March 24th, 2008

Tea whores unite secretly

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Woo! With the overwhelming response to the post I made yesterday about starting a Damn Book Club, I'd like suggestions of places we could meet, I was thinking of a place like Stumptown or something, good coffee, good environment or perhaps we could be ever cliche and meet at a place like the big Powell's books because they have a cafe or a McMenamins, but also all interested if I could get e-mail addresses so we could correspond about days and times for this, since I am assuming most people work I was thinking around 7pm or whatever works, but yeah, so if you drop an e-mail address and book suggestions we can all talk and form a cult of glory shitting Portlanders who read books.

Edit: Community made damnreaders

girl drink drunk

for my upcoming 25th birthday, i plan on drinking (and puking) the rainbow. roygbi.

so, i need a bar with a somewhat froofy booooooze selection, mostly blue curacao. roy is pretty easy, but gbi requires some mixin'.

do you know a bar that can accomadate my needs?
bonus points for: central location, good for a group of 6-10ish, somewhat vegan friendly, fun, will make a sea bottom, open lateish on sundays (hungry tiger was sadly disqualified because of this)

also, do you have any favorite colored drinks?

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Pants into a skirt

Someone once took an old pair of jeans and made a skirt for me.
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I would like to have this jumper made into a skirt/dress as well. I do not know/remember who did the denim one. Do one of you fine people have this skill and would be willing to earn some extra money?

Thank you!!
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thesis hat

something is WRONG on the internets!!

Listen up, because I am sick of correcting this:

Reed College creates financial packages that meet the full need of every student they admit.
The average financial aid package is $32,154 (source).
The college itself gives out some pretty big grants and limits the amount of loans it asks people to take on; some kids get their entire Reed education for free as a present from the college, essentially (source).
Admission at Reed is not need-blind, so sometimes they don't admit kids because they can't afford to give them enough aid.
You can bring scholarships with you from outside. For instance, if you get a scholarship via being a National Merit Scholar you can apply that money toward your Reed education.
About half of all Reed students are on financial aid. Others are on scholarships from outside Reed but not on financial aid.

What does that mean?

It means that about half of all Reed students are not the rich bitches you think.

I am happy if you want to tell me that Reedies have a sense of entitlement (a lot of them do) or tell me about your bad experiences with Reedies (I'm sorry if you've had them) or tell me I'm not as smart as I think I am (what-ever) or even tell me that you once knew a Reed student who had more money than Midas (I believe it) but please stop this stupid "all Reed students are rich, go cry to mommy and daddy for money" thing. Most Reed students are stretching their family's finances to the limit in order to attend Reed, even the ones who don't get financial aid. And you just look like an asshole when you tell someone who's scraping to make ends meet that you have no sympathy for them because they're so rich.

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know about a new community I created: it's for people who love music and want to find people who are into music as well. I'm definitely one of those people who looks for music taste when adding other people, and I know I'm not the only one! So if you are interested, please check out add_music. It's basically a friending community but with an emphasis on people's musical interests. Thanks!

Request for help - Divorce/ Family Attorney... How to file, etc...

Hi all, 

I've not really posted much in DP - but I really need some help.  My wife recently dropped the seperation/ divorce bomb on me (papers have not been filed yet).

Besides going through the emotional and mental shock of trying to process all of this... I don't know one iota about what steps to take.  I'm scared that she may try to throw me under the bus and take me to the cleaners.

We have a 2 year old son - whom I adore.  We want what's best for him.  I really want what's best for him.

I live in Columbia County... HELP?  How do I find an attorney that is affordable?  My finances are stretched thin paying for the bills and supporting the family.  How do I determine if the attorney is the right one for me?  What questions should I ask?

Should I take initiative and file divorce papers before she does?  Although we are on "good terms," I don't know if I can trust her.  She doesn't have reportable income, etc... She has an ebay "business."  And she may try to fleece me of $$ that I already don't have. 

[edited to add] Also, I'm thinking that I would need a accountant who specializes in divorce/ asset splitting/ tax implications of divorce....

My mind is swriling in all types of different directions...  HELP??!!

I'm open to advice, suggestions, etc!

Thank you everyone. 


Okay Financial Wizards!

I'm going to be all adult-like and responsible and start an IRA. I've been perusing different advice sites and FAQs, and I'm pretty certain that I've figured out that a Roth IRA would work best for my situation (I'm 23, I have an emergency fund saved up, and I also have a savings that can help me reach the minimum opening requirements on a lot of these accounts).

Anyone want to put in their two cents (ha) and advise me on which company to start out with? I want something simple, straightforward, and at least right now I'm not financially-saavy enough (or interested) in doing a ton of trading/monitoring. So what say you DPers? Fidelity? Vanguard? Schwab? ING?


Coffee Shop Suggestion Needed

I am meeting a friend (and her two kids) for coffee later and am looking for suggestions for where to go. I recently moved into NE (near Alberta) and don't know much about whether or not there are any "kid friendly" places around here or not. My friend lives in "the burbs" so I would like to go somewhere other then a starbucks. Am I asking to much?

Thanks for suggestions.

Oh yeah her kids are 3 1/2 and 8 if that makes any difference.
degrassi-questions first naked later

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Ok Portland, I need your help and quick... I have some relatives visiting from Germany and they want to find something specific in town. They are looking for clogging accessories and apparel. I think they are mostly looking for clogging shoes, which I'm told are similar to tap shoes. Does anyone know where we might try looking? Are there any dance supply stores in town we could call? I'm still searching online for something, but I haven't found anything yet. Thank you in advance!
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I did it!

I said I would be back in Portland for my birthday & here I am. I made it! Yes, the walker lady is back. (that's orobably how they thouught of me on the plane)

I might even make it to the meetup this month. That would be pretty
cool. It's at night, though, so I can't make any promises.

For anyone who'ss interested, I put some paintings up on Cafepress, as an experiment. If they do well, I'll move them over to Etsy or Ebay. Check them out:
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  • jare_


once again, i would like to tap into the vast pool of knowledge that is this community. i need to get my bike painted! could anyone recommend me to a shop that sandblasts and powdercoats frames for a reasonable price?

a little early, but...

The GF and I plan to cohabit starting in August. Our price range is in the $900/mo range, and for that we are looking for a 2-bedroom, cats-OK, garden-in-the-backyard, front-porched, on site W/D sorta close-in - a house or nice apt. We don't want to go with an evil property management company, but are hoping to make nice with a friendly private owner that doesn't feel the need to charge an arm and a head.

We plan to keep the place nice, we are in our mid-30's, no kids, have a sweet mellow kitty. Both of us are gainfully employed AND 3/4 time students - not party animals in the least.

So am I totally nuts or will I find a place between 20th and 50th, Burnside and Holgate? We have 4 months to look - got something to rent? Know someone who does?

Live electronic music this week at Mt. Tabor!

First up is Thurs. 3/27 Subversive Zone in the lounge opposite the Seabound/Iris/Son of Rust show! Looking forward to a great crowd and great music!
Go to the myspace (you can click on the flyer below) to hear a taste of music from Daath Kulture, The Blackwaters and others! Live electronic experimental entertainment with live visuals by Tempest Wilde and xTian deTox. Doors at 8pm, music shortly thereafter! There is no cover for the lounge side event either;)

Saturday marks the debut of Red Zone. This is a monthly main stage event at Mt. Tabor featuring a split bill between Subversive Zone artists and PanZen Soundsystem artists. More focus on dancing but still electronic and experimental.
You can see more about PanZen artists at their website here:
The cover is a sliding scale $5-15 and doors open at 8:30, music starts at 9pm.

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kurt che

hey you drunks

Does anyone know exactly why the Pizza Schmizza on NE Broadway has a life-size Dalek inside the shop? I've seen it there for years, but never really found out how it got there.

For reference:


On a related note, does anybody know a place around here where I could pick up a toy Dalek? Things from Another World only has the die-cast $50 one, and fuck that noise.
Your whole family is made out of meat -

No kill mouse traps?

I managed to capture a mouse in my apartment last week. I dumped it a field far, far away and hoped it was the only one. I went to get the trash today and turns out it isn't the only one. Is there any place I can perhaps rent or buy some no kill traps without paying an exterminator to come out? I've never had this problem before... but is this something the apartment owner should pay for if an extermination service is necessary?

PS: these mice must have balls as there are currently two kitties living here.

selling books

For those of you who sell your used books & textbooks - where do you prefer to sell your items?,, or powells?  I was checking around and I realized amazon takes a nice little chunk of $ from you for doesn't tell you what % they take... and I am not sure Powells gives you cash??  

Thanks portlanders! 
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Cross-posted, because I'm still bitter.

Dear Smug Cyclist,

Thanks for laughing at me and giving me a thumbs up when I was finishing my run today. "Good for you for getting out here, fat girl!" was probably what you were thinking. How condescending of you. Yes, I realize I am a little overweight. Yes, I was coughing. That is probably because I had just run 7 miles with ASTHMA. (Dickhead.)

P.S. That bike is designed to go a lot faster than you were riding it. Want to race?

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  • drjeff

How does your garden grow?

sistermaryeris and I have vowed to do some gardening this year. We've got plenty of space to grow stuff, but I'm a brown thumb from way back, and she's used to growing stuff in Texas, which has about a 5-day window before everything just bakes in the sun.

Are there any super-cool Portland gardening blogs out there? Have you got a favorite place you go for tips and tricks? Any ideas about what to plant, and when to plant it?

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd... photosynthesize!

cheap stay

I'm in town for a couple of days on a job search and am looking for a CHEAP place to stay, while staying as low on the skeez-o-meter as possible.  Can anyone recommend a hotel that's reasonably priced and is either close to the Oregon Convention Center or the bus line?    


two questions.

one: anyone work (or worked) at a starbucks in the area? how lenient are they about visible tattoos and facial piercings? where i used to live, they pretty much weren't allowed (and i know starbucks is all about protocol) but portland seems more liberal about such (RIDICULOUSLY INOFFENSIVE) things. i can cover up most of my ink but i don't know if i can cover up the one on my neck unless i always wear a turtleneck, which is just not gonna happen. i also have a very tiny nose stud. i am applying at like 30 different locations tomorrow, just want to know if they would even hire me with my rather "unprofessional" appearance.

two: i got a couple of piercings with tygon jewelry (the bar is made of latex instead of stainless steel so it's flexible, i guess it speeds healing time) and i have to get the tygon trimmed since the swelling is gone. they said this was of course a free procedure, but am i supposed to tip them when they do it? if so, how much?