March 10th, 2008


Movie quotes

I am bored so tell me what's you're favorite movie quote that you've actually used in a real life situation.

A black friend of mine was being considered for a Sheriff position in a local medieval reenactment group and he basically said "I'm not wearing no tin star."
My response was: "Why not? It worked in Blazing Saddles."
Ohh, such a glare I got!
(For those who don't know the reference off the top of their head: it's from Mel Brook's Men In Tights.)


Please specify what the quote is from, and (if you feel like it) what situation(s) you've used it in.
Thanks! :D
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Lego Batman Rain

Portland's Unexplained Mysteries...

 One of the greatest mysteries of all time:  What is going on with the Dixieland Mattress Company?

I've walked by this place for years. Large iron bars over its doors and windows.  The absoutely filthy interior.  I have never seen a single person walk in or inhabit this place.  Yet it exists on perhaps one of the most expensive blocks to lease from in SE Portland.  Is it really a mattress company?  Do they really exchange good and services for monetary compensation?  Why the iron bars?  Are people that deseparate to have a mattress designed by hillbillys that they would smash through the precious glass and haul it from the shop into a waiting vehicle?  This place is better guarded than some jewlery stores and yet all I have been able to determine is that they must sell an awful lot of dust bunnies, because that's all I see when I look into their dirt encrusted windows.

Theories what "Dixie Mattress Co." really is:

Mob front.
Scientology Re-Education Center.
A meals on wheels competitor.
Secret chinese kung-fu compound designed to keep "whitey" out.

Your thoughts on this Portland Unexplained mystery?

van taxis

I need to pick up some furniture I'm buying from craigslist

I've used one of those taxis that are vans and they can fold the seats down and throw your crap in the back before

but what is the cheapest one? which one will pick me up the fastest? please advise

thanks dp

Monday Cheer at the Tugboat

Have you ever been cheered for by an entire room of people?  It's a satisfying experience, let me tell you.

Well, at the Tugboat tonight we're celebrating Monday Cheer -- where everyone who comes through the door get met with a cheer and applause.  Come on down if you like cheering. 
Course, we also boo for people when they leave :)

(added 3/11)
By the way, I didn't say before, but I'm planning on trying to do this every Monday.  So feel free to come next week.  I'll remind you :)

(no subject)

I am looking for two different (yet related) things:

a) A good herb shop in Portland. Bulk herbs, large variety, very knowledgeable staff. Possibly with a pagan twist to it, but not necessary.

b) A good place to purchase essential oils (again, looking for a good variety.) Specifically seeking Nag Champa oil, if possible.

Thanks a lot!
& Daggers!
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The Confederacy of Down-tempo Folk.

I'm not part of his "street team" or whatever, just don't want anyone to miss a genuinely fantastic concert. José González will be playing at the Aladdin on Friday, March 28th. I included some links to his music below to peer (...I always want to type 'Pier', COME ON!) pressure you into going!

Heartbeats (The Knife cover) | Down the Line | Crosses | Futures (w/ Zero 7) PRETTY, MELDY VIDEO! Like a Petri dish on speed! | Teardrop (Massive Attack cover)

cell phone lingo

Yes, I Googled. And I'm still unclear. And I'm probably asking for a snark...

What's the deal with "unlocked" cell phones? Why the hype? How do you know which kind of phone is capable of being transferred to another carrier even if it is unlocked? Can it change?

So for instance, I have Sprint, but I like a phone that Verizon has. Or T-mobile has the same phone but it is cheaper. Why is that? How are the innards different?

Europe did it right. You buy a phone and SIM card and take it to any carrier you want.

I finally found a decent explanation... and basically since I have unlocked phone means nothing.



If you want to know more about slavery, you can always check Wikipedia, which offered this to me:

Wikipedia is NEVER wrong.

in case you miss my point, it says "working at safeway" in there. someone had edited it to say that by chance when i visited it.


I want to highly recommend  Michael Quesnell of “Portland Sports Medicine & Spine Physical Therapy” in SE Portland for anyone with a sports injury or general back/knee/hip etc. injury.

 I got two of my lower vertebrae "stuck together", and I also have a bad case of runners' knee. Michael did an amazing job of fixing my woes, teaching me lots of cool stuff about anatomy and physiology, and helping me to get back into my normal exercise routines quickly and safely. He also sat down with me and helped me to figure out all the mind boggling red tape
that comes with my insurance claim. He's the best PT i've ever seen. Go see him! Unless you're 100% healthy...then that'd be silly and he'd wonder why you were there...

Jury Duty Question...

No, I'm not trying to get out of it. (I actually kind of enjoyed it, the last time I got called.) However, I'm wondering - has anyone done their civic duty at the Multnomah County Courthouse, recently?

My hope is that I'll be able to A) bring my laptop into the jury selection room and B) find a place to plug it in (WiFi would be nice, but I dare not tempt the gods of computer access). If so, I'm that closer to my goal spending the better part of my jury service watching "Lost."
Avocado Moth

Instrument service/repair?

Where, oh where, might one find a person/place that does musical instrument service or repair? I've started playing my flugelhorn again and the first valve is sticking. It hasn't been serviced in quite a while and I'd like to get that valve working again. Closer in would be best, but really any place I can get to on Trimet works. Any tips?
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Here I am

Hi dp'ers! So here I am in Portland. This time, only until Saturday, but I'm coming back for my birthday in a week or so.

I have a hotel room for the moment. Anyway, my plan for tomorrow is to take the trolley to the Pearl District, and kick around there for awhile. During the day. Most Likely I'll spend lots of time in Powell's Are any of you going to be around there tomorrow?

EDIT: BTW, if any of you are in the neighborhood, you'll probably be able to hear me coming a a mile away. Unless I have my new walker skis.
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