March 5th, 2008

Xmas Socks


Sorry it's a little late, but wanted to remind everyone about game night tonight! If you haven't seen the posts before, PDXers is a group that puts on a game night for the single folk in their 20s and 30s. We meet on the first and third Wednesday of every month for games, food, beer and general hanging out. Game night starts around 7pm and goes until 10pm or so; depending on when everyone takes off. Feel like joining us? Great! We love new people and it's a pretty chill environment. Come meet us at Lucky Lab NW at 1945 NW Quimby, Portland. Hope to see you there! You can check out our Myspace page at for more info.

Looking for a Part-Time or Freelance Production Flash Person

Greetings everyone. I am the Creative Director for a medium sized multimedia company here in Portland. I am currently looking to find a junior person for production Flash timeline animation. The gig will either be in house part time or off site freelance depending on the workload and the candidates skill level. I apologize if this is not appropriate to post here, but, I have been exhausting my resources trying to find someone who fits this position and I am having little luck. So if you, or someone you know fits the criteria please feel free to contact me for specific information about the position and the company. Thanks everyone!

I am not going to give out the company name or information here so please contact me at my personal gmail account:
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Does anyone know of a place to buy lavash or tamarind paste in town?

I'm looking for a good Mediterranean grocery that sells the stuff rather than going to Whole Foods or New Seasons and taking my chances (and paying a huge mark-up in the process).

For those that don't know, lavash is a Mediterranean flat bread, similar in thickness to a tortilla but larger. It's often used for making wraps.

Thank you oodles! :)


At Berbati's Pan on Sunday (SW 3rd Ave at Ankeny) Richard Gage, one of the many architects who don't believe the WTC could've fallen by two planes, is speaking. 6:30 doors, $10. I've heard him speak before, and he's good at what he does (more info about him here:
*I'm not trying to get into an argument about what may or may not have happened, this is purely info*
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help me!

So I'm looking for those really light cotton-y kimonos (ETA: a "yukata" if you want to get technical) that people use for doing like tai chi/qigong. I don't want to order online since its for my bf's birthday which is in a couple days and of course I've been too busy to go shopping until now. : / Anyway... I tried Uwajimaya and didn't find anything... i haven't tried Anzen but those are both primarily grocery stores and was hoping someone knew of maybe a studio that carries them or specialty clothing shop for yoga/tai chi type clothes that would carry similar things.

I was hoping for a kimono/robe but even those fancy pajama-looking sets with the button up tops would work too.

Anybody got some ideas?

another tax question...

I made money from two employers (w-2)... and I started a business where I lost a lot of money. I own the business with a partner, and it is an LLC.

I also paid next to NOTHING in withheld taxes, so I have basically nothing to get back in a refund. If I ignore the business, my taxes owed is $92

Since the business isn't a sole proprietorship, should I even be trying to have personal losses on the business? Perhaps it's more appropriate to have the business take it's own losses (even if they came out of my own pocket) and then pay back those losses (back into my own pocket) in the next few years, and not even call it loss, then income.


EDIT: Those who are yapping about me getting an accountant, read the post. I had ZERO withholdings and still owe only $92. What benefit do I get by placing any losses into the businesses WHEN I DON'T HAVE ANY TAXES TO SAVE ON?

Having a good tax return is all about getting BACK the money that was already withheld. NOTHING IS WITHHELD. And I don't qualify for EIC or College credit because I'm married filing separately.

My income for the YEAR was only $8000, people! which translates to less than $700/month. So there isn't exactly $500 sitting around to pay an accountant with.

(almost) free skiing this Friday

This Friday if you bring 4 cans of food to either Ski Bowl or Timberline, you get a free lift ticket.  That's a pretty good deal!

If anyone wants to carpool, I'm planning to head out from inner SE about 9AM (gotta drop the kid off at school first).
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oh oracles of the damned

Okay, it's question time for me today. Most of these stem from my sister flying back to Oregon to get back on her feet after living in Hell Miami for the last 7 years.

First off, she wants Mexican food. Awesome, greasy, delicious Mexican food. Did I mention she's Vegetarian borderline Vegan? Who doesn't really care to know if they use chicken stock in the rice, but does not want to eat lard-filled beans. So, what is the best Mexican place that does not use lard or has black beans or whole pintos as well? Is there such a place, or should we just be ignorant and enjoy? We grew up in Medford, which is also a hellish place that we would never really want to go back to for extended periods of time, but from my experience the Mexican food is much, much better down there. (Though we are not above a weekend trip for said deliciousness, we'd like to find some here first)

Second, my sister does not have her diploma but was just a credit (or maybe less, it might've just been a .25 credit) short of getting her diploma. But this was a good oh, 7 or 8 years ago. Would she be able to take some sort of make-up class through PCC or something to earn it, or is it too late? Anyone know of programs that might be able to help her get it now, or low-cost/no-cost GED programs? We're going to call down to the high school when she gets here, but I wanted to know if anyone knows of programs or knows someone who has done something similar. I went to an Alternative school program to help me finish my diploma, but the cut off age for that was 21, and she's 26. We're just trying to get her the diploma and/or GED to help her have better job opportunities.

And thirdly, this is mostly for me, anyone know a good accountant? I had three jobs throughout the tax year and have been working as an independent contractor since September as my primary job and am basically scared out of my mind about taxes this year. I've used TurboTax the last two years but I'm pretty sure it's not going to be viable option for me this year. Plus I'll probably need to file an extension. Any personal experiences with nice, patient, friendly accountants who will not charge me an arm and a leg? I'm in SW, but do not mind traveling around town to find one.
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Girl Scout Cookies

Don't know if anyone is still on the lookout for them, but my girls' troop is going to be outside the grocery store in Estacada this afternoon/evening. Yes, it's a bit of a drive for most of you, but they're GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!!

(if you need directions/times/whatever, email me. info on my profile.)

Down at the Pawn Shop....

I have a ring of mine that I would like to get rid of in exchange for some monies. I was thinking of taking it to a pawn shop. I paid about $150 for it 2003. Can anyone tell me around how much they might give me for it? Is it worth it? What are my other options? I need cash asap. Thanks!
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I used this icon in an earlier post in my journal, and someone gently reminded me that I don't have nearly that much hair anymore.

Does anyone know the application used to create icons like this? I can't remember which it was. They were popular a few years ago (when I had more hair).


I'm in Seattle

And although this city is stunning and I am enjoying my visit till Friday. I fuckin' miss Portland. I was walking down 12th avenue today and I saw that Seattle has a Stumptown now. I was happy but also kind of upset. I was like "WHY CAN SEATTLE HAS STUMPTOWN WITHOUT VISITING PDX?!?". Grr. I'll be SO glad to hit up my dive bar and grab a PBR and live it up Portland style upon returning. <3 <3 <3

katu? fuck you!

man, what the fuck is up with portland's abc affiliate not showing jeopardy! in high definition?

katu's digital simulcast just feeds me a 480i upconvert with those stupid channel-logo windowshades! has it been ever thus? in chicago, the greatest game show the world has ever known began arriving in 720p at the onset of season 23, when the j! commenced HD-friendly production. i thought i was just going to be two hours behind my old home when i came out here...not two years!

it took me months to notice this transgression, cos the people i've been staying with since my arrival in PDX had an old-fashioned 1950s television until just a few weeks ago. this is madness!

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oh man.

best thing heard on the bus today. and by best i mean, WTF?!!??!

Numetal Methhead talking on cell phone::

"Dude, ___ told me she was pregnant. Here's hoping for a miscarriage. Could you do me a favor? could you ask her to 'take care of it'?"

seriously. wtf.