March 3rd, 2008


Eyes Wide Open Iraq War Exhibit at Lewis & Clark College MONDAY the 3rd!

Monday the third the Eyes Wide Open Iraq Exhibit will be at Lewis & Clark College campus. This exhibit will be up for a day only so I encourage you to go check it out if at all possible. Set up time starts at 7:30am (volunteers needed), and it'll be taken down at 5pm (volunteers also needed).

Check out the exhibit website here. (Photo below from the website.)

I hope to see you there!



At this time next week I shall be a resident of Portland. I'm moving there from Austin, TX and know I'll be posting here a bit. In preparation for my move, I've been reading this over the austincommunity.

So, I'll be living on NE 7th in the Woodstock area for a month (temp housing) and will hopefully be able to close on a house within a month. What cool, local places (bars, restaurants, shops, coffee, etc.) are there in this area? Also, I'll be working from home so where can I go to get free WiFi and good coffee?



My job is moving me to the Pacific NW early next year so I am now in the process of browsing craigslist, various blogs and communities such as this. 
I currently live in the San Francisco bay area region and have been told by many people that I would love the Portland/Vancouver but they might not love me because I hail from the Golden State.

Tell me Portlanders, what kind of attitude will I encounter when I arrive in your fine metropolitain area?

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(no subject)

Well, the time of my trip to Portland is drawing near, and I have one last critical question:

Where is your favorite place to hike? Favorite trail? I'm hoping to get in at least one hike while I'm there.

Nothing too rugged (I'm not looking to bush-whack my way through a hike), between four and eight miles or so. Also, the closer to downtown Portland the better. I can go outside the city a bit, but I'm not driving to Bend or anything.

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

If someone has an explanation, I'll drop the resentment, but so far I haven't found much logic!

What were the planners thinking when they designed the new MAX tracks on 5th/6th? Whenever I look down that way I envision a lot of bewildered drivers and rear-end collisions and... what, yield signs, being ignored? Why the track/lane changes instead of one solid, continuing lane like the Streetcar? Are they trying to maximize street parking or something? I'm also stunned by the total impossibility of bicycling on these two streets (hello shallow track angles), instead of a shared roadway like SW Morrison, which is great for cycling. I've talked to police officers, too, who are predicting a lot of accidents and weirdness. It feels like there's some hidden goal here that the rest of us are not grasping. Confusion reigns supreme.

I feel like maybe I should ask someone involved with the project, except the damn thing's already built and we're stuck with it. At the very least, we can gripe about it, as we do best, right? :P
Carmen San Diego

Pretty simple tax question (I think)

Hi! Please please forgive if this has been addressed already!

I went to I clicked on "freefile" and it gave me a list of websites that say if I make under $54,000  and am under the age of 55 I can e-file for free. Since I started with I feel like these sites are to be trusted. I didn't go with random googling. Has anyone used this? I've always done paper taxes before but really need the money asap this time around, so am e-filing.  Are these all legit sites?  I was terrified I'd be paying out the ass for something I've always done for free.
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Soundies Night at Monday Movies

It's Soundies Night at Monday Movies!

Tonight, March 3, 2008, at 9PM Monday Movies will bring you over 20 original vintage Soundies, including many rare reels of black American Jazz and blues performances unavailable anywhere else.

Soundies were three-minute black and white mini-musical films made to be played on a self-contained coin-operated 16mm rear-projection machine, known by the brand name of Panoram. For a nickel, arcade, tavern and nightclub patrons could play three of the movies. More than 1800 of the Soundies mini-musicals were made during their brief peak of popularity in the 1940’s. Soundies were one of the few ways a black performer could reach a white audience on a grand scale in the US at the time.

The show begins at 9PM at Mississippi Pizza Pub in North Portland. Local media historian and author Tom Robinson will introduce each 16mm print from his collection and play it on a vintage projector.

Mississippi Pizza Pub
3552 North Mississippi Ave.
Portland, OR
This is a free event. Full bar and menu. Non-smoking, child-friendly venue.

For a complete calendar of upcoming movies, go to To sign up for our email list, please write to

Unusual Request - Pop Up Balls!

Hey all, do you know any printers/companies in the Portland area that will print hexagonal pop up calendars, we are looking to design a special invite using the template and want to see if there is any place locally that will print them/construct them.

They look like this..

I need to get some quotes and I would rather get reccomendations than cold call print places and be all like "Popup balls, do ya make em?" which is my next choice. I have found some people that do them online but would rather find someone locally.

stop it


Oregon is evidently only one of nine states with this law, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?


March 3, 2008

State public health officials have filed administrative rules to implement a new law that requires hospitals to offer emergency contraception to female victims of sexual assault.

The law, passed as HB 2700 by the 2007 Legislature, makes Oregon one of just nine states nationwide to have such a requirement. It became effective Jan. 1 and requires hospitals to inform female sexual assault victims about emergency contraception, the option of receiving it, and to provide it to the victim if she asks for it.

In addition to filing administrative rules, the law required the Oregon Department of Human Services to develop educational materials about the new requirements and distribute them to all emergency departments in the state. A letter and materials were sent out in January.

"We want women to be aware that emergency contraception is available to all sexual assault victims," said Katherine Bradley, Ph.D., administrator of family health programs in DHS. "It is a safe, effective treatment option and the sooner it is taken, the better it works."

Emergency contraception pills have the same hormone used in birth control pills and reduce the likelihood of pregnancy by 81 to 90 percent when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. The pills may work up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex.

Studies in the New England Journal of Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology indicate that emergency contraception does not cause abortion. It does not work if a woman is already pregnant and will not harm an existing pregnancy.

Other states that have enacted similar laws are California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, South Carolina and Washington.

Information about the law, along with downloadable materials, can be found on the Web at
Rainy Day

RE: Free legal aid in custody disputes

Someone posted last week(?) about where they should look for free legal aid in a custody dispute where the grandmother had taken temporary custody of her boyfriend's child ...

I emailed my divorce/custody attorney and this is what he told me:

It is possible that Washington State will take jurisdiction of the case. Either way, several things need to happen. The boyfriend needs to have been identified as the father (ie: signed the birth certificate at birth or other child support paperwork), and as such will be entitled to a court appointed attorney for the juvenile court (ie: free legal aid). Typically, the mother and father have equal "weight" going into these proceedings, and as such he would more than likely trump the maternal grandmother for custody (depending on his parenting ability etc). However, if the mother was living with the maternal grandmother for any length of time, or the child lived there for a greater portion of time within the last few months - then the grandmother would have a higher chance of being awarded custody.

I would take heart though that you can have a court-appointed attorney, so I would say that the first step would be to call Family Court Services and ask a few questions to get the ball rolling.

Best of luck.

They Call Me Mello Cello

  Do you (or someone you know) own a cello?  
Could the Reed Theatre Dept. borrow it for a couple weeks?  We need one as a prop for the spring faculty show.  I (and the rest of the dept.) promise to take extremely good care of it.  I know it's kind of a stretch, especially over the intarwebs and not knowing people and all, but I'm getting desperate.

If you can help out or know somewhere we might find one, comment here or shoot me a line at tannera @ reed . edu  (without the spaces, silly!)
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(no subject)

So... As a bonus for working ChocolateFest, my boss gave me a $20 gift certificate to "The Body Shop", which was super nice, but uh, I don't buy smelly things.

So, anyone want to buy a brand new-unused $20 Body Shop gift cert?

I can meet people around Pioneer square Wednesday or Friday after 12:30pm!


If not, what is it? Happened to cross the Ross Island Bridge today and there by the waterfront were huge blue and yellow striped tents. Anybody know what's up?

EDIT: Cirque du Soleil. Got it. I'd heard they were coming, that is way cool. Wish I could afford to go. But we're going to "Celtic Woman" in April!

And the "Scientologists" answer was good. :-)
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Alone in the Dark

Searching for a car

---My first post!---

There was this car that allways used to be parked at the curb below 39th somewhere on either Belmont or Hawthorn, it was black, I'm pretty sure it had fins, cool lights, it was generally a neat shape, and had skull stickers on the back window.
If I remember correctly it was allways on the south side of the street.
I called it the death-mobile, and I totally adore it, if anyone else noticed it and manged to get some photographic eveidence, I would love to see it.
Also, do we know anything about it? Who it belongs to, where it came from, what kind of car it is?
Anyway, I just thought of it tonight and wanted to hit you all up for info on it.
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Tonight's Question

What is the shortest job you've ever worked?

I worked one full shift in a retirement community as a dietary aide. The bitch training me would tell me to do something then leave on a smoke break. She didn't train me on where anything was, any of the rules/regulations, or the dietary needs of any of the residents.

Your turn.
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small business owners?

hola! So, I'm in the process of starting a small business, and I've been told there are like little gatherings and get-togethers that small business owners have for networking and such... and I was wondering if anybody knew where I could find out about that? I'm visiting a few small business resources tomorrow afternoon, and I suppose they might know... but I thought I'd see first if any of you brilliant DPers might have some idea for me... and also if any small business owners out there maybe had some great resources here in town for me... and I suppose it's useful to let you know that my business is along the lines of food and beverage + cool hang out :)

tankie tankie!