March 6th, 2008

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Is it ridiculous for me to refuse to work today because my kettle is broken and they aren't hiring someone to come in and fix it, they're doing it themselves?

Even if it's fixed by 2 o'clock, by the time I get there, clean up whatever mess they make, and get started on fudge, I'll be at the zoo past closing, which is very emphatically ~disapproved~ by my family.

(If y'all haven't been by my fudge kitchen, it's not inside the zoo. It's on top of the trimet station. Peachy keen during the day, past 5? Kind of nerve-wracking.)

I feel bad about not working, since we have a new store supervisor (who hates me, lolol) and last week I was deadly sick, so I called in 3 times (while I couldn't move much less prepare FOOD) and now I can't work because the kettle is overheating.

So... am I being dumb? haha I just need to talk to humans.

edit: So, now I'm in trouble for not being able to come in before noon. (Live in Hillsboro, ride Trimet into Portland) I've told them over and over again, that I have to be walking out the door when the store OPENS in order to get there before noon, and they can't seem to get it into their heads! GRR.

portland neighboorhoods

So my husband and I are relocating to Portland on Saturday. We have temporary housing for a month and would like to buy a house within a month or two as the temp housing rent is a little pricey (we only get one month free).

So the Realtor keeps pushing north Portland as the place to buy now because it's really starting to boom and businesses are growing out there. The hubby and I don't know if this true or if the Realtor is just trying to push some of her north Portland homes. Any opinions?

The area we've looked into on our own is Woodstock. We're relocating from Austin, TX and thought (from what we've read online) that Woodstock may have the kind of vibe we're looking for. Laid back, old houses, lots of trees, local shops nearby. Would you agree with this or are we totally wrong (or maybe just a little)?
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"Princess Bride" @ the Bagdad...Friday night

"The Princess Bride" showing tomorrow night at the BAGDAD THEATER on hawthorne ave sponsored by KUFO. 

Addmission is $3.00 and the movie starts at 11pm. Anyone want to get dinner first and then hit up the movie?

By the way, all you fans of the movie, what's your favorite line...?

EDIT: So, by the looks of it...a few are coming along...Anyone have a good idea where to meet before the movie? How about just in front? I'll see if I can't get some "Hello my name is" tags...I'll be out in front of the theatre...NOW, anyone have an idea for eats before hand for those who can make it?
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trying to weasel my way out of jury duty?

So I got a "juror qualification questionnaire" from the "county clerk and clerk of the supreme court." The first thing it says is "The law requires you to complete this questionnaire."

I really don't want to fill it out, cuz i qualify to all their questions, and, although it is my civil duty, i don't really want to serve as a juror.

This is a letter from New York County, sent to my NYC address. I'm registered to vote in new york, but at a completely different address. I'm also registered to vote in Washington County, OR, so I'm first of all curious as to how they found me... but thats a mystery for later. What happens if i don't fill it out? anyone have any insights? thoughts? guesses? can they track me down with dogs and drag me to court, or simply slap me a fine? should i lie and check the NO box next to "can you understand and communicate in the English language?"

In other news... is it bad to be registered to vote in two states?

EDIT: I go back and forth between NY and OR. I really don't know my residence. I'm in NYC for the current few months.
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digital camera advice!

Hi there,
So, I know next to nothing about digital cameras, however! I need a decent one that will take in-focus close-up pictures and was wondering if any of you brilliant DP'ers can tell me what to look for - higher mega pixels? fancy brand? Any info would help.

Thank you so much :-)

edit: and if anyone's selling one, lemme know!
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Looking for a place in St. Johns

I am finally gainfully employed again which means I get to live on my own again.

I am looking for local resources for locating housing in the St. Johns area. I have been cheking out the St. Johns community newspaper, Craigslist, WW and the Oregonian. I am just wondering if there is some awesome resource that I am missing.

Thanks folks!
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Free Short Film Festival Tonight

Today at the Hollywood Theatre from 3pm to Midnight there's a completely free short-film showcase going on, if anyone's looking for something to do.

(Ahem) two of my films are playing in it, but come see whatever! Lots of good films are playing.

The whole event is FREE and between 3 and 6 ("happy hour") so are the drinks! After 6 the drinks are only a buck, so there's no good excuse for not coming and seeing some short films.

Included are films by myself, Katie Rasmussen, Andrew Warnecke, Mick Alderman, Grace Carter, Karl Lind, Jeremiah Scott, Kelley Baker, the Pander Brothers, Vincent Caldoni, DJ Hupp, Wendy Jo Downing and countless others.

On top of all that, there'll be Surprise LIVE Performances, massages from MANA ROCKS, local DJ RNA, and V.I.P. Bags with lots of goodies. I'm as curious as you are what that means!

Remember, drinks ON THE HOUSE from 3pm to 6pm (only $1 for the rest of the night!!!) and FREE admission. More info and a complete schedule at the Late Bloomer Productions website.

See you there.
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I don't remember the exact post or the OP, but I remember the other day someone asking about blossoming trees. There's probably better places, but just fyi, I saw some really pretty pink and white ones on NW 17th and Everett this morning.


Angry ladies and Japanese boys

So, I've had an interesting day so far. I talk to my ex online and hear that his fiancee isn't very happy with me talking to him online.  I don't know what's got her panties in a bunch now as opposed to before, maybe she's just having one of those days or something, but I then got two missed calls from her and a voicemail saying I shouldn't talk to him anymore, and that he cheated on me so why should I be friends with him, and that she won't let me hang out with him. And then ended with a nice "Talk to you later. Bye." WTF? I don't know what's going on with this woman. I've made no moves towards trying to get back together with him and I've probably seen him in person somewhere between half a dozen and a dozen times since he left ME for HER, which was September '06.

And then I get a call from this Japanese exchange student that I'm friends with, with him saying "I want to go eat dinner with you sometime. Are you free on Sunday?" (not his exact words), and I don't really know how to interpret that, since I can't really look at the word to decipher his meaning because he's not fantastic with the language, haha. Is it a date or does he just want to hang out? I don't know!

Portland related because the good stuff (getting asked out to eat) happened in Portland and the ex-boyfriend drama is from back home in WA. :P
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 Hey! I was wondering if anyone knows of any preferably safe and not teeny lockers I could stuff my backpack into around the Pioneer Square area. My friends and I are looking to take the MAX west towards Hillsboro and I don't want to lug my backpack around. On that note, does anyone else know of any cool places off the Max to Hillsboro? Thanks.

Geek Squad Help

My computer printer (Canon MP460) refuses to print or on the few occasions  it does cooperate, it doesn't print everything I ask it to.  I'm thinking of getting someone to come fix it and the first name that came to mind was The Geek Squad, the guys found hanging out at Best Buy.  Has anyone here used them?  If so, how are they?  Do they charge a lot?  Is there someone else you can recommend for printer repair? 

Great Strides walk for Cystic Fibrosis,

I'm creating my own team this year called ROCK AGAINST CF,
Cystic Fibrosis is a Fatal Lung disease that affects 30,000 young americans, Including myself.
And every year they hold a walk called Great Strides, To Raise Money for a cure for this illness.
This year Its being held at Oaks park, May 17th, Check in @ 9 am.
If you are Interested in Donating, Or walking on my team, Please Contact me Via LJ, to get information on how!!!!
And Be sure if you have myspace to add-

Also launching a web site, ( in the making, very bare right now. )

Any help/Donations are very very appreciated. Its going to a great cause.

More information in my journal as well.

Thanks!, meg

moving, yay.

i'm moving.


anyone remember that big used magazine store that used to be on hawthorne? a gigantic vintage home store (i think it may even be called "home") took its place. anyone know where that big used magazine store went? or another place that might be interested in my many, many, many, many issues of magazines such as nylon, elle decor, gourmet, etc.? theyre all in good, sellable condition.

thanks, friends :)

Gem & Mineral Show.

The Oregon Agate and Mineral Society is holding its annual gem show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at OMSI.

There are attractions for all ages, come one, come all, etc.
It's going to be marvelous fun. - i get to facet for hours upon hours upon hours on end, at the demonstration table.

To my understanding, the price is whatever it is to get in at OMSI - they have a Chinese Dinosaur exhibit that is not to be missed, so there are more reasons to go than just the rocks.

Hope to see you there!
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So, I'm wide-awake, filled with restless energy and So frickin bored. I'm tired of all my books and tv shows. All my friends are busy being responsible adults, all asleep in bed. And I always feel too pathetic when I go to a bar by myself. So, dear DPers, what should I do?
What do you do with yourselves on a restless weekday night?

And yes, I know this is begging a snark.