March 17th, 2008


Another "Where can I find..." post.

I'm looking for some marzipan. And by this, I mean the confection, not the character on

Where in Portland can I find some good, high-quality, chocolate-covered marzipan. I've seen it at See's Candy, but that's just not cutting it. I need something better. Something higher-quality.

Bonus points if this place also sells little fruit-shaped pieces.

Suggestions thus far:

- Martinotti's Cafe (404 SW 10th)
- Wild Sweets (Saturday Market)
- Tanya's European Deli
- World Market
- Edelweiss over on Powell and 12th

Give that gull a Guinness!

This morning in downtown Portland I saw a large seagull flapping down the middle of the street, just a few meters in the air. At first I thought it had a piece of newspaper in its beak, but when it got closer I saw it had a large slice of pizza. The gull took a left at the intersection and headed toward Waterfront Park.

So what are YOU doing for St. Patrick's Day? susieredshoes and I are just having dinner at home...but with Guinness.

Peanut-Free Chocolate?

The earlier post re: marzipan got me thinking...

Does anyone know of a local candy shop or chocolatier (or even a bakery) that's peanut allergy-friendly? I haven't been able to find one yet, but that doesn't mean it's not out there...

-Either doesn't cook with peanuts or uses dedicated equiptment and packaging
-Uses non-coprocessed ingredients in their chocolates (or clearly distinguishes between ones that are coprocessed and ones that aren't)
-Doesn't have peanuts / peanut products in their shop / display area
sad & beautiful world

Aw, man.

I was very sad to learn today that today is not, in fact St. Patrick's Day.

Stupid Churches.


After attending a Hooked on Novick event this eve, I'd like to find a place to celebrate the lack of today being what I thought today was.

You know, someplace that won't force me to have a Guiness but will blast The Pogues all night.

Or heck, live music works too. Any suggestions?
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Smallpressapalooza at Powell's Thursday

Never give up the fight for truly independent literature!

From the Powell's site:
Our vibrant writing community has long been powered by various DIY reading series, zinesters, upstart printing companies, the Independent Publishing Resource Center, and cultural hubs like Reading Frenzy. Help us celebrate this unique culture during Small Press Month. This special five-hour event will feature 15-minute readings by 15 of the most exciting small press voices in Portland.

Reading Schedule
(Don't be late! Times are exact.)

5:00 Tom Blood
5:15 Geronimo Tagatac
5:30 Mary Rechner
6:00 Keith Rosson
6:15 Kristopher Young
6:30 Kimberly Warner-Cohen
7:00 Kate Lopresti
7:15 Alex Wrekk
7:30 Erica Schreiner
8:00 Lidia Yuknavitch
8:15 Tiffany Edwards
8:30 Steve Katz
9:00 Jeremy Robert Johnson
9:15 Mykle Hansen
9:30 Carlton Mellick III

Thursday, March 20th @ 5:00pm

I'm posting this because I'll be reading at 6:30 from my novel Sex, Blood and Rock'n'Roll, about a dominatrix turned serial killer. Even if that isn't your bag, these kinds of events are always fun. Never know if you'll hear your new fav author.
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Misc. & Sundry

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope everyone is having green beer or at least some Irish Car Bombs. Celebrate!

Also, I have some questions, if y'all would be kind enough to answer. I'm a Portland native but I haven't been back for two years, and I'm flying in on Wednesday!

1) Is there anywhere cheap yet reputable (I'm thinking maybe students here?) to get my hair done? I really wanted to get some extensions for my wedding next month, but the best place down here runs $400-$600 for extensions...and while they last for six months and all, that's a bit hefty. My hair is about chin length, I'd like it to be about shoulder length. Maybe a teensy bit longer in the back. I also desperately need coloring and maybe a trim.

2) Has anyone ever been to Dixie's? With all the talk about Dixie Mattress Company on here a few days ago, I was reminded that the place opened up while I was still living there, but I wasn't 21. My Bachelorette Party is on Friday and I was thinking it might be fun(ny), seeing as I'm living and getting married in the south and all, to stop by. Is there a cover? Was the atmosphere fun? Do they have any good specialty drinks?

3) I'm sure you can get it just about anywhere, but any recommendations for a great place that has Black Butte Porter on tap? (once again, I haven't been to Portland as a person of legal drinking age) I want to get a pint and then call my mom and gloat. We love this beer, but it's unavailable here!

Thanks as always!
stop it


• Portland Community College - PCC Cascade Campus, 705 N. Killingsworth St., currently is locked down due to reported gunshots fired in the vicinity. The shots reportedly were fired around 4:10 p.m. Alert Posted: Mon. 17th, 04:20 PM

• Portland Community College - PCC Cascade Campus, 705 N. Killingsworth St., was locked down for about 15 minutes this afternoon, due to reported gunshots fired in the vicinity. The shots reportedly were fired around 4:10 p.m. and, at the advice of Portland Police, the lockdown was terminated at approximately 4:28 p.m. UPDATE Alert Posted: Mon. 17th, 04:29 PM


Hey all

I'm gitten' hitched in May and we're going w/cupcakes instead of a more traditional cake. SO where do you recomend? We tried Cupcake Jones (super yummy....carrotcake to die for!!) And we're also going to try St. Cupcake, and the Bakery Bar.

Any other ideas? OR are any of you super crafty when it comes to baking and deccorating. Anyone can make a cupcake (I make them often) but I'm looking for something a litte.....more.

Thank you!!!

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best bike route from se 151st & powell to rosa parks way & MLK.

yahoo maps isn't vegan and turns right over bike boxes, therefore says to take sandy, killingsworth and lombard but that's kind of scary, especially in the poor light. i don't know the bike routes up there at all.
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fashion design

Free Credit Reports for Business?

I know at, the govt allows you one free credit report a year.

What about for business? Are you also allowed one free credit report a year for a business and, if so, where do you go for it? The site above onyl allows you to input a first and last name, not a business name.....