March 16th, 2008



I just thought I'd spread the word that Safeway is having a promotion where if you get $30 worth of select frozen food (the majority of the frozen food there is included), you get 2 free movie tickets (valid at Regal and some others).  If you already buy frozen food, it's a pretty sweet deal and the movie tickets are totally legit without any restrictions.  Just thought someone might be interested.
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Fed Up- I mean Fed Ex

SO not worth it.

I've had bad luck with mail in general, lately. Especially to and from Portland. Is Portland a black hole, or something?

I had meant to pack an extra set of glides for my walker. The ones on it were a little worn. Of course I forgot. Not long after getting to the hotel, the ski broke off of one, so all I had was the rubber crutch tip. It's always the left one that breaks off... Called my mom and she sent another pair, FedEx Overnight Express on Monday morning. I would've tried to buy a pair, but these glide skis are notoriously hard to find.

Monday, I switched them around and headed downtown. Heading back to the hotel, I noticed a horrible scraping sound. Looked down and saw that my left ski was completely gone. Not broken, just gone.

Tuesday delivery time came and went. I had to have my mom call FedEX. Somehow they'd gotten on the wrong plane. FedEX attempted delivery on Wednesday, but I was not there to accept them. Watched a movie to kill a few hours until my dad and I could pick them up. We didn't make it. He tried the next morning, but they were on a truck. Never got delivered that day either. I figured that I might have them by the time I went home. Of course, my mom couldn't get her money back until they were delivered.... Waited a few hours, 'til I thought they must be off the truck, then had to get my dad to take me to pick them up. FINALLY got them, and put them on in the parking lot.
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this is sort of a long shot, but

I'm writing a paper about the cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez, but I've lost/totally mislaid one of the comics I was planning to use in my paper/slideshow. The comic I want is Luba's Comics and Stories #7 ("Fritz After Dark"). Do any of you have one? Could I buy or borrow it? Or would you be willing to scan in this one page that I'm writing about?

found it, thanks anyway
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A Query to DPers

A friend and I were talking the other day (after reading an article in some guy's magazine) about how it seems guys are more likely to do some "manscaping" below their belt than they used to. I was curious to see what a sample of DPers personally went with. Everyone can vote, but no one will see your answer. Feel free to expand on the "other" if you want.

If you're a guy:

The Hair Down There?


If you're a girl:

The Hair Down There?

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Fire!! And shitty drivers.

Does anyone know what was up with the GIANT FIRE that was engulfing a large house/apartment building off of the I-5 South on-ramp from Naito Parkway? Seriously I've never seen a fire that huge before... flames had to be at least 10 feet and I couldn't even see any fire trucks (although I'm guessing this was either when it first happened or they were on the other side). This was at about 10:30. I didn't see anything on local news sites.

On another note... as I was driving down Naito towards I-5, this douchey looking guy in a beat up Acura sports car proceeded to completely cut me off unnecessarily so he could then in turn cut off the other car next to me to weave through both of us, being an asshole in the process. I found it quite amusing when in his frenzy of trucker-hat-wearing glory, he sped in front of the other guy to get on I-5 and did practically an e-brake turn...

Except oh shit!! He went the WRONG WAY and instead turned into the off-ramp coming from I-5 with a giant DO NOT ENTER sign. It was pretty funny watching him come to a screeching halt, then sheepishly try to turn around before any oncoming traffic obliterated him. lulz.

I hope everyone involved with the fire are okay. : /