March 15th, 2008

Patchouli Oil

Damn hippies!

A simple question tonight: How do all those damn hippies get everyrthing they own to smell like patchouli oil? I think I'm the only non-hippie who likes the smell of it. Any ideas? Anyone ... anyone ... Beuller ... Beuller?
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get outta my face

(no subject)

Ok,Help needed,most def.

My womanfriend and I are both born and bred in the bible belt and get that cravin' fer a bit of good 'ol down home southern type a' cookin' every now and again.More specific,my womanfriend gets pregnant woman type a' cravin's fer the "WAFFLE HOUSE" (those of you from the SE part of the country can probably appreciate the trashiness in this,if anything) and were wondering,is there anywhere 'round these here parts that,in any way,resemble the good 'ol WH?

We gots ourselves a car and can travel purdy far.
Please let us know yer recomendations,frien's.
Eric fangy


Did anyone see Rufus Wainwright at the Newmark last night? If so... he was amazing. I hope one of you was the person taking pictures of him on their little digi cam from one of the front rows. If so... hook a brotha up.

But seriously... he was just great! It was so cool seeing him do a solo show... just him and a piano/guitar.

He talked about Portland a lot... apparently he bought some clogs here! And saw heroin addicts throwing suitcases of clothes out the window of an apartment over Jake's Famous Crawfish? Go figure.
Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

consumer alert

My wife and I had a thoroughly crappy experience last night at Bangkok Corner, over on SW Macadam across the street from OPB, which I was only aware of because of the Clipper Magazine I got in the mail.

My halibut in orange basil sauce was essentially fish sticks in Tang syrup. When the server brought our food to the table, he asked us whether we knew which dish was which. The vegetables were very clearly of the Flav-R-Pac variety (including squishy shriveled peas). And, to make matters worse, my wife's chicken curry dish came, inexplicably (and with no indication on the menu), with mussels and scallops. If someone had been allergic to shellfish and this happened? They'd have been screwed. We went along with it, and thank goodness we had at least the Clipper Magazine coupon to mitigate some of the (over) price.

Do not be enticed! Throw your coupon away. Bangkok Corner could not Thai food their way out of a paper bag.
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political bit in this post

Anybody know if there's a local outlet where I can purchase Obamagear? A place where I can pick up materiel w/o having to go thru the massively back-ordered official campaign site?

I just needs me a sticker and a yardsign.

And maybe one of these, just fer giggles:

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Do any of you know of a sports bar or other establishment that will be playing (or would be willing to play) the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix tonight?

(Edit: It's on the Speed channel at 9pm)
& Daggers!
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(no subject)

PIZZA PLACE. Cannot remember the name, and it shames me! Used to go there all the time as a kid.

Laurelhurst 'hood. Right by Music Millennium, Black Hole, Joan D'Arc statue that was tackily re-gold-leafed, the church that hosts the Greek fest...? You know, you can use tons of Crayolas to mark on the butcher paper and pizza boxes!

I keep thinking Flying Pie, but I'm almost positive that's the place over in Montavilla that uses waaay too much meat.

How hard can it be to find the delicious veggie calzone of my youth? :(


So. The escape key on my keyboard is brokened.

I can only assume, if I need to use the ESC key, there is no way around it aside from a new keyboard?
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Once again - special needs haircut?

Hey all,
I have a slew of "haircut place" posts saved.  What I'm looking for is a place that isn't overly expensive and has a hairdresser who's reliably good with "ethnic" (black) hair, particularly short cuts (I'm not looking for someone to give me a weave).  

New Years

Alternative/Funky Salons?

My friend Chris is planning on moving to Portland, and he'd love to know of any hair salons that are known in the PDX area for their alternitive feel (be it the customers or the beauticians).

Can anyone vouch for some salons in Porland? Reviews?

Pug in wig

Husky or Maltese Whatever

Has anyone ever eaten at Husky or Maltese Whatever in SE, near Woodstock?

I drive by it every day on my way home from work and just now read about it. Even knowing the history behind it, I don't think I've got the guts to give it a shot. Much like The Trap.

laptop issues

I think I remember someone recommending Belmont computers for laptop repair, so I will likely be making a visit there soon.  But, first, I thought I'd see if any of you computer knowledgeable folks might be able to tell me if I'm overlooking something super simple.  The basic issue is that my laptop keeps turning off - I generally can't be on it for more than 15 minutes before it doing this.  It doesn't matter what I'm doing on the computer, it seems.  It makes a sound (a short, static-y sound) and then the screen turns black.  It tries to restart and cycles through the initial start screen repeatedly, never finishing the start-up before restarting itself.  It eventually completely shuts down.  It generally won't let me go all the way through the start-up process and working again until I leave it off for an hour or so.  Googling about this has led me to think that it may be an overheating issue, but I really don't know about this stuff.  Could I save myself a trip to the repair shop somehow?  Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

psych med prescribers

Oops - I accidentally ran out of a mental health medication that I'm on and am leaving town early Monday.  I'm not optimistic, but I wanted to see if anyone knew of anywhere I could just get a script tomorrow (yes, that would be a Sunday).  I don't have a regular doctor so can't just call for a refill - I just thought I had another month of meds and had some time to find a provider here.  Do urgent care centers prescribe psych meds (I don't really have proof that I've been prescribed it since I've always gotten free samples, but it's not a med that people abuse)?  I only need someone to write a script for a month to cover me until I find someone for the long haul.  Thanks in advance.