March 19th, 2008

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What's to do in NoPo?

So my friends and I are finally moving out of downtown to the Kenton neighborhood in two weeks. I've only explored the area a little bit, so I wanted to find out first-hand what's good and bad in the neighborhood. What restaurants/bars should I make sure to hit/avoid? Any other points of interest I should know about?


just a friendly warning for those of you parking downtown:

parking enforcement, which seems to have been out in force a lot more than usual lately, has started writing tickets for other things than parking.

most notably, if you do not have a front license plate, you will get a ticket.

you have been warned.

(no subject)

Craigslist annoyances:
1.) You can't really search for a house to rent. They group all rentals together, and you get all these shitty townhouse apartments, and other random things mixed in. I just want to see houses for rent in Portland Metro area, is that so friggin' hard?

2.) In the sales area, where people list their $35,000 BMW for $35 so it'll come up in searches for cars under 2500. Look, If someone is searching for sub 2500, they won't be affording your stupid piece of shit overpriced BMW for 35000. Or Even worse: "$1".. This isn't Price is Right, jackoff. If your car is listed as $1, I wish I could go to fucking court and use some obscure truth in advertising law to steal it from you for $1.

3.) Random other little shit. But those are the two biggies of the day.

I'm Sold

If you're trying to decide whether or not to go see Obama, check out his speech from Tuesday. It's long, but worth watching, even just the first 12 minutes.

I have the cape - I make the whoosh nois

A bit of lunch-time humor for the DPers...

(I got this from another Portland friend, so I can't claim credit):

"As you may have heard, the Bush Administration said each and every one of us will get a "nice" rebate check.  The money is supposed to help stimulate the economy.

If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, all the money will go to China.  If we spend it on gasoline, it will all go to the Arabs.  If we purchase a computer, it will all go to India.  If we purchase fruit and vegetables, it will all go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala.  If we purchase a good car, it will all go to Japan.  If we purchase useless crap, it will all go to Taiwan, and none of it will help the American economy.

We need to keep that money here in America, so the only way to keep it here at home is to buy prostitutes and beer, since those are the only businesses still in the U.S."

-Portland related because we like our prostitutes and beer.

-And because I just took an economics class at a Portland university, so I find humor in this. 
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Some Good Music

I'd like to let everyone know about a great musician who will be playing in Portland on the evening of May 15, so there is plenty of time to prepare if you are interested. Her name is Leslie Stevens, and her band is Leslie and the Badgers. They play a mixture of country and jazz.

They're playing the Towne Lounge on May 15. The address:

714 SW 20th Pl
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 241-8696

You can listen to some of their music here:

cupcake wellies

Obama Rally

I am going tomorrow morning to see Obama. I have never been to a rally before so I have a question. The article on says no bags. Does that include purses or just big backpack bags?

Thanks Darlings!
Push Button For POPSICLES

I need to get some stuff done.

I would like your help.

I have a lawnmower. It starts, but doesn't stay running. I need to either have it repaired so that it stays running, or find a place that will give me a substantial discount on a refurbished lawnmower in its exchange. Do any of you know of a place where I can make this happen?

I used to be a theatre actor and a little bit of a techie(mostly lighting). I have decided that two years outside of the theatre environment entirely has made me disgustingly depressed. Can anyone point me in the direction of a community theatre where I can work and play for free, for pay, or for college credit?

Thank you for your time.

Need a little blasphemy in your life?

I know I posted this before, but I only re-post because I know so many of you like irreverent humor. And we could really use more audience members. We are the cheapest show in town on Thursdays (only $7), so come on down. Oh, and if you can convince a clergy member to come along, we will let you in for $5.

Cacophony Productions presents
In cooperation with the Linkville Players:

Adam Long, Reed Martin, & Austin Tichenor
Additional Material by Matthew Croke

Directed by Simeon Denk
Starring Royal Hebert, Phillip M. Meyer, and Jeff Gardner

March 6th-29th
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm

The Historic Firehouse Theater
1436 SW Montgomery St

Thursdays all tickets $7
Fridays and Saturdays: Students, Seniors, Veterans: $10, Adults: $12

Tickets available at the door or call for reservations at 503.310.0771

Three hilarious young men take you on an irreverent romp through the
sacred text, showing us all why the Good Book can be Great Fun. From
Noah to Nahum; from Peter to Paul to Mary, no biblical figure is left
unscathed. God has been laughing at us since the beginning. Now it's
payback time!

Read what the Willamette Week has to say about our show!:

Whats the best way to play the Bible in two acts? Follow the example
of this shows musical nuns: take a double shot of Gordons dry gin and
"go to." Cacophony Productions debut features Terrance and Phillip as
Pharisees and Sadducees, Paris Hilton as Salome, a singalong Noahs
Ark, and an amateur magic show by (who else?) Jesus himself. Actors
Royal Hebert, Phillip Meyer and Jeff Gardner work well as a comedic
team: think Laurel and two Hardys, only one of the Hardys is in
drag; and theyve got a good script. One quibble: The song-and-dance
numbers are underprepared. But what The Bible lacks in high-concept
glitz and comedic finesse it makes up for in sheer balls. If there is
a God, these guys have definitely pissed him off. JOHN MINERVINI. The
Firehouse Theatre, 1436 SW Montgomery St., 310-0771. 8 pm
Thursdays-Saturdays. Closes March 29. $7-$12. All ages.

Easter brunch.

Any tips on a yummy Easter brunch in SW Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro? The family did McMenamins buffet on Cornelious Pass Rd. last year and it was just okay. Around $25/person is cool. Hopefully somewhere is still taking reservations. Thanks!
Venn Diagram

Obama tickets?

I desperately want to go to the Obama rally on Friday. Alas, by the time I clicked on the RSVP button in the email, it was already full. I'm on the waiting list, but I'd rather *know* I can get in. Did anyone get a ticket and then realize they couldn't go? If you did, I'd love to have your ticket! I'll trade baked goods!

Hamburger Mary's Photos

Hey​​ all​​, I lik​​ely​​ pos​​ted​​ som​​eth​​ing​​ lik​​e thi​​s in the​​ pas​​t..​​.

I'm ​ loo​kin​g for​ old​ sch​ool​ pho​tos​ (la​te 80s​ ear​ly 90s​) of Ham​bur​ger​ Mar​y's​ whe​n it was​ on SW Par​k. If any​one​ has​ ind​oor​/ou​tdo​or sho​ts of Ham​bur​ger​ Mar​y's​, Mar​y's​ Spo​t, Mar​y's​ Bar​ and​ Gri​lle​ (ne​w mar​ket​ vil​lag​e) cou​ld you​ ple​ase​ hoo​k a bro​the​r up?​ Bet​ter​ yet​, if you​ hav​e kep​t in con​tac​t wit​h any​ of the​ old​ emp​loy​ees​ ple​ase​ sho​ot me a mes​sag​e wit​h any​ pos​sib​le inf​o.

If all​ you​ hav​e are​ pri​nts​ I'd​ be hap​py to sca​n the​m if you​'d all​ow.​


little blue dog

barack out with your cock out

A poll, cuz I can't concentrate at work.

Barack is coming to Portland on Friday. Tickets were given away first-come, first-served, online and in person at a specified location, but have all been given away (as reported by alert DPer east_meets_west).

Now imagine ...

Poll #1157125 oh-BAM-ah!

Assume you have an extra ticket or two to the Obama rally! Would you sell it?

MAYBE. (For example, if you would donate the proceeds to the campaign. Explain below.

Feel free to discuss your answer, or those of others, in the comments.
Obama Logo - Hope

A Mother's Plea (yep, for Obama ticket)

Ok, so I did get my ticket this morning, and I put in my husband and son's email addresses for them to be sent tickets as well. However, neither one of them got any email, so apparently that didn't work. I don't really care about getting my husband a ticket, but I'm extremely sad about missing out on my son's ticket. I waited to tell him until I felt confident that the tickets would be available (the site said it was emailing me the tickets, so I assumed it would email them their tickets as well) so as not to disappoint him. Once I was confident, I told him, and we've been texting each other all day, in between his classes.

Not only am I excited that this will be his first time voting (he's 18 and a Senior in HS), I am having a bit of the empty nest syndrome. I used to take him out of school for important things when he was younger (like the Picasso exhibit that came to the museum where we lived at the time, letting him sit and 'recreate' one of Picasso's works.. fun stuff) and I feel like this might be the last time I get to take him out of class for something educational and fun. Plus, it just seems ultra-cool to be able to go to the rally of the first person you're able to vote for.

Is there anyone at all who has a ticket and is willing to give it to my son? I'm willing to donate $25 to the Obama campaign, or I'll give it directly to you if you wish. It would mean a great deal to us.

If I'm not able to get an extra ticket, I will probably give him mine (if they are even transferable.. does anyone know for sure?) and then I'll just hang out in front of the Coliseum. He's so excited about going that when I told him what happened, with not getting the tickets, he said he would be happy with standing out front and maybe they'll broadcast what's being said outside. That's when I felt him just break my heart and decided I'd probably end up giving him my ticket.

So... any chance at all? And I know it's asking a lot, but could we maybe please refrain from any attacks for me asking? It doesn't hurt to ask, especially for something important. Thank you.

ETA: I managed a single ticket to Salem as well. Then they ran out before I could get them to my guys. I will trade it for a ticket to the Portland rally, if anyone is interested? Maybe it's because I had already signed up for the mailing list at the Obama site... hmmm...
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Riot PoPo in NEPO?

Portland related because of the dumbass subject line: I was driving down NE Broadway about 90 minutes ago and saw at least 20 police officers in riot gear, a phalanx of cop cars and motorcycles (included simply to use the word "phalanx") and about 8 bewildered-looking hipsters out in front of the recruiting center at about NE 18th.

What gives?
By: <lj user=tihana>

(no subject)

So, has everyone that's RSVPed a ticket to the Obama rally via e-mail gotten them already? I signed up for mine as soon as they were available and I haven't gotten any news back...I'm kind of concered.

Oregon Beer

Did you really expect support?

To all the people standing on the overpass on 84 around 7pm with your protest signs, Fuck you. Sitting in traffic for miles to find out it is not an accident but a bunch of protesters delaying the drive, I hope you could see my finger. I am sure the other drivers are just as endeared to your cause. 

Update: I did not read any signs and did not know what they were protesting until responses came in.
Cheers to a good thread. Troll out.
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(no subject)

yesterday afternoon, we had a bag taken out of our car. we were in the office max on 82nd around johnson creek blvd. we were in the office max for approx 7 minutes, came out and realized our car doors were unlocked, then realized later that night that the bag was no where to be found.

inside there was nothing of real value. not to someone who was looking for money anyway. just a holga camera and some other things that would be valuable only to us. the bag was a big over the shoulder kind that looked kind of like a map.

have any of you seen this bag? or if you frequent that area, could you keep your eyes open? we went back today and searched the dumpsters and the whole area, to no avail. we're unsure what to do at this point, and kind of skeptical that we will get out stuff back, but seeing as it was nothing of use to anyone but us, im still trying.


Goddamned ATMs.

So. What is with all ATM's only allowing increments of 20? The only ones with less that I know of are at PCC Sylvania and in downtown Eugene.

So that's what I'm searching for. As many ATM's in Portland that don't require you to take out twenty. My most urgent need is for one in my hood - between 82nd and 122nd, near Holgate or Foster if at all possible.


edit: I don't have a debit card. I have an ATM card. That's all it can do.