March 9th, 2008



COPIED from a friends post.. They still need volunteers (only about 40 people showed up) so if you thought you missed out on your opportunity you didn't.

Volunteers needed Sunday @ 9 AM: PSU Park Blocks
From the organizers:

Iraq Body Count Exhibit @ PSU
Sponsored by Students for Unity
9:00 am SET UP, Sunday March 9th
(meet in front of the library)
There are 124,000 flags within the Iraq Body Count Exhibit. Each white flag represents at least 6 Iraqis killed, and each red flag represents 1 American killed in Iraq as a result of the 2003 invasion. The purpose of the Iraq Body Count Exhibit is to raise awareness of the number of people killed in the Iraq War.
The Iraq Body Count Exhibit has been displayed in Colorado, Oregon, California and Washington. Please go to for more information.

I have some stuff...

I have some stuff I'd like to get rid of.
A papasan chair, and a couple other 70s chairs, one is like a yellow barstool with a back and the other is an orange fabric and wood chair that needs some love but is a cool shape.
All of this for free!
I also have the remains of a vintage store that closed, lots of dresses and accessories (clutches, hats, scarves, belts) that I kind of just want out of my apartment.
Do you know a high school drama club that needs some costumes? Anyone need belts? Purses? I have so much stuff, I am thinking about just putting it outside with a free sign or on craigslist, would anyone want any of this stuff? Want pictures? Let me know, I'm home with a cold but also eager to get this stuff out. PLEAAASEEEE!!!!

OH! Also books!
whimsy cat books
feel better books (self help) (and I'm all self-helped out, but if you just went through a bad breakup or want to learn how to be a sneaky woman...)
art books from different countires (singapore, germany) and monet and other watercolor books too
random novels
lots of books with big pictures that I was going to use for a project but never got around to it!!

I also have japanese fashion magazines that I'm willing to SELL to someone for like $2-$3 a piece.
katanas, 2 different sizes, $15;$20

as I go through my apartment, I'll keep updating this, so stay tuned!!
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I need a poster-er

Can anyone recommend a good postering person? Last opera go-round I used a woman who did a great job. Of course I can't remember her name or find her contact info. I'd love to use her again or I'd use someone new...

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Tickets are now on sale at ticketmaster (sorry) and the pcpa box office... opening night is selling fast.

I'll be at every show, so if anyone from LJ comes be sure and say hello.
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(no subject)

Anyone have a carpet cleaning person or company that they can recommend?  Or tell me to avoid?  Also, if you can remember, can you include the approximate price and square footage?  The room that I need cleaned is roughly 15 x 20. 
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No Citation?

DP'ers, I have a question for you. I live in Saint Johns. Yesterday, at around noon, I was out for a walk. I was at the corner of Saint louis and Seneca, aiting for traffic to clear. A pickup passed me, heading towards the bridge. I started to cross and noticed the pickup make a u-turn so I hurried to finish crossing. The next thing I knew, the truck was coming right at me. I put my hand up, in a futile attempt to get this guy to stop. I was not successful and was struck by the driver. Both he and I estimate that he was going about 20/25 mph when he hit me.
My injuries include a broken left collarbone, a broken large toe that will require surgery to put in pins and ligament damage to my left knee. I am also very sore.

I was crossing at the corner and was under the understanding that traffic is supposed to stop for pedestrians at a corner, even if it is not marked as a crosswalk. We got the incident report and it shows that the guy was not cited.

How is this going to affect how the insurance company deals with this? The driver and I have the same insurance.

Bad question

This is a somewhat silly question but it's in earnest. Call me socially inept (and you'd be on to something) but I don't know how to meet new people. This is probably because I went to Reed College so I spent most of my recent lifetime in a library. But now I don't go to Reed College and even though I've given myself several months to learn the ropes of "real life" things just aren't clicking socially. Are most people hermits and misanthropes living alone with few if any friends? I once read we are "social beings." I have a few roommates, but as they are still in school they're in the trap I was once in: spending god knows how many hours in a library and only occasionally coming out for air. And I think all those hours stowed away in the stacks kept me from getting acquainted with Portland because I was entrenched in Reed. So friends, I ask you, what do people do in this city? How do you meet others? What do people do together? I am human and I seek other humans to interact with.
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Rainy Day

Oxymoron of the day

Insomnia Coffee Company, Hillsboro OR

They close at 6pm during the week, are open till a mere 12am Saturday, and are closed Sundays.

Tell me how they deserve the name Insomnia??

I was so excited to find a good study spot (other than the millions of suburbian Starbucks) in the 'burbs.


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Drugs in yer water!

AP Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water

A vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans, an Associated Press investigation shows.

So, what would a sampling of Portland water show? Voodoo Donut residue? The collected rubber powder from thousands of miles of bike travel?

Could it be that we have VEGAN WATER??????

What do you think you'd find if you analyzed our DamnWater?

ok so...

Here's kind of a random one for ya. Are there any dog-friendly bars in this oh-so-dog-friendly city? There's lots of coffee shops and stuff that will let ya bring yer dog in when you're in there, but I was kinda curious if there were any bars?



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