March 22nd, 2008

Now I'm getting paranoid...

So, say in the event that livejournal decided to shut itself down... is there a service that would convert my lj entries into a book form? Or is there a service to have them translated so that I could at least keep them for pospreity?

*hugs self*
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More cats.

Thanks to all who showed interest in the last cats I posted about here. The gray one was adopted by a good friend and the found kitty might be going home with me.
There are, however two more cats that we have at our clinic for adoption. Collapse )
Xmas Socks

Brunch Recommendations?

So, I'm trying to find a good breakfast/brunch place in the Sellwood area of Portland. I'm not too familiar with what's around there, much less any place that's GOOD. Any thoughts? We'd be going tomorrow, but it doesn't need to be a place with EASTER brunch. It'd be around 1pm if that makes a difference.

every city has it's cliques

i am moving to portland in three months, and i am a songwriter. i was wondering if ANYONE could point me in a healthy direction for my music style. i will not be visiting portland too much before my move so it is safe to say that i will surely not be there long enough during my visits to make any face-to-face connections before i finally settle in.
so i was browsing LJ and figured i would give one of the communities a shot.

my style is pretty cliche genre, but maybe someone can listen and give me some suggestions, some phone numbers or even maybe chat a bit with me about city life or just shit going on.
i am a conversationalist and music is my fucking life, parties are cool places to be and lushes are great people to be around from time to time. anyhow, i hope this finds you all well, who knows we may be neighbors soon.

here is some of my music.

Bertie Lou's in Sellwood/Westmoreland - Breakfast Recco'

Bertie Lou's
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I got up this morning to a beautiful sunny day. Walked down the road a few blocks to this place Bertie Lou's I've been wanting to go there for some time and today I finally decided that I must go. It is a small diner'y place and I sat at the counter and ordered a Sellwood Breakfast (2 perfectly cooked eggs, 2 slices of bacon just the way I like it, homefries like my mom makes them, and an english muffin, accompanied by a GREAT cup of coffee). The place had great atmosphere and apparently I got there at the perfect time as a seat had just opened up at the counter. The waitresses call you "honey" and know alot of the customers by name.

Just wanted to spread the good breakfast word....


Where is a good place to get gauged jewelry? I have 12 gauge metal earrings in right now and am ready to stretch a bit. I really want some earrings made out of bone or wood, any natural materials really.

Any help would be appreciated.

dogsitting exchange?

back when i lived in la, i had an arrangement with a girl who lived a few blocks away from me; i would bring my dog over to her house and she would watch her whenever i had to work a really long day, and i would watch her dog when she went on vacations. it was a great arrangement because we never had to pay for doggie daycare or boarding, and our dogs totally loved playing together.

so basically, i am looking for a similar situation here. i don't need anyone to watch my baby when i am at work, cuz i am pretty unemployed, but every so often i might want to go away for the weekend to seattle or something, and boarding just isn't a very good option for my extremely cuddly yet neurotic doggie (she really can't stand being crated). obviously i could provide the same occasional care for your dog. i live in a sizeable one bedroom apartment near downtown. i don't have a yard but it's still a cool place for pups to hang out. and i am home a lot.

if you have a yard, that is awesome, if not, that's cool too. the most important thing to me is finding a good doggie match for my dog. she is a 10 pound mutt and she loves to socialize, but she either totally loves a dog or totally hates it. any really aggressive or overly energetic dog, big or small, really freaks her out. REALLY big dogs freak her out. she is pretty energetic herself, she just likes calm yet playful friends. and i think we as the owners just want to know our dogs would be in loving and thoroughly careful and capable hands.

so is anyone thinking an arrangement like this sounds like something in which they might be interested?

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anything free going on tonight in SE, maybe a LITTLE way into NE?

i want to... you know... go be around other living creatures. maybe even...TALK to one of them?
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Has anyone seen a maroon 1990 toyota camry


I need your help. Has anyone in the NE area seen a maroon 1990 Toyota Camry rollin around the neighborhood? It should be easy to spot because it was smooshed up due to an accident in Jan.

License Plate ZJN 714...

Thanks so much. I know that DamnPortlanders has helped recover several missing bikes and cars.

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I'm getting married in May, and I need to find a place downtown where six women can get manicures and pedicures at a reasonable cost. I've had bad experiences with beauty schools, but if anyone can recommend ANY place where they do a really good and fairly long-lasting job, that would be awesome. Downtown is preferred because we immediately have to get to Portland City Grill afterward, and I don't want to have to drive into downtown during Friday rush hour.

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video of the day?

so now i'm getting cranky...why is it quicker to create a new profile than it is to have your password reset! grr.

anyway, kind dpers, how can search for prior posts? i'm looking for a post awhile ago. i think it was posted by yourdannybear. it was titled 'Video of the Day'. there were some myspace videos. one was a swedish artist. her name has two Ys in it.



Pastrami Passion

  So it's Saturday 11:33 pm. I'd rode the 45 into town earlier in the morning, dropped off books at Central Library, checked out a Dr. Who book and a Kathy Reich book. Dr. Who is for me. Trek up to Floating World Comics, along the way I'd passed Stumptown, bijou Cafe, etc. Couldn't decide if I wanted to go in since they appeared to be already comfortably full of folks.

   Anyway, I found myself heading back toward down town craving a sandwhich featuring pastrami. However, I couldn't recall any place between the Central Library and Old Town that had such sandwhichs at the pre noon hour. Now, I am still getting my sea legs with Portland , just now having pased my six month mark here. My Garden Home locale and budget has limited regular downtown excursions until recently. So, to the heart of my post: Does a sandwhich/deli shop exist between old town and we'llsay 10th ave that opens around 11 or noon on Saturdays that is worth going to ?

   I'd gone past carts and the saturday market, but too many choices to make up my mind.