March 23rd, 2008

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Dear DamnPortlanders, call me the nerd, but I was wondering if their were any local like book clubs for younger (*cough* 19+) people, like that met at coffeehouses or the like, I am just looking for something to do to get off my lazy ass.

Either that or is anyone interested in starting a Damn group of book reading Portlanders book club? I really would like to meet a bunch of you, this place teams with awesomeness and brews glory.

Web designers that will work for free/trade/cookies?

DP, I come to you in my time of need! I swear I say that every time I post....

I work for some lovely kinky people that need a website designed for their dungeon gear business.
By Kinkfest.
Which is next weekend.

It doesn't need to be anything fancy, doesn't need to have flash and frames and all that hullabaloo, just a website with some contact info and pictures of the stuff they make (which I'm modeling for. Hoorah)

In trade I am willing to bake cookies, draw you some logos or pictures (I'm a cartoony artist) something else out, I dunno...You can use it in your "kinky websites I designed" portfolio?

I am really basic at HTML and with the stuff I'm helping them with, don't have the time to re-learn the code.

Any way you kids can help a sistah out?

mental health

Can anyone recommend a good mental health doctor? I've been off anxiety medications for the past couple of months because the ones they dispensed me weren't working and the ones that were working ran out. I have tried so many SSRIs and they don't work. I'm not looking for a doctor who is "easy" with the medications, I just want one who will understand that ativan is the only thing that works for me.

I take this medicine only as needed (movie theaters, shopping etc) yet every doctor refuses to put me back on it because I'll get "addicted". This paranoia doctors have because of people who abuse medicine really angers me. My doctor right now is the epitome of those doctors.

I finally have insurance, so I need to get this taken care of before I quit my job or something stupid. Any advice or suggestions...? =/
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Toy Donation

I need some help. My daughter is the first baby in my family in 30 years. Needless to say in the past 2 years she has received a crap-load of toys and stuffed animals.

We are moving in a few weeks and I want to get rid of a lot of her collection. She just doesn't need all this stuff and I wanted to give it to kids who could use some fun toys.

Do you know of a local charity that accepts gently played with toys and stuffed animals? Everything I have found online asks for new toys. Does anyone on here need some toys for their children? I am going to start sorting everything out on Tuesday while she is in school. If you are interested I can let you know what treasures I find. :)


edit: Thanks everyone! You guys are awesome!


Grrr I hate Supercuts! They made my hair look like ass (and this is actually very hard to do)
I DO NOT reccomend going to the Supercuts on Powell.

Saying that, anyone know a place where I can get my hair recut to NOT look like ass today? Being that it is Zombie Jesus day everything seems closed....

The closer to Sellwood the better.
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I'm making lumpia tomorrow and need lumpia wrappers. Any recommendations on an asian market in the NE area? I'm willing to go outside NE, but if there's a closer one, I'm okay with that too.

Comfortable shoes for traveling and walking in the Portland drizzle

I'm looking for a pair of amazingly comfortable shoes that I can walk in for at least 5-10 miles a day on cobblestones, steps, and concrete. I'll be wandering about Paris, the ruins of Carhage, and downtown Portland. My parameters are listed below. What do you suggest?

  • I have a narrow foot.
  • I have high arches.
  • I hate white athletic shoes with jeans, which is what I'll be wearing on vacation.
  • Hiking boots are too casual.
  • Dansko's don't work for me. (Bad fall a few trips ago.)
  • The shoes need to be able to get wet.
  • Shoes need a bit of padding or thickish sole. (Different foot injury on different trip with sneakers with thin soles.)
  • I'm vain, so the "cute" factor is important.
  • Less than $100!
  • Cool colors like red, orange. green, blue, or brown would be nice.
Do you have an awesome pair of shoes you would suggest?

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photoshop cs3 question

normally this wouldn't be a problem, but, is there a way so photoshop doesn't give it's 2-cents on alignment, meaning, when you drag a new layer on top of a different layer, you can choose where you drop it, but once it's dropped, you can only move it where photoshop thinks it should be aligned.. is there a way to turn that 'smart-align' off?

Used wood?

I'm looking for a used wood store, rebuilding center, whatever they want to call it.  One in SE would be great, or even in surrounding cities (Tualatin, West Linn, Gladstone, etc).

Easter Sunday at the Bar I host Karaoke in...

It's all Easter themed songs here tonight at the Boiler Room. Highlights include:

Jesus he knows me by Genesis
Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode
(Easter) Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James
Pleasant Valley Sunday by the Monkees
Anything by the Carpenters
Candy by Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson
I want Candy by Bow Wow Wow
White Rabbit By Jefferson Airplane
Right Here Right Now by Jesus Jones

What's your favorite Easter song?
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self defense stuff

After hearing one too many gunshots tonight, and generally getting harrassed and followed by scary men on the street at night, I can't take it anymore.  I'm starting to get paranoid, and I feel like a big huge target when I walk around after 7pm. Being a young 20-something single female in this world is fucking scary sometimes.

Anyone know where I can buy some pepper spray? Kubuton?
How about affordable self-defense classes?
Any suggestions? What do you other damnportlandwomen do?

ski nut

Another legal question,

albeit a minor one.

So earlier tonight I was pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign (the one turning onto Foster around 90th because of that dumb section where Woodstock is one-way for like, three blocks. I think it should be a yield sign but the law disagrees, of course).

The officer issued a "failure to obey a traffic control device / stop sign" which has a $242.00 fine, no small sum for a college student. The guy even noted the "Reed" sticker on the back window, and the Reed sweatshirt I was wearing, which is the reason a car registered in PA and driven by a driver with a PA license was in said intersection, and also partly the reason I didn't stop, because driving in PA requires no small degree of assertiveness. Especially near Philly, and anywhere NJ/NY drivers are found (everywhere). But I digress. The officer marked, on the ticket, that both the DL and the car license are to Oregon, which is of course false. Is there any chance I could use this to get the fine reduced? Or am I just overly hopeful? Or maybe he just intuitively knew that I like here so much better than PA that I'd like to stay permanently and at some point the license and car will be for Oregon.

Thanksssss O persons more familiar with Oregon than myself!