March 20th, 2008


An excellent use of public funds

I left work tonight just in time to see a cop pulling into the parking lot. The cop got out of his cruiser and started interrogating a young man (probably one of the employees) who was standing around the building smoking; I heard the cop asking the guy "how long have you been here?" as I passed them and when I looked back later it looked like the guy was looking through his wallet for ID.

Moments later, a second cruiser passed me and went into the lot as I was waiting to turn into the road he'd come from.

Moments later, a third cruiser drove by and kept going.. perhaps he'd callously decided that two police were enough to harass some guy who wasn't causing any trouble, and that they wouldn't need more backup.

It's strange, but I don't feel any more served or protected than I did before. What are we hiring these guys for, again?
Obama Logo - Hope

Round Two - Obama Ticket needed, or for trade

To keep from repeating my situation, for anyone who missed it, you can read what's up here: (sorry, pre-6am, too early to remember how to do the HTML link. :) )

So now the updated situation is... I still need a ticket to the Portland rally (or the Salem rally, but I would really rather have Portland, seeing as we live here and all...). I am willing to donate to the Obama campaign or directly to you if you prefer, and I will also give you the Salem ticket that I have.

I have a horrid sense of direction and generally get myself lost when going somewhere new, so I'd prefer to avoid Salem, but if I must...

Please let me know if you can help me out, and thanks ever so much. :)

ETA: THANK YOU to casadetodd for pointing me towards someone at craigslist (still waiting on that.. if it fleshes out, that will mean husband can come too! :) ) and br0k3nt0y for hooking me up!!! I am SO happy! You guys rock. *major hugs and kisses*
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Here in DP, we struggle with the controversial topics o' the day!

On March 12, SUP, the company that owns and operates LJ decided that the "basic" account option will no longer be available to new users of LJ. Some people see this as a sound business decision; many believe it will injure the network effect of content produced and consumed by free and paid users (this is argued, for example, here and here).

Some folks in the latter camp have begin circulating an announcement of a 24-hour LJ content strike (which is tomorrow) in protest, believing that a temporary refusal to use LJ will demonstrate the error of SUP's decision.

WITHOUT necessarily delving into whether the decision was a good one or not, I'm specifically curious about the strike! What does DP think? Will DP participate?

Poll #1157549 LJ STRIKE OMG!

Will you participate in the strike?


Do you think it will have any effect?


Feel free to explain or justify your answers, or debate those of others, in the comments!

generating steam heat

My dad thinks the thermostat in my car might be out, since it has a worrying tendency to start dribbling steam (or what I hope is steam anyway) out of the sides of the hood if I drive it around for more than a half hour or so. I got it Jiffy Lubed recently, thinking the coolant was just low or something, but that didn't fix the problem. Supposedly it's a fairly cheap fix if you do it yourself, but I know jack diddley about cars so I'd rather not go there. Does anybody have any recommendations for a decent mechanic in the far-east PDX/Gresham area who's not going to rip me off? Anywhere on the east side would be fine though, if it's a really good deal.


So this will be a political post.  Generally my posts consist of rants.  So few politicians have shown a glimpse of being more than just adequate.  And yet last night I saw a video of someone who inspired me.

I liked Bill Clinton.  he had his faults, but he did things that needed to be done and he was a great speaker.  Still, in hindsight, I can understand why others had major issues with him.  He was flawed and polarizing with how he pushed things through and part of that may have been from just being new.  He definitely improved over the years, but Republicans made it their personal mission to find a way to tear him down.  

Obama showed something that I haven't seen since speeches of the 60's.  He delivered a speech that was incredibly inspirational and I actually had a few tears at the end.  He did something that few politicians are willing to do, and that was to be honest and stand by a conviction that does him no good whatsoever.   I'm going to take a clip from a link that illustrated it well:

By treading where few politicians dare to go -- into the often-ugly depths of America's racial history -- Barack Obama has surely started something: a long overdue national conversation. 

His critics should be honorable enough to concede the point. Where the Illinois senator and Democratic presidential candidate could have opted for the easy road, focusing his speech on sternly rebuking his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he set a more daring course of exposing the common racial baggage black and white Americans have carried for centuries.

"I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother ... a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe. These people are part of me. And they are a part of America."

Full Article

He touched on things that divide us and touched on them from different perspectives to put people in each other's shoes..  He didn't present these views with anger, but with hope and optimism and a desire to do something about it.

In case you haven't seen the speech or video, click here.

Want to know what frustrates me?  I wonder if a good man can actually be elected in this day and age.  Hillary is intent on his destruction and she has NO qualms about fighting dirty except that it might harm her campaign if she's too dirty.  In other words she's the standard politician.  She will say whatever she needs to, to get what she wants.  Also, a lot of times people are afraid of truth.  It scares them.  People like to bitch, but they seldom like to change and resist it even stronger when others hold them accountable for their own actions.

A couple of polls have been taken and they show Clinton is currently in the lead.  They show that McCain, the man who wishes to continue our war in Iraq for 100 years, to be in the lead.  That's just wrong to me.

So readers of my blog, what are your thoughts on Obama?  what are your thoughts on clinton?  What are your thoughts on McCain?  I ask because I wonder if I'm the only person moved by this man, or if there are others.  If there are others and you think this man has the potential to be a truly special leader... then my question is, how can we make that happen and what are you willing to do?  This man will lose if good people sit down and do nothing.  He'll win if the cry for him to be in office is so loud that it can't be ignored.

I know how I feel, and so I'm posting this that is my current action with more to come if he makes it as a presidential nominee.

He inspires.  Have you ever worked in a business with an inspired leader?  Doesn't it make you want to work harder, doesn't that excitement rub off on even the most cynical just a little?  Couldn't our government improve a little if people looked out and realized that a very real change was possible? 

For the first time in my life, I feel inspired by a political leader that is still alive.  I truly hope this man makes it into the Presidential office.  I have a feeling he'll either do great things, or be egged by every evil politician.  I think both of those things will mean he's doing something right.

I dream of a future with a leader that I could respect and follow.



Today the protesters definitely outnumber the cops. Good showing at city hall right now and gives me something to watch while at work. I would avoid downtown right now if you are driving.

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i just bought a vanity but have no way to pick it up!

does anyone have a truck that would be willing to help me today tomorrow? the woman will be at the house at 4:00 so that's when it needs to happen. the house is near n. fremont and vancouver and i live about 1/2 mile north of there. i just need you to help me load the vanity, drive it a half-mile, and help me take it into my house.

here it is, in case you care:

the mirror will detach from the body of it, and then there is also a small upholstered chair that's not pictured. it's kind of crucial that there not be a ton of junk in the back of the truck.

in return,
(a) you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped me save an art deco piece of furniture from being painted white and sold to middle-aged housewives as "shabby chic"
(b) you will make me deliriously happy (and i know that's important to you!)
(c) i'll buy you a beer or something.


(also, if you're looking for a late-victorian house to renovate, the house it's located in is AMAZING and for sale. it needs a ton of work, though!)

Obama? O' Mama!

So for those of us not lucky enough to get tixs for Obama, do you think he'll be back to hold more rallies like the ones Kerry (grrrr) did in '04 at the Waterfront and Pioneer Courthouse Square?  That is if you even think he's getting the Democratic nomination.  
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Blah blah blah.

Man. Blah blah on the community today.

I say we all shake hands, agree to disagree and go get a drink somewhere.

Happy Hour is soon. Wha'dya all say? And more importantly, where do y'all wanna go?
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My calendar says Spring begins today! And the internets tell me that the equinox was at 5:48 this morning! Anyone balance any eggs?

Happy First Day of Spring! Happy Equinox! Happy Norooz!
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Did someone order a protest?

Always an interesting conversation to have when you're on the phone with a client based in the South:

"What the heck is all that noise?"

"Oh, just police sirens. Our office is in downtown Portland."

"But are those drums?"

"Umm ... let me check" I go look out my window. "Yes, those would be drums. There are a several high school kids protesting and they're playing drums."

"Protesting? What do you mean protesting?"

"The war in Iraq. It's the fifth anniversary ..."

"But drums? You damn hippies and your drum circles!

"No hippies, no drum circles. Now, about that deck you want built ..."

"All Portland has is a bunch of hippies! I can hear the drum circles! We should start paying you in patchouli."

Ahh, gotta love stereotypes.

(no subject)

Had a conversation at work with a customer. The topic of money came up when I was giving him his change. He remarked how worthless pennies were (his change was $0.04).

He then said there's been something in the works the last couple of years to create a North American currency similar to the Euro over in Europe. He said it'd be for the United States, Canada and Mexico and it's called the Amero(wiki). Also potentially turning us into the North American Union.

Anyone else hear about this? What're your thoughts. I know the Canadian Dollar is worth more than the USD now, but what about the Mexican economy? This seems very New World Order-ish, but at the same time makes me think that a global economy traded in the same valuation would be not a horrible idea.


One thing that stands out from the article is:
Some assert that having a single North American currency would be unconstitutional under the current U.S. constitution under Article 1, Section 8; which states that the United States Congress has the right to: "coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures;"


kids ballet classes?


I am having trouble finding ballet or dance classes for young children. They are 2 and 4 1/2, and really excited about a Nutcracker movie they watched recently. They love to dance, and I want to try to find some lessons for them! Westside is better, and the cost doesn't matter. (I'm the nanny, so I'm not paying for it!)
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OHSU Med School Program

I'm currently a pre-med student, and I am starting to do some research on my options for medical school. Ideally, I'd like to stay in the area, so OHSU is at the top of my list. I'm hoping that someone here can give me a little insight on the program.

1. Do they have any preferences that they trend towards (other than GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities, etc.)?

2. Has anyone applied and NOT gotten in? Why do you think you didn't get in?

3. Anyone know of any reason NOT to go to OHSU?

Any other miscellaneous pre-med/med school advice is welcome as well! Thanks!


I need to make my band into an LLC...anyone point me in a direction and offer some advice?


Dude, it's done. Took 15 minutes and cost 50 bucks. Is all business this easy?


(no subject)

What is your favorite yarn store in Portland? I've looked on the internet, but I'd like some personal recommendations.

My parents are coming to visit(!!!) and my mom is going to get yarn to knit me a sweater vest.
Worky Work!

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I have a Sony TV ... with a remote! To bring this further into recent years, I also have an iHome. The problem?

When I turn the volume down on the television using the remote, the radio for the iHome turns on. I've attempted to move the iHome, but it is apparently the remote control. I have a universal remote that I switched to match the tv ... apparently it also matches the god damn iHome. Any Sony programmed remote apparently works to turn this damn iHome radio on. But ONLY the radio. All other buttons are ineffective.

What can I do? Besides get my lazy ass up every time I turn the volume down on the television to switch off the iHome.
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Don't click on this link.

There has been a lot of talk recently about religion and politics.  A lot of people have come down pretty hard on Obama for his spiritual advisor's beliefs and sermons.  But what a lot of people are ignoring are the beliefs and spiritual teachings of Hillary.  And for that, be we religious or non-religious, we should be thankful.  I implore you...if you are a Hillary supporter do not click on this link:

I won't spam the Damn Portlanders with Youtube embedding.  Just know that the above link should not...SHOULD NOT be clicked on.  Let your lives propser without watching it.  Without click on it you will know peace within your own heart.   By not clicking on the above link you prove that you love your parents, your children, your husband or wife.  I implore you all not to click on the link above...lest we all fail our spiritual selves. 


Baseball Fans

Okay baseball fans we are approx 5 days away from opening day in Japan. Roughly 10 days for the rest of us.
Now, I know Portland loves its music, books, and art, but I know we have some transplanted Cubbies fans as evidenced by Wayne's Chicago Red Hots in town, the occasiaonal cubs shirt I see, but I have to ask this anyway.

  I'm a Detroit Tigers fan,  Cubs fall 2nd behind them. I'm wondering if there are any Tigs fans in town, do you have a joint you like to go to catch games or now  a place that will show the games. Right now, I"d be looking for a place for the Saturday games. I'm prepared to (if needed) sign up for the mlb online package, but if I can find a nice place to enjoy the game at that's local I'd rather try first. Otherwise, I'll be at Wayne's anyway since I love chicago dogs.

yes yes..rambling, but I hope I got my point across.


Not dissing Seattle and Ichiro since my wife loves them..I mean him, but Tigers born and raised.

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Speaking of kangaroo...

Is there a decent exotic meats butcher in town? I am specifically looking for somewhere that sells kangaroo steak. I guess I got spoiled when I lived in Seattle and had an exotic meat store on the route home from work.

Mmmmmm... Kangaroo. Cute, furry and soooo delicious!


Seriously, how hard is it for people with degrees, but not a lot of experience to get a job in Portland? Mine is in accounting, and I have just under one year of relevant experience from an internship that will be ending soon. (I'm not staying on full time because either someone would have to quit, or the board of trustees would have to create a new position for that to happen.) It seems like every accounting job wants at least 2 years of experience. It doesn't even matter if the position is a lower level one (like clerk or AR/AP) that traditionally doesn't require a 4 year degree. They still want 2 years. Anyone else in the field have any advice?

Spreading the word!

I'm trying to spread the word about this benefit that is happening for one of my coworkers. Shadyah is an amazing person, and every little bit helps.


Our dear friend and community member is battling cancer.

We are hosting a multi-band concert as a fundraiser to help her and her daughter.

The event will be held at AudioCinema on
March, 22 @ 8:00 p.m.

Many bands are donating their time.

Local artists are donating their wares and our city’s businesses are donating amazing goods and services for the Silent Auction.

Would you please consider a donation?

The bands are
~Shaky Hands
~Brothers of the Baladi
~Power of County
~Diamond Tuck
~With a handful of special guests!

Please let us know how you can contribute.

*Goods & Services *Monetary *Promotion *Support at the show

Please pass this message on to your friends and anyone else that can help.

Contact Marissa @ 503-442-5466 or Jerome @ 503-282-0262 for any kind of donation.

Thank You