March 7th, 2008


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I’m fairly accident-prone. This is a fact that is well known by anyone who actually knows me. This is, of course compounded by the fact that my judgement is more often than not, questionable , at best. Add the fact that before we even left from Brooklyn to pdx, we were cursed w/shit luck as far as moving was concerned, it was an entirely uphill battle the whole time.
This is to preface…I’m sure that if you live/bike in pdx, you probably heard/read about the dumb-ass girl who was WASTED and got hit on her bike by, of all things, a drunken motorist, on feb. 8th of 2007. maybe you didn’t. either way, hi, that was me. No, I wasn’t wearing a helmet, yes I realize the idiocy of that. No, I wasn’t wasted, I know this b/c I went out fer a beer w/my boss after work and it was on him, no, I am not in any way justifying anything. Yes, I did have lights fer my bike. The back one, I actually had on my bag and it got ripped off by the truck while we were chillin’. The front one didn’t work w/ my handle bars b/c w/the way they were shaped, it f’ed my hand position up. Yes, I realize that I should’ve tried harder to make it work, or dealt w/the comfort issues. Yes, the motorist was well over twice the legal limit. Also,(and I realize how much this actually makes me look bad) I was ticketed once fer “runnin a red light”,so ever since then I’ve been super anal about the whole thing, I’m pretty sure (we’ll never really know, as I don’t have any recollection of about 2 months of life, including but not limited to, the accident.) that I didn’t “run” anything, besides the fact that I was a super-slow, overly-cautious cyclist.
As some people know, my husband and I started monkey wrench bakery, the vegan, bike delivered cookies that grace people’s,Alberta,ect. We’ve obviously sold that sht* to our friend Stephen.
Many jokes have been made (mostly by myself) that we were trying to move and I just took one fer the team in getting out of Portland. (thanks to my mom,) we are back in ny, and jake was against moving back to the city, so w/mom’s help, we are out in the middle of nowhere in western ny. (Still better than Portland)
I have recovered a lot. Have yet to try to get on a bike again. There’s still some recovery to go.
I’m just thinking about and hoping that all of my bikey friends (in pdx and not) are all doing well and are happy/healthy.
I also realize that this is a really bizarre time to be posting this, but before the accident, I was slowish w/getting things done. Post-accident-now I just have an excuse, so I’ve wanted to post this fer awhile, but haven’t. brain-injury aside, out here, in the middle of nowhere, the internet is the bad, sooooooooooo.
I’m just saying hey. And that I’m alive & doing well. And thanks to everyone who posted well-wishes on different communities. Oh and a giant middle finger to everyone who posted sh*t-talk. Mostly b/c my family had to read that, not me, but also b/c it’s pretty awesome to sit behind a computer screen and judge people &generally be an idiot, at least when I do those things, I do them in public.

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For a variety of reasons, my girlfriend and I decided to move from Portland to a not so nice part of Vancouver last year. We've had no real problems so far, until this morning when we noticed her car was gone. This isn't an "OMG pleez halp us find our car!!1" post, I just wanted to ask about your experiences with car theft. Her car is an extremely common 1996 Honda Accord. Since there was no glass on the street, no noise and it was parked in the light in front of our house - I assume they had keys that allowed them to take it quickly. I'm pretty sure if they had keys for this type of car their business is to strip them out and sell off parts. I'm just not sure why parts from a 12 year old car with 180,000 miles would be worth the risk. Fucking tweakers. At any rate, what do you think the odds of getting it back are? Have you ever had to report a car stolen, and if so are the police helpful? Did your insurance company make it a big hassle to replace?


Happy Friday, DP'ers! I am in the market for a small storage unit - preferably in the SW, anywhere from downtown to Hillsboro, but the main things I am looking for are frugality and security... Also, I am only planning on renting it until July or so. I was wondering if anyone has had excellent experiences with any storage companies. Thanks everyone! And maybe we'll see ya at the Princess Bride show at the Bagdad tonight, I totally want to go!
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Sunshine Liquidators

If you don't already know, Sunshine Liquidators on SE 52nd, near Woodstock is closing. 

From The Bee:
“Sunshine Liquidators” to be displaced in Woodstock. "THE BEE has received the following statement from Goodwill Industries, which bought the building occupied by the popular “Sunshine Liquidators”: “The Portland Planning Commission has approved the use of 6125 S.E. 52nd Avenue, the current site of Sunshine Liquidators, for a future Goodwill retail store. However, Goodwill Industries is not able to provide any further information until the vacancy of Sunshine Liquidators has been completed, which is expected on March 30, 2008.” No comment has been received from the business that Goodwill is apparently displacing."

I was there yesterday and while there was some weird stuff with very old expiration dates...there was actually some decent stuff. I bought a few things...

They have tons of one-off and odd food. But also a bunch of office supplies/pens/paper goods =good for teachers?= And household goods.

When I was there, everything was 40% off.  The official closing day is March 22.

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i just saw a preview for the news (im watching the price is right) and they are talking about a vaccine contributing to a girls autism. i hate these stories because it makes parents paranoid and makes some of them not get their children vaccinated. *sigh*
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Anyone looking to rent a room?

My boyfriend and I recently moved into a 3 story house near NE 11th/Skidmore. A friend of mine moved in with us. After a couple weeks commuting to BattleGround she has decided that the commute to Washington is just to hard. This means we are looking for a roomie.

A little about the house...

3 story house built in 1910
Full Basement (not a living space but great storage and work space)
2 Br (one is occupied by my boyfriend and I)
Big upstairs loft/ workspace (prefer to keep this a shared space)
Bright and cheerful (lots of windows)
Front Porch
Front and side place for gardening/relaxing
Washer and Drier
Hardwood Floors on main floor
Carpeted loft

A little bit about us...
We have been dating almost two years and are excited to have moved into this great house.

Jamie (My boyfriend): Works as a FT computer programmer for a company in St. Johns. He enjoys videogames and board games but also loves being outside/enjoying the sunshine.

Serenity (Me): I am in my Senior year at PSU (Business Major) I love reading, scrapbooking and am really excited about having a place to plant a garden.

Our current roomie has pets (1 cat, 1 dog) and we are sad to see them go. If you have pets we are willing to see how it goes.

Since our roomie chose to leave suddenly we aren't quite sure what the logistics of renting the room are. (Aka whether to charge 1/3 of the rent + utilities or to just charge a flat amount per month) If you are interested in more information (or want to come check out the house) please comment here or.. you can email me.

I look forward to hearing from you

Edit** My email is
There are a couple different ways we could do the "rent thing" so we would like to meet up with people/discuss things. We are not desperate to have someone move in right away and are wanting to make sure that whoever moves in is a "good fit".
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just got paid ... friday niiiiight ... party huntin' ... feeling right

OK cool kids,

A couple of my LA buddies are coming in late tonight, and I'm compiling a list of activities to distract them from how cheap the property is up here because we don't want Califurnyuns amirite???

Can you help with the list? What's happening tonight around town? The quirkier, the better, and it don't have to be free because Californians are made of money and can't quite believe their ears when you tell them there's no sales tax.

Tease and spank you.

Camp Fire too!

Okay, all the Girl Scout cookie posts got me thinking... where can I find me a Camp Fire troupe doing candy sales? I was a Camp Fire girl for 10 years, and I miss those mint patties!
Preferably SE, given gas prices these days... ;)
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Head count : "Princess Bride"

So, who can tell me, by a show of hands, will be at "The Princess Bride" tonight at the BAGDAD...

AND, who of you DP'ers wants to meet for dinner before, and as a group to see the show?


EDIT: Meeting in front of the theater at 9:00pm and then walking somewhere for some eats...
Yoopie + Coffee = Mmmm
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Does anyone know where I can purchase Caffé Vita brand coffee in Portland?

I know some places serve it and I have also ordered coffee from their website, however it would be good to know if anywhere here in town sells it because I usually do not realize how low I am running on coffee until I have made my last cup.

I still obviously like Sleepy Monk brand as well, which is easy to obtain at my favorite coffee shop, Insomnia...however I like to keep both brands around as they both have a great flavor but they are both a bit different.

Thanks in advance =)

and HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!
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Coffee Coffee Coffee

Hey does anyone know any 24 hour coffee shops? My friend is flying in Saturday and she wants to go to a coffee place and stay there until the morning catching up with me.

Something near some form of late night public transit is preferred.

Thanks :)
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I hate shopping

Let me ask you oh-so-wise Damnportlanders something, or maybe you can explain something to me. To give you a little bit of a background, I am on the hunt for a pair of cargo pants. I don't know exactly what I want but I have a good general idea of what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something in black that's made of some nylon-ish waterproof material and keeps one pretty wamr and dry. No, I'm not a duck yet, I'm still a fox.

So I decide to go roam around the massive enclosed retail compounds (read: mall) to maybe run across what I'm looking for or something pretty similar. The first thing I notice in said enclosed retail compunds is that 95% of the stores are geared towards women. Places like Lane Bryant, Forever 21, Deb (whoever in the hell she is), something called The Body Shop (which I thought was a place that one purchased paint and materials to repair a wrecked car), Pacific Sunwear, and so on.

I decide to fall back on some of the old reliable places that at one point in time had men's apparel. Places like Abercrombie and Fitch (which now looks like a restaurant where one must place a reservation to shop there let alone tip the bouncer at the door to enter), American Eagle, Old Navy, and (C)Ross Dress for Less. Sorry, but I am not a GAP Kid and besides I don't have the black American Express card for it either.

I start looking around in the aforementioned places and I see that about 99.8% of these stores are now dedicated to women. The men's section is about a 12 inch space with shirts, shoes, pants, socks, and underwear all crammed in and it's usually in the back of the store between the fitting rooms and the maintenance closet.

WTF? I mean srsly!

Do men not wear clothes anymore? Do men not shop for themselves anymore? How are we supposed to find clothing for ourselves if the entire store is filled with women's apparel? Even if, and that's a big if, I find something I like, it's usually in a size XL to 3XL (as I call Xtra fat and Xtra Xtra Xtra fat respectively). Is there not a size small anymore? Even a size meduim gobbles me up and I'm 5'11" and around 170 pounds.

The Internets is just as bad. Whenever I Google something, I have to put in the search box "-women" and when I hit Go, I get about 20 results and 14 of them are STILL for women!

So I ask you: are there any men's only stores that have semi cool stuff and are not filled with business suits, or clothes that look like everyone wants to go to Hawaii? I just want some cargo pants dammit!

Thank you for your time.


How does someone get from Eugene to Portland tonight?

-called all the rideshare offers on Eugene and Portland craigslist + posted on both
-no more greyhound buses tonight
-no more amtrack busses/trains tonight
       -first buses/trains leave around 4am, but there is no way to get from house to train/bus station so early in the morning.

any ideas?

Portland International Women's Day 2008

This Sunday you can catch performances by the amazing belly dance troupe Urban Berbers, the sassy, clever and beautiful hip-hop duo the Alphabetics, Rock n Roll Camp for Girls grads Blubird and the incredible indie soul phenom Liv Warfield, as well as workshops, retail vendors, local writers (like Ariel Gore of Hip Mama magazine) reading their work and a health fair focusing on women's health issues! The event will be super kid-friendly, so bring your wee ones and dance the day away with them!

Everything will be happening on the third floor of the Smith Student Center at PSU from 2-8pm. Get all your friends and come celebrate with us! We're asking a $3 donation at the door, which is basically the least amount of money you could ever pay for the massive amount of sheer AWESOME heading your way! See you there!

Seriously dudes, this is going to be a rockin event and missing it would only involve sheer foolishness on your part. I know you are not foolish people, my lovelies, so come celebrate International Women's Day with me!

WHERE: 3rd floor Smith Center at PSU
WHEN: Sunday, March 9, 2-8pm
$3 suggested donation
Check out for more information

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Lunch in Old Town

If you were going to Saturday Market and wanted to grab a good lunch in walking distance, where would you go? I never know where to eat when I'm downtown. No House of Louie, please.
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