed him off. JOHN MINERVINI. The Firehouse Theatre, 1436 SW Montgomery St., 310-0771. 8 pm Thursdays-Saturdays. Closes March 29. $7-$12. All ages.

This week's Max rant

What the fuck is it with people who FART on the max?  Especially when there's only five of us all sitting in the same section, like the other people won't smell it?  it's one thing to enjoy the smell of your own stink in the privacy of your home or office, but please don't share it with the rest of us.  

Good day. 

sunshine dance gentleflower

(no subject)

what are your thoughts on appropriate places to use a cell phone?

i was in the planned parenthood yesterday. they have done some redecorating. the sign that said no cell phone use inside was gone. some guy was talking very loudly on his cell phone. everything from mindless chatter to someone touching children in the wrong way. when soomeone told him we didnt want to listen to him and he should take it outside he got angry and not only kept talking on the phone, but swore at her calling her a white bitch, a peckerwood, and several other things and using all sorts of foul language. i couldnt believe it. i also really wish the no phone signs were still up in the planned parenthood so we could have just pointed to it. i dont understand why the people working the counter didnt say anything since he was very loudly being beligerant to the woman for several minutes.
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Zombie carrot

For want of a map

So now that I have a map again.... it is time to go wandering in search of food. Reccomendations? Requests? Also, back to Apple Store to get a skin for the new macbook.

Note: Preferably in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Vintage Plaza.
it's all a blur

tired and drained

anyone ever use Cricket Wireless?

T-Mobile is a company full of lying cheating bastards.....
Can you say BBB? Just filed my complaint.

I open up this forum for people to bitch about that which is our mobile telephone system....

In search of cool toys

It's that time again-- the time when I have to give my in-laws suggestions of things to buy my child. (She's turning two). I'm tired of a) toys that make noise b) toys that have no purpose and c) toys that are just generally annoying. So, I come to you for suggestions!

What toys have your kids really enjoyed that are educational and cool?

If no one responds, I'll probably just send them to Land of Nod and be done with it!
sesame snap

weird request: anyone want to give me a bus pass receipt?

Hey guys.

So, my wallet was lost or stolen or something. Anyway, it's gone for now, and probably forever. In it was a brand new April bus pass, which sucks. What also sucks is that if I had the receipt for that bus pass, I could get 75% of the money I spent on that pass back from my job. My mom is hooking me up with a new pass through her work because I am too broke to buy another one on my own and I have to get to work somehow (possibly unethical, I know). But, I'm still out $48.75 or something. Is anyone buying an adult pass for zones 1 and 2, or has anyone already bought it and still have the receipt lying around? I will trade a few dollars or cookies or a hug for an original receipt (no copies). I think it would be better if it didn't have someone else's name on it (like if you used cash) but maybe I can still swing it otherwise, I can just say you're my significant other and you picked it up for me or something, right? Doesn't matter where it's from but it does matter that it's for zones 1 and 2.

Oh, and if anyone has found a wallet, let me know.
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(no subject)

Who here is going to Sakura-con this weekend and, if so, what are you going as so that I can spot you and attack/glomp say hi?

I'll be one of the hundreds of Shippuuden Sakura's there <_< but, I should be also walking around with a very tall Naruto and a short Naruto wearing a neon traffic cone orange outfit so maybe noticeable XD I'll also have a boom box with me and will be rick rolling people in person so that may give it away.
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Does anyone know Multnomah Country and/or Gresham road laws? I'm asking because my father had a bike accident in front of the Orient Country Store on Orient Drive. He his an unpainted speed bump. The insurance company claims that it is within proper viewing and such, but honestly all the other bumps in the area are painted bright yellow.

I know this isn't excactly Portland, but we're trying to determine if there's a law stating that all speed bumps/curbs/whatnot are to be painted yellow, because it's not.


portland, i still miss you!

as i'm sitting in my office at 10.34pm central time, i am really missing portland.

just thought i'd let everyone know!

but, while y'all are getting snow/rain/whatnot... here in boerne, texas, it's a beautiful 70ish degress during the day, clear blue sky, and light breeze. lovely convertible weather.

though, i'd give up the nice weather to be back in pdx, and not working 80 hours a week, doing the job of three people, and living the fairly exhausted life of a production manager for a small business.

how's everyone doing in PDX????
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