March 18th, 2008



I moved out of an apartment 9 months ago, and made sure my name was taken off the lease. My friend and her brother moved in and were added to the lease at the same time that I was taken off. They just got an eviction notice giving them 30 days to vacate, and my name was on it!! I'm sure the landlord is going to lie about it when asked, he is a scumbag. Is there a way to find out for sure that I'm not getting an eviction on my record? I'm going to be looking for a new apartment in the next couple months and this is really going to complicate things. If there is an eviction on my record, who can I go to for legal advice? I don't have the money for a lawyer or anything.
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Gas masks and wigs...

Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a gas mask? Perhaps an Army Surplus store that's not going to cost me an arm and a leg to buy...?

Also, a decent place to get wigs. Funky colored wigs...again, not too expensive.

Location isn't a big deal...I'm one of those who likes to drive...

Thanks in advance!
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Oh, Blecch. Blecch On Stilts.

This morning I was late to work and made myself later by stopping to pluck several giant-ass slugs off my peony plants. WTF ? I rarely see slugs out en masse in broad daylight, and this is the first time I've ever seen them munching the peonies;Normally they leave the poor things alone to concentrate on the violets and lungwort.

I had beer traps out, but sometimes nothing beats the immediate gratification of stomping your enemy into the concrete with the ol' work boots. I just look like a damn hippie;I don't actually do that "harmony with nature" thing, unless nature stays the hell out of my way.

Spring sucks. >: Anyone else have a Spring-related rant ? Go for it.


Attention-getting, isn't it? Ladies (and supportive mens) in the house, would you know anything about these two breast surgeons? Got stories to share about bedside manner, etc?

Dr. Karen Ulloth (St V/Good Sam)

Dr. James Imatani (Prov)


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Who Wants a Desk???

Does anyone want an awesome desk? It's in good condition. I haven't used it for a while because it's rather large, and now I am moving to a room rather than a house. I loved this desk and it is less than two years old, and it cost me $300. So I'm trying to sell it for $100 but I'll accept the best offer. It comes with the manual and all of the parts. You can e-mail me at natewillsheets at if you are interested.

It's also put together in large pieces, which will make it easier for you to put together. You'd have to pick it up with a truck or van.


Hi, assholes.

You ripped my Tibetan prayer flags.

You stole my Tibetan prayer flags.

Now you've stolen my bike seat. The entire thing. Right outside my window.

So much for faith and trust in humanity.

I'm broke. I'm dealing with some serious fucking emotional problems. I did not need this.

I hope you're pleased with your drunk-ass selves. Have a nice Goddamned day.
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free invites tuesday!

has anyone here checked out Aviary [] yet? got an opinion on this new media creation suite?

for those who don't know what it is, it's a full series of media creation tools, from image editors, 3D modeling tools, desktop publishing, audio/video creation, and so on, all of which are being developed for use directly from your web browser. kind of a cool idea, if you ask me.

anyhow, i just got into their invite-only beta, which so far only has two of the products available - the image editor and the pattern generator - and was wondering if anyone else has tried these out yet and if so, what do you think of them? got any fun tips/tricks for using the software?

also, anyone else who might want to try them out, leave a comment. i've got invites i can give away which will get you into the system right away, rather than you having to sign up and wait for them to let you in!
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Hey, I just discovered that all of the letters of the word TYPEWRITER are in the top row of a qwerty keyboard.


(And TEETERTOTTER, but I'd argue that it needs a hyphen.)

So yeah, that's it. Bye.
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Laptop keyboard?

So in the process of moving around the keys on my laptop to the superior Dvorak setting, I broke five of the little plastic things underneath the keys that make them work nicely. Does anyone know where I can get locally (looked online and found a few places, but I wanted to get it NOW) either a few of the plastic tab things or a laptop keyboard so I can cannibalize it?

Thank you!

Help please--childcare needed

    I've had a  very highly needed opportunity for employment suddenly appear, requiring me to start tomorrow.

I have a beautiful,high spirited, extremely intelligent 16 month old daughter who i need childcare for Wednesday through Friday from 12:30-5:30pm. She has never had anyone outside of her father and mother take care of her and so would require patient, empathetic, gentle care until she becomes accustomed to her new caretaker. we are also searching frantically for a more permanent childcare situation so there would be no need for any permanent commitment from anyone; we just need some help until this weekend, and then perhaps a day or two after that.

If anyone is interested/could help us out, just comment and i will send you my email and cell-phone number and we can discuss payment.

Thank you all in advance.
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good cheap waxing in NoPo or NE?

I just recently moved to the 15th & Alberta area, and I'm thinking, there must be a good cheap place to get my legs waxed around here. I can go anywhere my bicycle will take me, however. I'm interested in the bikini, too, but just legs will do.

Places you recommend?
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Hey, my SO is showing his (very) short student film tonight at Kelly's Olympian downtown tonight at 8pm-ish. I think there will be others showing theirs, too. Just, ya know, if you were looking for something to do. I'll be there in support :)

This is getting hairy!

So a while back I got my hair butchered by a sweet little girl at Bishop's.  I think she may have been newish and she really did quite the number on it.  My hair is super choppy and short now and it is taking forever to grow.   I think that the best solution for me now is hair extensions.  I have never had them before and my hair is about shoulder length now.  Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go in Portland for Extensions?

Thank you for your help! 
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Dear Damn Portlanders,

I need a personal sized fire resistant safe large enough to store some documents and some ... hardware. Since I'm an apartment dweller I will not be bolting it to the floor, but I want it to be not too light to easily steal as a whole and not too heavy to prevent me from moving it around, and I want it to have a MECHANICAL combination lock which, if it has a key component (I'd prefer not), does not use a tubular key. Because digital locks on safes like this are stupid. The safe should have a 1 hour fire resistance rating, ideally.

Where might I find such a beast locally?
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Games, Beer, Friends, Food...

Game night tomorrow night!

Single and in your 20s or 30s? Come hang out at the Lucky Lab Brewery at 1945 NW Quimby. The PDXers meet on the first and third Wednesdays of every month and tomorrow night is the next one. We play a variety of games (think Uno, Apples to Apples, Bullshit, pretty much what everyone wants to bring) and chill with some beers and food. The group meets at about 700pm and we're there until at least 1000 or so. If you'd like to find out a little more; check out the Myspace page at Hope to see you there!