March 13th, 2008


No more LJ basic accounts.

Apparently there was a stealth nerf to new LJ users last night. Also check this official response out.
"Basic Account is an option available to accounts which were created before March 12, 2008. No account created after this date can be turned into a Basic Account."
I haven't tried it yet, but apparently when you try to create a new LJ account, your options are either an ad-riddled LJ (they call it "ad-supported") or a paid account. Sounds like whoever owns LJ this week is trying to generate some revenue.

Of course, this doesn't affect any of us, but I'm sure this will discourage new users.

Bought furniture from Ikea?

Hi Everyone,
I brokedown finally and visited Ikea last weekend as I have been on the search for a new sleeper sofa couch. I like their furntiure but wonder how it really holds up long term...(3-5 years later)
Have you bought furniture from Ikea? How has it held up years later? I have 2 big dogs that are allowed on the furniture so I need furniture that needs slipcovers that can be washed. (hence Ikea) Any suggestions are appreciated.

70th and division?

I posted last week about my husband and I moving to Portland and got a lot of great responses. Thanks!

We got here Sunday and we've already looked at close to 25 houses all over Portland, but mainly in the SE area and north Portland. After exploring each neighborhood we really feel that SE is just more our vibe.

We found this house we like A LOT that's at SE 70th and Division. What's the opinion on this area? I know it's a little far out and the commute will suck for my husband, but we still like it. Is it a bad neighborhood, really far out or is there something else I don't know. I love the fact that the elementary has a Spanish immersion program and that we're 5 minutes from Hawthorne.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Last Night's Gogol Bordello Concert

OK, it is the morning after and I am having a hard time trying to do anything.

That was, I must say, the best concert I have ever been to and at the same time the worst. The opening act, being Skindred, was fantastic with lots of moshing and creative use of audience commands (like "Turn around! Turn the fuck around and dance! Don't look at me turn around and do NOT face the stage and get those bodies and booties movin'!").

Gogol though, was.... Egads it was great. The band was fantastic but as soon as they started to play suddenly everyone in the front half of the theatre was more sardined than they already were. I was suddenly squished and twisted and my hair was getting pulled and there was no room to do anything, nothing to see, and everyone was suddenly ELBOWS fucking EVERYWHERE! I also had a scare where I thought I broke a toe.

In the end, the toe was not broken, but I am very sore all over and my arms are about to fall off. What a great concert, I just could have done without the hair pulling and sardines.

I LOVE YOU GOGOL!!! But some of your fans are too tall, too smelly, and we were all WAY too close to each other.

Congrats to any and all survivors of that concert and I will see you at the next one!
dripping hair


Ok I need info

So I come to you oh wise DPers...

I can't get anyone at the Gorge amp to pick up a phone nor return an email so..I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about the PREMIER CAMPING situation for the Sasquatch festival in May:

Can you request 2 sites adjacent to one another or is it first come, first serve?
How big is the camping site?
How many tents can fit on it? Is there a tent limit?
Can we park a second car at the site?
Do we need a second parking pass for a second car?
If so, which pass would we buy?

I've been to the festival before but stayed in the field...we're moving up :)

Also feel free to leave a comment if you're going to the Squatch...spanks!
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So who's goin with me!?

Some of you may know that this weekend is the Brides of March. i have decided that my posh opinion of myself and general ego needs a little deflating of late and felt this would be the best cure. i have succeeded in the greatest hurdle of this endeavor, finding a dress that would fit my large man-frame. the only thing left is the public humiliation and abuse to my liver (which i am worried about more).

so who here is panning on going? are you going to follow the group fairly closely or stray from the pack? i'm going with some of my lovely Rose City Roller lady-friends and i was wonder who else is up to share a little ridicule and binge drinking.
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Life of the party

Upcoming show!

A friend of mine pointed out to me that I hadn't announced this (my show! I'm throwing it! Well, with help from a lot of good people. :) ) yet here:

So yeah, come to the show! Email me for presales.

(Damn, those pics came out small. all the info is here: )
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Seamstress Needed

I am looking for a seamstress to design and construct some specialized period pieces of a pagan/occult bent.

Must be accomplished and able to work with specialized fabrics, such as high-end silks, linens, and light wools.

Oh wise Oracle of the 'Net - any recommendations?
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While at work today I was talking to a co-worker and we were having a conversation about children and things they seem to find. Well apparently one of her children accidentally found her husband's pipe in their garage... she was mortified considering they're raising their children to be "good" jehovah's (sp?) witnesses. That being said, if you as parents, children sibiling or what have you, walked into your parents room what would you rather find: drug paraphenaila or porno.

(Her oldest found a porno in their room on accident too...)

Me... I think I would have to say porno.
& Daggers!
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Cheap drugs!

A resource of which I don't think many people know:

OPDP: Oregon Prescription Drug Program. Get a huge discount on your prescriptions.
Eligible Individuals: An Oregon resident and uninsured or under-insured for prescription drug coverage.

Used in tandem with Wellpartner (accepts most insurance [OPDP!], cuts out middleman cost by ordering directly from manufacturer vs. paying pharmacy services). My $100/mo. RX turned into $160/3mos.

Both services are free, efficient, and especially helpful to those of us who have long-term prescriptions that are costly.

...boring DP post. Ermmmm...

Who is the hottest DPer and why?!~~~~1111

PSA: Bike Boxes Coming Soon

The Portland Office of Transportation will be marking select intersections within the city with green bike boxes in the next few weeks. These areas are designed to prevent collisions between bicyclists and motorists. Please visit the Office of Transportation website for further information including:

  • Improving Bicycle Safety in Portland, a comprehensive review of bike safety challenges in the city
  • Get Behind It - The Bike Box (downloadable brochure)
  • How to Use a Bike Box video

    I just received this info via a work email and thought it might be of interest here.
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    (no subject)

    I am feeling an overwhelming primal urge to be part of a Red Bull Flugtag team.

    I mean, an overwhelming urge.

    Is anyone else pondering it? I keep thinking of a DP-themed flying machine, but I haven't yet been able to visual "snark" in three-dimensions.
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    (no subject)

    I need a single simple silver crucifix, about two inches tall, for an earring for a costume.

    I thought this would be simple to find but all the crosses I see are either really ornate and sparkly or too small!

    Anyone have an idea of where I might look? Help! My costume needs you!

    Thank you. :)

    When a good day goes bad.

    Suppose you are filled with uncontrollable emotions and want to go somewhere and scream until your throat bleeds... without getting the police called on you, scaring innocents, or attaining other unwanted attention. But still being able to hear your lovely howl echoing off... whatever.

    You know, theoretically. For a friend. Yeah.

    Is there a place where you can do such a thing and have it be understood and simply a primal yell? Where?

    (Organic, TriMet, vegan, lolz, etc. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with the lunchpool. That's great.)
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    does anybody know anything to do tomorrow for going out and celebrating someones birthday?
    that does not involve going to a bar and getting trashed...
    the birthday boy does not drink...
    im not looking for anything romantic nor caffeine related...

    Marionettes, puppets and masks...

    I haven't peeked in at DP for quite awhile, so if someone already posted about this I apologize.

    I was at the Downtown Library the other day and noticed they were setting up this display of marionnette dolls, masks, etc. Probably around the theme of April Fool's, given the timing, but it was really cool. Some of them were really old and had that "creepy-cool" feeling to them. They are amazing and definitely worth going to see.

    Ooh, and Saturday, April 5th from 2-3:30 there is an opening reception that includes refreshments and making your own puppet to take home. *fun*

    Lettermans top 10 on Idiot Spitzer

    (because humor is always pdx related)
    "Messages Left on Eliot Spitzer’s Answering Machine"

    10. “Hey, what’s new?”

    9. “It’s Barack Obama. Remember our conversation about being my running mate? Never mind."

    8. “Ralph Nader here. Glad to hear I’m not the only politician who has to pay for it.”

    7. “Hi, I’m calling from the ‘New York Post.’ Would you rather be known as ‘Disgraced Governor Perv’ or ‘Humiliated Whore Fiend’?”

    6. “This is John McCain. If it makes you feel better, I once got caught having sex with Lincoln’s wife.”

    5. “It’s Dr. Phil. Call me if you need any horse**** advice.”

    4. “This is Sen. Larry Craig. Do you ever go through the Minneapolis airport?”

    3. “It’s Wolf Blitzer. Call me if you ever want a hot Spitzer-Blitzer three-way.”

    2. “Paris Hilton here. I would have done it for free.”

    1. “It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanks, I’m no longer America’s creepiest governor.”


    I'm heading to Bend tomorrow!  I'm only there for one night and one day - what should I do?  Is there anything really cool to check out?   Good food?  Fun things?  Any info would be appreciated!

    thanks in advance

    Lost Dog in SE

    Upon driving home tonight, I spotted a large white fluffy dog wandering around my neighborhood. I tried to walk up to it enough to see if it had a tag, but it ran away from me. Then I drove near it as it wandered around trying to figure out a way to get near it so I could maybe take it to the shelter, but...alas no success.

    It was wandering in the area of SE 39th and Henderson, Flavel, etc. It did look slightly thin, but not skinny by any means. I would guess it maybe a mix of malamute and something else. Definitely had the coloring and fur (though a bit long), but not the curled tail.

    I have no idea what else to do... but I had to let someone know...maybe it is your dog or you live in the area and can figure out a way to get near it?


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    The Right Kind of Doctor

    So I've spent the last half hour going back through the posts and memories, and I can't find it! Not too long ago, someone threw out a rec for a really good sports medicine/physical therapy doctor...and I'd love to find his info again. Or if not that specific doctor, any recommendations for a good one? My knees are three kinds of fucked up, so that's what I'm after. Knee doctor. Stat.
    Thanks, DP!