March 11th, 2008


Tropical Smoothie Cafe

I noticed that there is a newly opened Tropical Smoothie Cafe on the bottom floor of The Civic on 19th and W. Burnside.
I HIGHLY recommend it. I have not been to that location specifically, but there were 10+ locations where I grew up (which I frequented). They have TONS of smoothie flavors (and you can substitute Splenda if you like). I think the prices are comparable to Jamba Juice - each smoothie is $3-$4 or so, but they only come in one size (I think 24 oz).
They also have wraps, and sandwiches which are quite good - but a little on the expensive side.
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a question for the ages

why, great DPers, does east coast coffee suck in comparison to west coast coffee?  no wonder new yorkers are so cranky; they're expected to never sleep, yet they've got crappy brown water to fuel their cynical little souls.  i pity them, truly. 

mmm...looking forward to my morning coffee....

portland related b/c....if you don't know, i'm not going to tell you.
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button modeling anyone?


as a few of you have seen, i make buttons!

I would like to extend an offer to anyone interested, I'd like to simply photograph the buttons on you. The proposed shots wouldn't include your face or anything else distinguishable, only the button, maybe your jacket or shirt.

I can't really afford to pay you, but I was thinking I could pay for lunch, i'd only need 20 minutes at the most, and you can certainly have your pick of buttons :)

please reply if you're interested, would need to be in downtown around pioneer square, powells, goose hollow/PGE park or NW.


(would like to do this tuesday, but would probably need a few people, so other days too)
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Are there any cool t-shirt places online besides Threadless and BustedTees?
Are there any that are cheaper?

I want more cool/ironic shirts before I leave on my 6-week job thing, and also don't have a ton of money.

My complaint with Threadless/BustedTees is that I think spending $20 on a tee-shirt is ludicrous. Also, in my experience, Threadless shirts always shrink, and then don't fit me as well. Not really worth it.

Maybe not quite as tasty as Girl Scout Cookies but......

It's Tuesday, otherwise known as Pizza Day (oh, you didn't know?)

The Pizzicato on NW 23rd and Glisan is sponsoring my daughter Ava's school for a "Dough 4 Dollars" night. This means that her school keeps 20% of today's sales, so we ask you all to come out and eat pizza (or a salad or panini if that's the way you swing.)

Today the 11th of March-lunch and dinner!
Takeout line is 503-242-0023 (mention Emerson)

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I'm not sure why, but people who wear this "DG" stuff tend to be douchebags. Thinking about it, I think that maybe it's where it got the name. DouchebaG.

Major Edit

It's not DG, it's DC. The hat is here. That logo. My apologies. I'm really not all that fashionable.

That and these jackets that look like magazine print. They look so damn stupid. Here an example of that...

That's my fashion rant of the morning. It is a struggle to be in a bad mood today. Life is good.

Mwah, Portland.

oh, the drugs...

Gone are the days of my 19 year old body loving Ecstasy...and I haven't smoked pot in years... so I feel kind of out of the loop.

Someone posted awhile back asking about Salvia. I was reading this today about Salvia. Including "Web sites such as tout the product with images like a waterfall and rainbow and include testimonials like "It might sound far fetched, but I experience immortality."

Ok, seriously how does anyone know what immortality feels like and if you are high as a kite...umm...reality check?

And how legislators are looking to put "Salvia and its extract controlled substances in the same class as marijuana and LSD."

So folks...I really wonder is =any kind of drug= worth the money? Are the highs that great, considering the come down? How much more is a drug enjoyable than, say a couple of beers or cocktails? I get that different drugs make you feel different things...but the side effects? And risk of the drug being tainted or mixed with something else?

This is a general curiosity...

EDIT: Ok maybe i should have said "how much more enjoyable is a narcotic, hallucinogenic or other mind altering substance than that of alcohol"
Street Angel Skates

Got photo skillz? Want snazzy artisan jewelry?

I make and sell metalwork and stained glass jewelry and sculpture--less as a serious income source than in hopes of making it a more self-sustaining hobby.

The catch is that I don't have the photography skills or equiptment to take good digital pictures of my pieces--which I need for both online sales and to assemble a decent 2-D portfolio to send out to stores; nor do I have the money to invest in either the equiptment or the services of a professional photographer.

So, I'm looking for someone who's willing to barter photo services (or just the use of a digital camera with a good macro function) for a couple pieces of jewelry, either ready-made or custom. I'm not expecting to find a pro--a student looking to develop their portfolio would be ideal, but I'll take anyone able to take good photographs of small, shiny, intricate things.

You can see the sort of stuff I make (and my total lack of jewelry photography skills) at my etsy shop; most of these are on the simpler end, just because I haven't been able to get good enough photographs of my more complex pieces.
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Cirque on Sunday?

giapet is looking for someone to go to with her to Cirque tonight.

However, I'm looking to get rid of my ticket for Sunday. Something came up and I can't go after all. It's one ticket for the afternoon show. DPer price is $30 OBO.

The details: Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 1:00 PM, Section 209, Row S, Seat 10. CL posting here.

Post a comment or e-mail me at neva(AT) if you are interested.

UPDATE: Ticket has been sold. w00t!

Lost your Dog?

Two stray dogs, a black lab and a pug, strolling by with no owner in sight, corner of SE 82nd and Reedway.  Both have collars, no tags.  I've got them lured into my back yard which is visible from the street in case owners come walking by, plus I'm kind of keeping an eye (&ear) out front for someone trying to call dogs.  If these are yours or you think you know whose they are, feel free to reply here.  Otherwise, I'm thinking animal control tomorrow when they open. 
When We Were Colored cover

91-year-old blind, African American author talks about her life

My name is Eva Fields and I'm sending this to tell you that my grandma Eva Rutland will be signing books in Portland. Mrs. Rutland wrote a memoir entitled "When We Were Colored, a Mother's Story" that tells her story of being a young black mother raising four children in California during the early days of integration of the 1950s and 1960s. Upbeat and funny, she states in her introduction "I was born in the olden days, when pot was a cooking utensil, webs were for spiders and civil rights were for white folks." She tells stories all mothers can relate to, like taking her four children all under the age of eight to the 5-and-10 (the Five and Dime) three days before Christmas and 5-year-old Ginger having a break down in the store because she spent all her money and forgot to buy her daddy a present. Mrs. Rutland peppers her stories with reminders of the special problems that blacks faced. She ends the Christmas story with a lament about having to walk past Woolworths during the Civil Rights era when the store was being picketed for because they would not serve blacks at their lunch counters in the South. She states "but pass it up I did. This was bigger than my pockets. These young people were bigger than me---and I couldn't let them down."

Eva Rutland is now 91-years-old and blind but she continues to write. She has published over 20 novels and is currently working on her sequel to "When We Were Colored," tentatively entitled "Grandma Troubles." She will be signing books and talking about her life on:
Saturday March 15th, 1:00 PM
Central Library - Multnomah County
801 SW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97205