March 14th, 2008

mein Cartman

some fucking accountability

Dear Damn Portlanders,

Please enjoy this web site which has already survived one serious censorship attempt and is now back up and running. The Portland section is indeed populated with bacon waiting to be rated.

GoDaddy Silences Police-Watchdog Site

A new web service that lets users rate and comment on the uniformed police officers in their community is scrambling to restore service Tuesday, after hosting company GoDaddy unceremonious pulled-the-plug on the site in the wake of outrage from criticism-leery cops.

Visitors to on Tuesday were redirected to a GoDaddy page reading, "Oops!!!", which urged the site owner to contact GoDaddy to find out why the company pulled the plug.

RateMyCop founder Gino Sesto says he was given no notice of the suspension. When he called GoDaddy, the company told him that he'd been shut down for "suspicious activity."

More at
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Rainy Day

Because I feel like ranting

(and proctrastinating writing my thesis)

I have a child - age 6 - who is very precocious and can be quite energetic. I love kids and plan on having more some day.

That said.

When I'm sitting in a completely serene and quiet coffee shop trying to hammer out my (long overdue) introduction and research proposal while my angelic boyfriend watches said child at home, it thoroughly SUCKS to have two suburbanite moms bring their pride and joys (all 4) running through the coffee shop to bang on the piano and then sit RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. ME.

This is a huge coffee shop by comparison to most - and there are several other nooks and crannies to choose from with glorious games and chairs for 4.

Why must they choose the area right in front of me and smile gaily at me as if I am sitting smelling roses and not trying to THINK.

Thus ensues a mental battle of "it's a free coffee shop world and anyone can choose to sit where they like" vs. "coffee shops are no place for children".

I moved. But it still irked me.

Thus begins your daily Pet Peeve post. What peeves you?
bruce lee
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Any eagle-eyed commuters? PLEASE help!

So, here's the story:

My S.O. was driving on I-5 South around 9:45am this morning, coming up on the exit to I-405. An RV on his right began to merge into his lane, so he honked and slowed down, but the RV kept coming, so he was forced to brake hard. The RV kept going without stopping, but my S.O. was hit by another vehicle while trying to avoid the RV.

The suck part? Even though everyone agrees that the RV caused the accident, my S.O. is currently considered to be the one at fault, because the RV wasn't struck and didn't stop. We have no information on the RV, so the insurance company can't pursue them for the damages.

If anyone out there saw this happen, PLEASE let me know any information you might have. A license plate number, anything at all... we would be eternally grateful for your help!

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: The car broke loose and spun because he had to brake hard, so he wasn't really rear-ended.

And duh, a description of our car might help: it's a dark blue 2004 Toyota Corolla CE, with a bike rack on the back, and a Ron Paul 2008 bumpersticker on the left rear bumper. (please, no political snarking; today has been shitty enough as it is.)

any hoopers need a travel hoop?

i have a brand new, still-in-box, spiral (turquoise and silver) hoopnotica travel hoop up for sale - $40 cash.

i'm in sw portland/beaverton/tigard (yes, seriously all three - i'm in the bermuda triangle of doom!) - i'm happy to meet you somewhere so you can pick it up, depending on where that is.

any takers? :D
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fairy dust

Leasing Agent position opening

Hi DPers,

My company is hiring for a full-time Leasing Agent position. We are seeking someone outgoing with related experience and who has good communication skills. Saturdays will be required(no Sundays.) The position requires a car + insurance (lots of driving), and knowledge of the Metro area (or at least good navigational skills) are a must.
The office is located in the Hollywood District.

Here's a link to the CL posting:

I will not be able to answer any questions over LJ but definitely respond to the ad if you would like more information.

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go have fun with your family today at 3!

The Village Free School is having a family-friendly fundraising event today, donation requested at door- you choose how much. Show up at the Bagdad Theatre at 3:00pm to enjoy Hoola Hoopin, Fiddle Playin, Bubbles, Face Paining, and Professor Banjo.
Celebrate with friends. Get free popcorn :-) Enjoy food and drink from McMenamins. Listen to musical performers Adam + Kris, Calynco, and more. Buy a raffle ticket or ten. Be in a all-ages Spelling Bee. Make some new friends. We're a fun crowd, come pay a visit.
The party's over at 5pm. All ages are welcome.

Bagdad Theater
1520 SE 37th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Random Food Adventures!

So my husband and I have been trying one new random food that we come across every week. For the most part the results have been a success!

I hate wasting things, and there's no way in hell I'm eating the jar of Pickled Pigs Feet by themselves.. so I come to you, oh wise people of Portland (who very few of you even eat processed food ha) What is your favorite way to eat this stuff?  I can see it tasting good SOMEHOW, I just can't extract it's delightfulness on my own.

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Good, cheap auto repair?

I guess this is part two of the sad story of my car, but:

Anybody have a good personal recommendation for auto repair? The car still runs fine, but has sustained some damage to the body.

This is the first car that I've owned, so I want to treat it as well as I can. <3 I'm not made of money, though, so somebody who's reputable and won't try to scalp me for all my money would be great.

(no subject)

Are there any Now Ruz celebrations going on that the Baha'i center is not sponsoring? I just want to share in the joys of Now Ruz with other non-religious people, perhaps with some sholeh zard and a little kabob, hopefully at a place with a haft sin.  For all of you celebrating it, it may be early but Now Ruz mobarak.

Edit: I recalled that last year PSU did something and found the current flyer. Huzzah! There's a celebration of the Iranian New Year (Now Ruz) on Sat. March 29 from 7:30-11:30 at PSU's Smith Building Room with food and all sorts of good stuff. Thanks!
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Well, it is my last day here.... and here I am at the library. Hate to leave so soon, but I'll be back in a week for my birthday.

Ridden the streetcar and the bus. Check.
Get lost... More than once. Check. (Met lots of friendly people whose names I don't know. Must get a better sense of direction.)
Buy books at Powell's. Check.

On my last trip, I meant to go to the Japanese Garden, but never got a chance. Went to the Chinese Garden today, and had tea. pictures when I get home. I got some nice ones. Even one of me!

I need to make some friends here. Whose names I know. People to hang ouut with next time.
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Temporary housing question

My friend's lease is coming up and his housemates are moving away so he can't renew it by himself. He has an offer to start a new household with some friends once their lease is up, but that won't be until late May and he has to be out of his place by early April. Is there any way for him to find a small, cheap place to rent on that kind of timeframe (6 or 7 weeks)?

Thanks! ♥
wtf bootie

yes, i'd like to backorder the interrogation room for little Haydenne's birthday

wtf Playmobil Security Check Point (for ages 4-7)

Customers Who Bought Items Like This Also Bought:

* Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought by L. Ron Hubbard
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* Clear Body, Clear Mind: The Effective Puri... by L. Ron Hubbard
* What Is Scientology? by L. Ron Hubbard
* Scientology: A New Slant On Life by L. Ron Hubbard
* Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science by L. Ron Hubbard
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found a phone!

last night some time after midnight i found a moto razr in the street between tugboat brewing and mary's club. it was raining really hard so i made sure to pick it up and dry it off. i took it home and went through the phone book to try to figure out who to call to find the owner (i decided on the "mom" entry) but didn't want to call then because it was pretty late.

so i woke up this morning and the phone is dead, i assume because of the battery since it totally worked last night (hopefully it is not delayed water damage). so my question is, what is the best way to get this phone back to the owner? it's a verizon phone, should i go to a verizon store? are they the best people to get it back to the owner? i guess i could also post something on craigslist, but would that just be pointless?

Found Dogs Update

So we posted pretty much everywhere.  And the morning of day 3, we got a call...from a man who said he was pretty sure the dogs were his son's.  19 year old, one of his housemates didn't latch the gate properly.  Fine.  He wanted us to call the son.  Um, okay.  (Why isn't the son calling us?  Why isn't he giving the son our number and having him call us?)
So I called and left a message.  No reply that day.
To be honest, I feel like there's a chance the message didn't go through - ten seconds into leaving a voicemail I was interrupted by the automated voice saying, "If you are satisfied with your message, press one..."  But I pressed three to erase and re-record my message, recorded a message uninterrupted, and hung up.  (Did I need to press pound to accept my new message or one to send in with regular delivery?)
Anyway, today I leave another message.  Still no call back.
What up?  I don't want these dogshanging out in my yard forever.  For one thing, they need more attention and love than any of us have to give to them.  For another, I was letting them into the garage a little so they wouldn't be outside all the time, in the rain, when it's cold, but they started marking things in my garage and that's not cool.  Plus the pug figured out today he could squeeze out of the yard by the gate and I have it barricaded with trash barrels now but there's only so long that'll probably last.  I'm all for reuniting these pooches with their loving owner and all this point, I guess I'm still waiting but I'm wondering if this guy really wants his dogs or what.
Tomorrow I think we're calling the dad, though that seems pretty lame.  If we still have the dogs by Monday though, I'm thinking the shelter.  I never set out to run a doggie daycare center.