March 21st, 2008

fuck you anyway.

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Attn: eBayers

What fancy simple yet effective application do you use to manage all ten billion of your auctions?

I'm ideally looking for something that will track basic inventory and organize shipping info for multiple auctions, etc.

I've just found myself needing to list a minimum of 100 things tomorrow, so any help would be fantastic.

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Any Shows / Events This Week?

My girlfriend and I are flying to Portland tonight and will be staying til Wednesday. Just wondering if there are any shows (bands playing) that we should check out, preferably in or near the downtown area. We listen to everything from rock and folk to electro and industrial, but are open to pretty much any band that puts on a good show. Also, what are some good bars / pubs / clubs worth going to? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Bike Rack

Does anyone know where I can purchase a bike rack. I want it to be surface mounted (screwed into cement) and for two bikes so one of the U-shaped ones. I have found a lot of places to buy one online but I really would like to install one this weekend if I can find one in town.

I don't think I did a great job describing it so this is what I am talking about:



Anybody have experience with Primerica? An acquaintance is a new rep for them and would like to help us with our debt/finances. As with all things related to our money I am wary and this sounds like an MLM scam even though it's owned by Citigroup.

Edit: Sorry, I'm not looking to work for them, or any similar company.  I'm really just looking to rewite my 2nd mortgage and wondering if this company is legit
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i ordered a coat from international male, that was supposed to have lions head buttons, and it finally got here after three weeks of shipping, and the buttons are all wrong! they are light tin, smaller than the inch buttons listed, and cheaply glazed in black.

   being a seamstress, i can sew new ones on of course, but where  oh where will i find nice, one inch classic metal buttons? skulls would be nice, anything gothic and dark, as its a gift for someone who wears alot of black,  and loves ninjas and batman.

   i need anywhere i can reach from forest grove to beaverton, and the very beginings of portland reachable by the max. also, anyone willing to help transport me there a.k.a. be my guide will be winning themselves a free drink from starbucks, extra whatever, just keep it under 30$ :) 

   if ya can help meh, please respond asap   o__o this barely got here in time for someones birthday, and id like to try and g et buttons for it today if possibal.

   any suggestions, or beading/button/sewing places i should call and ask maybe?   again, beaverton would be best as im out in the skirts of forest grove e__e!!!

augh i hate it when things do this -o-... silly manufacturers...

2 Questions/Requests

1) Where can I get my hair dyed an obnoxious shade of red and cut for $50 or less? I thought about Bishop's but I really am not cool with spending $70 on my hair.

2) Is there a list anywhere of homes/masion that you can rent out for events? Has to be for the Portland/accessible by Trimet area.


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hey gang,

in your opinion, what is the best, most gargantuan plant nursery/gardening center located in SE or NE portland? i'm wanting a place that has a good quantity of stuff, a good variety (obscure plants and gardening supplies a plus), cool employees/owners are, etc. if they also happen to have a small cafe inside where they make excellent cappuccinos, that is a plus. currently, i'm thoroughly happy with dennis' seven dees, but i'm a philanderer at heart, and i can't help but wonder if i'm missing out on something better.

oh, and what about that place at the intersection of barbur and terwilliger? how's that place?
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On Richardson's endorsement of Obama

You can tell that he was just offered the VP position. Some people are claiming that this is somehow important because Richardson served under Bill Clinton. However, this is only important as it shows that there are no friends and no loyalty in politics, there are only favors given and favors returned. Richardson owes Hillary no favors. This is "Politics as Usual" at its best, which of course Obama claims he doesn't do. Sure, tell me another one. I was also not impressed by the Obama camp screaming OUTRAGED at the passport file breach. Until of course it was found that all of the candidates had passport file breaches. No one can bleed like Barack Obama.
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Ignorant fools place kids at much greater risk than if they'd just fucking vaccinated, film at 11

Public Health Risk Seen as Parents Reject Vaccines

SAN DIEGO — In a highly unusual outbreak of measles here last month, 12 children fell ill; nine of them had not been inoculated against the virus because their parents objected, and the other three were too young to receive vaccines. [...]

Children who are not vaccinated are unnecessarily susceptible to serious illnesses, they say, but also present a danger to children who have had their shots — the measles vaccine, for instance, is only 95 percent effective — and to those children too young to receive certain vaccines.

Measles, almost wholly eradicated in the United States through vaccines, can cause pneumonia and brain swelling, which in rare cases can lead to death. The measles outbreak here alarmed public health officials, sickened babies and sent one child to the hospital. [...]

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myspace music

while i don't mind randomly poking around, i'm sort of seeking a "best of". who do you personally like that has music on myspace. lately i've been listening to landon pigg a lot. i bought the tunes on amazon because i liked it so much. my favorite song today is "dressed to kill", but it changes. he is a heartsick emo boy with a guitar. i like his lyrics a lot. but, other genres definitely welcome. sometimes you must rock! mostly, i'm asking about myspace because flash players are basically the only stuff i can listen to while working.
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Urban iditerod photos

Very delayed, i just got around to uploading my camera and sorting through old pics.

All taken just before the pass through Saturday Market. Apologies for no editing, so the shots are very random but you might be able to pick out something good from the mess :)

O Bam A

So was the Obama speech worth the price of admission?  Did he cover anything he hasn't aid before?  More importantly, was traffic a pain in the arse going to and from the event?    
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Anyone post these already?


I Liked These Guys Before Anybody Else Knew About Them English Bitter

Boys Don't CrIPA

Oh Fuck My Rent Check Didn't Come in the Mail Bock

Fixed-Gear Bicycleweisse

Essentially Empty Yet Always Present Messenger Baggleywine

Almost Stout of the Closet

All My Friends Are White Ale

So What If I Messed Up Your Starbucks Order Porter

Rummage Sale Pale Ale

I Don't Really Like This but I'm Drinking It to Get Back at My Parents and/or Friends With an Overt and Crass Display of Being Cultured Lambic

I Am Entirely Fucking Done With Society Because It Is Run by Corrupt and Criminally Exploitative Man-Machines Who Don't Give One Shit for Anyone or Anything Except for Money and Power Light Lager

Sleeping Pillsner

from McSweeney's, by Kevin Scheitrum.
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O rally

This is probably one of my favorite things he said at the entire rally. I'm continuing to add videos (there was a terrible lag with the first few I put up but it's gotten better now) if you want to watch snippets of his talk.

I also have a crapload of photos & when I get those uploaded I'll post a link to the gallery I put them in PICTURES HERE - we had really good seats so even though I suck at taking photos of people, a few came out pretty decent.

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i want to get basic landline phone service. it's been years since i've done this. any of you have recommendations? right now i'm leaning towards the qwest service since it's like, $12/month. but what if they suck? i don't know, you tell me! thanks!
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Any Portishead fans up in here?

I hear they've got a new album coming out in April, but I can't seem to find any place to pre-order it. Anyone know of a site that will let me do so?

ETA: I don't want to download it illegally, I'm actually mostly asking for my husband who has some kind of weird ethics thing about the band and so he wants to actually buy the album. He's CRAZAY!
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The girls and I are planning  a drunken hike - (it's where you hike for a while and find an awesome spot with a cool view and break out your flasks) - does anyone have any favorite hike spots they'd recommend within, say, an hour from PDX?
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Trip on Amtrak - Ideas please!

I want to take a trip on the Amtrak this coming week with my five-year old (kindergartener) daughter. I want to leave Monday and come back Friday or Saturday. I want to go somewhere within a day's travel and I *don't* want to go to Seattle, Spokane, Eugene or further points south. I'd like to go somewhere new and exciting. Or maybe just kinda relaxing. Just to get away for a few days and reconnect with my little one, just the two of us. I think I want to avoid the coast since it's probably still a bit chilly down there. I think we'll save that for when the weather starts to warm up a little.

I understand there's a route that runs east along the gorge. That sounds like a possibility, but I don't recognize the names of any of the stops between Vancouver, WA and Spokane, WA.

So.... DP.... any ideas???? Any suggestions???? Either on that route or any other? Thanks in advance! :)


Went to Lentil Garden with lokidecat tonight and OH MY GOD! Best Indian food EVAH! I had the Lamb Saag and it was so delicious. It had a hint of sweetness to it that I could not quite pin point but it was just enough to compliment the spices. And the lamb was sooo tender.
It is located in Tanasbourne across from Jamba Juice and Pizza Schmizza.

Just wanted to throw that out there cause I know damnportlanders love food. Highly recommended.

And yes, they have vegetarian dishes as well.

Edited to add:
By eating there, you are also supporting a local business! So there's a bonus!

Comics Obscura and Floating World Comics

Saturday March 22nd


Sorry couldn't resist.

Finally after quieting plugging my comic book here on DP. I've found a home for issues here in Portland. I've managed to snag some space at Floating World Comics courtesy of the owner Jason. This will be the first legitimate location in town where people can buy or simply check out the comic in person. Issues 1 and 2 will be available there. Once I get my issue 3 shipment from Michigan,I will be adding them to his issues available.

Floating World is located in Old Town and is worth the visit just to see the shop which is snug, but well stocked.