March 4th, 2008

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Seeing Angels

Does anyone know what's up with all the angels walking around downtown (Washington/Stark area) this morning? Some are on stilts, all are wearing white with wings. Pretty cool thing to see first thing in the morning, but I'm curious as to what it's all about. I can't ask them, as I'm up a few floors looking down. They seem to be coming out of the ACE hotel.

romantic-esque date

So, I've asked her on a date...but what the eff do we do? I'm thinking there has got to be some pretty lookout spot, or some treehouse, or something cool to do that I'm just not thinking of because of the pressure.

What silly romantic activities do y'all recommend?

TIA yo.

(oh, and I searched the memories to no avail, alas...)

Do you need a P/T to F/T job with flexible hours?

Because the place I work for REALLY needs to make my life easier by hiring a Host/Hostess. The place I work for is Market Decisions Corporation and we put on focus groups (everything from products to mock juries to city policy studies etc and so forth); you would be hosting these focus groups.

You need to look office professional (ie sure I'm a musician with a weird mind but I clean up nice and don't have garbage can lids in my ears or anything like that, tee and hee). You need some basic office skills, or at least competency, you need to be a self motivator (after your training period sometimes you'll be the only person there) and willing to learn. You need to be dependable and you need to have a car.

The job is a mix of office, hosting/catering, a/v (minimal, just recording the groups) and sometimes very random other things. The hours depend on how many groups we have any given week, but can almost always be bolstered if you are willing to work upstairs on the phones recruiting people to come to the focus groups. Hosting schedules are flexible (I should know, I make them) and if you're a student, there generally is a fair amount of downtime for studying or somesuch.

Hours are P/T with potential for F/T. Pay is decent (says a fellow prole) and probably dependent on experience (can be discussed when you speak with HR). Shifts are more often weekday evenings, but sometimes weekdays and/or weekend days.

To inquire about this job:

Email and tell them you're interested in the Focus Group Host/Hostess position.
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stuff for cheap or free!!

I'm purging! Yes, it's make-room-for-the-new-baby time at my house and with a due date of April 12, things are really heating up. anyone need any of these things? Come on down to Crazy Wayne's... my prices are INSANE!!!

dog kennel, for a medium-large dog: $30

futon mattress, with blue coudoroy cover: FREE

motorcycle helmet, black medium in good shape: $20

guitar, Epiphone SG (black): $80

palm sander, hardly used: $10

I have other stuff too, that I can't think of right now :) sorry I have no pix, but feel free to email me offline for more info: wayne -at- moonpatrol -dot/com-


Kitty cat

(no subject)

Howdy! I'm moving to Portland in September (which I am so, so, so super excited about) and I'm going to need to find a few new things and I'm hoping I could get some good references here. I lived in PDX back in 2001-2002, but I'm sure things have changed since then. ;o)

I will need to find a new dentist, gynecologist for those oh-so-fun yearly exams, somewhere to get a depo shot, a good vet, and a good hairstylist (I've got a platinum pixie cut, so any fun, funky hairdressers would be great). Can anyone make any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

I'll officially be moved to PDX in six months and one day, not that I'm counting down or anything! Hopefully I'll make some new friends here.

question about car detailing...

i've saved up some money to get my car detailed... but i've never done it before. how long (on average... i know it varies) will they have to have my car? is it something that takes 2-4 hours, or is it more something that takes a whole day? i'd just clean it myself, but the tan driver's seat is slightly discolored from all my blue jeans, and i can't manage to get it out for the life of me.
also... if anyone's had it done before, is there a place you recommend? i don't care too much where it is, as long as it's in/near the portland area. thanks in advance :)
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(no subject)

Recent mention of DP meetups in a thread about the upcoming Portland Fark party:

"I predict that said FARK gathering will be identical to every Damn Portlanders meetup and hence I see no reason to attend. My apathy toward this gathering combined with my willingness to criticize it demonstrate my true Portlander status."

"Those angsty LiveJournalers probably all get together and drink PBR."

little blue dog


At work, I have a couple of monitors set up side-by-side. I figured out how to make a panoramic shot span the entire width of the monitors, for the desktop background, and now I'm looking for panoramic shots of Portland or scenic places around Oregon.

This is the one I'm using currently, which was apparently taken by a 10th grader named Eric (perhaps a DP'er?). I found it and several others in the Wiki article on Portland.

Anyone have or know of some good panoramic shots of our fair city or state?


I took a geology class back in The Day, and I remember my professor telling us about somewhere near the Columbia River where there's a lava cast** of some kind of ancient megafauna. Do you know where it is? I know there are those tree casts in Oneonta Gorge, but megafauna is significantly cooler.

**by lava cast I mean that the whatever-it-was was hangin' out somewhere and then there was a lava flow and now there is an animal-shaped hole in the rock.

EDIT: It was a rhino! Here is a link with more information. I'm going to go there this summer! Thankyouthankyou.

Look how noble it was:

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Unemployed and need contacts

Does anyone know of an eye doctor that does exams for contacts that is good but inexpensive? I am thinking I can get inexpensive contacts online but it has been so long since I have been to an eye doctor in Portland that I don't know who is good.

Edit -
Ok... I am looking for someplace that does contact exams for $50 or less hopefully. Walmart charges $100 and Americas Best charges $70.
Funny Face

Google Transit

Why won't Google Transit tell me how to get from Portland to Vancouver? Grr . . . it tells me that my search for transit directions is outside their current coverage area. Do they just not have the C-Tran system in the Google system? It's not like they can't find my addresses, as Google Maps will find me driving directions.

Alternatively, anyone wanna drive me into Vancouver Thursday morning? I need to go help Tony the Tiger so he doesn't trip on any children or some such thing. Someone's got to do it.
Push Button For POPSICLES

What do you know?

Has anyone purchased a washer, dryer, or both from Carol's Bargain Barn before?

If you have, how satisfied are you with the machine(s) you purchased?

I am considering purchasing a set from this place, but I am really worried about the fact that they don't offer much of a warranty on their products(usually only 30-90 days, depending on model). I am used to the idea of purchasing a refurbished machine with a 5-year warranty, and I'd like to find a place that offers something similar.

If you can point me in a better direction, please do.

Thank you for your time.
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The Brothers Dutch

Listen up, O Damned Ones. I hereby demand that the friggin' Dutch Bros locate a drive-through somewhere that doesn't require me to trek to Gresham, and/or anything past 122nd/Division, America's Gateway to Gresham.

I'm guessing that their marketing strategy dictates that they stay on the outskirts, but that just ain't fair!
piston honda

word up

howdy, i figured i'd see if there were any more pdx etsy artists in this community.

my shop is

i make shirts and buttons, some of them are pretty freshhh.

Tax Question

So my boyfriends Dad employed a friend of his last year and paid him around $13,000.00. He wants to send him a 1099 but the guy is refusing to give him his Social Security Number because he doesn't want to pay the taxes.

Does anyone know if the bf's dad has any recourse in this situation? If he doesn't send him a 1099 he risks an audit that he's not really in to.
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Bicycle for sale

Hey gang,

I'm getting rid of my old bicycle because I want to get a new mountain bike. It's an Electra Townie 7 cruiser bike. It's a good bike for people who are interested in getting into bicycling and it's really easy to ride. It comes with a rear rack and tubes in the tires that have the Green Slime stuff which seals punctures instantly.

Edit: Already sold, thanks guys!

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do they come in my size?

i have heard tales of when a young warrior seeks knowledge to save his village, he takes a long journey to and speaks with a secluded group of elders, wisdoms, and sages. well i just walked from my livingroom and am in need of only the special brand of snark and witticism that DP can give...

where can a 6'4" guy at about 250lbs that has 54" chest get wedding dress cheep and before the 15th?

i know, i know, this is something that i should have checked the archives for the answer to this simple question. i've already checked 4 different thrift stores and i don't want to spend more then say $100 as it's just gonna get booze and other nefarious liquids on it. even more then all the annals of learning, the vaults of recorded knowledge, libraries of the ages, i know that i can trust DP to give me the answer...

PS.i have found a couple on CL, but maybe some help on translating the above male frame to female sizing index. am i petite 24 or a buxom 18? what do these numbers mean??
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Freeway Etiquette

To the guy in the rusty blue(???) Scirocco on 217:

I know you probably won't see this, but I just wanted to let you know a few things about how to drive on the freeway and not endanger yourself or others. You see, I drive 44+ miles a day crossing both 217, I-5 and 205 and back, so I would consider myself a fairly experienced driver.

When you're in the right lane and looking to switch into the passing lane, please check and make sure there is not another vehicle behind you that is rapidly accelerating in the lane prior to making the lane change. If so, please either wait and let the vehicle pass before your make your change or if your need is pressing, then make the lane change and accelerate to match the speed of the car behind you.

If you do opt for the latter, and still maintain the current speed of the right lane traffic, that is poor freeway etiquette. When you do decide to speed up, pass the car and merge back into the right lane, flipping me off because I ended up tail gating you briefly while I decelerated due to your poor decision, is also poor etiquette.


The Guy in the Blue Mustang
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I'm looking for recommendations for neurologists - specifically for treatment of headaches and migraines. Has anyone had any extremely positive (or negative) experiences with doctors in the area? I will take any suggestions, but bonus points if the doctor is open to alternatives that don't involve sleep-inducing drugs.
Nom nom nom nom

Alas, poor Huckabuck, or, the day Oregon got to choose the President.

So it looks like the dem nomination is not going to be decided today. It's going to roll and roll and roll and, well, I think Oregon will get to choose.

As such, they're going to be coming out and pandering. Think town halls and downtown speeches and home visits.

My suggestion is that we invite them to the monthly meetup. Maybe if we put together enough funds and make a big enough donation, we can do it.

Chances are Obama won't do it; he can't go anywhere that won't fit 14,000 people. Clinton is a little more approachable, but I doubt she'd make it personally either. But we might get their second tiers. I think it'd be awesome if we could get Michelle Obama or Chelsea Clinton to come. Or maybe even a less-involved party, like, say, Bill...

What's your election fantasy?

Falcon puuuuunch!

In light of Super Smash Bros. Brawl finally being released this weekend, my boyfriend has decided to throw a Brawl party for all of his nerdy gaming friends.

Here's where you all come in...

I need a recipe for some kind of punch that is worthy of the name "Falcon Punch". We're figuring that it should be something that kind of punches you in the face as you drink it (figuratively, of course, although literally would be just as awesome).

Also, needs to be non-alcoholic since everyone there will be minors.

Any ideas?
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