March 2nd, 2008

Losing Your Head

Rental App/Credit Check

I'm filling out a rental application (actually, I've already turned it in and have had the management request the information I left out) the likes of which I've never seen before. I looked at it and thought, "wow, it's like the poster child for identity theft." The information I left out was my credit card number, my bank account numbers, and balances thereof. Also requested on this application is SSN and mother's maiden name. I don't think I've ever had to give all of this information before, and it makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable giving someone all of this information.

Management wants to do a credit check, of course. Understandable. However . . . how much information do you even need to DO a credit check? Isn't it only name and SSN?

So, are landlords allowed to ask for whatever information they want on rental applications? I know landlord/tenant law is supposed to be pretty favourable for tenants here.

Any thoughts? Help please? Wasn't having much luck looking through archives

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deer in forest

tiny mailing boxes?

Hi there, DP'ers!

Just on a search for tiny little mailing boxes (kind of in the 6" by 3" by 3" size, or so) and I'm having a really difficult time finding a place to purchase them by the plenty, so! I thought I'd ask you fine people. Does anyone here ship small things in teensy boxes on a regular basis? Where do you get them?

Thanks so much! :-)

EDIT: not online, but live and in person, locally.
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sky blue and black

I already posted this in my journal, but I thought I would share with you lovelies.

Yesterday as the sun was about to set I was walking to the grocery store (all out of goldfish crackers!!) and was lucky enough to enjoy my walk under this beautiful sky. Sorry that the picture quality is crappy - it's taken with my phone - but the content is amazing I think. Just one more awesome reason to love Oregon.

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default Lunesse

A few things for sale, figured I'd give DP/PDXforsale first dibs

Clearing out the house a little for Spring. Maybe some DP'ers would want some of this before it hits craiglist/ebay. You pick up, we are in Beaverton.

Here's a number to call: 503-314-7361

1.) Xbox - the original. 2 original Microsoft controllers and an XBox component Video Kit, which allows digital surround sound output and component video output (hi def). Comes with 7 games: Halo 2, Syberia, Kiung Fu Chaos, Elderscrolls 3: Morrowind, Medal of Honor Frontline, Blinx the Time Sweeper. Includes original AV powercord and connectors. $120 Here.

2.) Carters Butterfly Play Gym for infant, very good condition. Ours has extra dangly toys beyond those that come with the playmat, a cute dolphin and sun/moon combo plus the caterpillar, moon, sun, and butterfly. Here. $10

3.) Bumbo seat, in light purple, excellent condition. Here. $20

4.)Graco infant seat, from August 2004 (still well within safe usability age limits) and TWO bases, have one in each car without the need to switch the base around!). Seat is dark blue and in very good condition. For use up to 20 pounds or 26". Here. $40
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Manga/Anime and Toys

Hey all, Im looking for places that sell Manga/Anime related figurines. I want to go to an actual store instead of ordering off the internet, because well, its more fun! I was thinking about going over to Things From Another World in Milwaukie but wanted to see if there were other better options out there, someone in a previous post mentioned Guapo Comics (and yes! they have manga!) Where is your favorite place to buy geek toys?

google is not good for this one, as i need some personal geek to geek reccomendations.


The Cleanse

Does anyone know where I can get Liver/Gallbladder cleanse stuff? I need to reverse the over-indulgence of red-meat and alcohol of the last months. Inner SE or NE would be best.

Appreciate the help.
Xmas Socks

Saturday Night Excursions!

So, I'm sure I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to post anyways... subplot, myself, our friend Amanda, and my sister and her husband went to a Portland Lumberjax game last night. I've never seen a lacrosse game before and none of us (with the exception of subplot) had ever seen the Jax play before. It was money well spent! We sat in 100 level seats, pretty close behind the goal. An exciting, fast game with some cool fights and lots of excitement. I'm not a big sports person, but I enjoyed myself! Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone was interested.
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(no subject)

Anyone know where in Portland (preferably downtown or SE) I should go to get leggings? It's getting warmer and I want to start wearing skirts. Specifically, I'm looking for brightly colored (I have enough black, brown, and grey...) and/or patterned (stripes, stars, polka dots) leggings that are NOT tight/nylon type material. The really tight stretchy ones end up being uncomfortable after a while, so cotton-eyish ones are preferred. I know American Apparel has some, but I believe they're of the nylon/lycra variety. I always look at places like Buffalo Exchange and Red Light, but they're kind of hit and miss.

I want to frolick in skirts! Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

I have not rode trimet in years and I cannot figure out how to use the online trip planning thing without addresses. I am out in Mcminnville and my brother is trying to get the closest he can to here. He is on the max right now headed out from PDX. Can anyone help me  find out what bus or max to take to get the farthest out here?

EDIT: Thank you guys so much, he got to Sherwood and met up with his ride.

Open Letter

Dear Trimet riders of Portland,

I will not be silent any longer. I have to get this out before I explode.

Can you PLEASE tell me why you find it necessary to stand in the aisle of the bus during rush hour, when there are clearly open seats on the bus?

Why is it that when I get on the bus, you insist on standing right in the front near the driver, blocking the way so that I can't actually GET ON THE BUS?

Why is it that when the bus is getting close to crowded, you don't move back, and when you are asked to move back, you look all around like a deer caught in headlights and then move two steps!? When someone asks you to move back MOVE TO THE END OF THE BUS!

Why is it that when you sit down on the bus you sit on the outside seat so that the inside seat is blocked to anyone else who may want to sit down?

Why is it that when I politely say "excuse me please" when trying to navigate towards an open seat in the back that people in aisle are blocking, you give me a dirty look?

And can you PLEASE tell me why during a single bus ride, only 2 out of many riders say THANK YOU to the driver? Its not like someone just gave you a ride or anything.
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Ladies, what do you think?

I imagine women don't like getting "picked up" in most public places. Don't they get tired of getting hit on by guys? Don't they feel harassed after the 12th straight time of going to the grocery store and getting hit on by the checker? Unfortunately, I think a bar is the place to pick up women; anyplace else, it's too obvious what you are doing (not to mention awkward).

Ladies, do you agree? Is the bar the best place to approach you, rather than St. Cupcake?

(no subject)

As of April I become, more or less, self-employed. In order to pay and file taxes, I have to obtain a Tax ID number. My questions are as follows:

1). How do I obtain one of these Tax ID number dealy-bobs?
2). Who do I call? The IRS? Do I really put my trust in the intarweb?
3). How much should I pay for one of these Tax ID number thingys?

I've never been self-employed, and payed taxes without my employer just taking them out of my check. So I am, more or less, clueless.


Dear Damnportlanders IRC chatters.

I downloaded Chatzillah but I can't figure out what to do from here in order to get into the IRC chat.

Pls send help.

ETA: I made it! More people should come on in!
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So, I was reading the thread about where women like to be hit on (hit upon?) by men, and chuckling at all the "eeeww, guys that are twice my age are creepy" comments, until I realized that I'm twice everyone's age! Cold slap in the face time! heh

I'm 49, my lovely girlfriend is 35. I'm not twice her age, but we didn't exactly go to high school together. I mean, I'm old enough to be kicked out of Singles Board Game Night!

As an old dude, I'm naturally of the opinion that age is just a number. That's just how I resolve the cognitive dissonance associated with being an old dude. You have to do that to survive.

But... what do YOU think? Where's the age-line?

Dollhouse Furniture?


Random question for you. I'm making a diorama for a class project. It's a kitchen. It's doll sized. I was going to be all ambitious and make my own fridge but I know that it will look lame if I do. I want a REAL fridge (well, it doesn't have to stay cold, but you know). Other kitchen things would be great as well.

My question for you is, where in town can I get dollhouse furniture? I used to go to the Dime Store in Sisters, but that's far away and I'm all about instant gratification..