February 29th, 2008


DP on 105.1

On my way in to work I was listening to 105.1 and they were talking about Free-gans. Somebody called in and said they had heard about it on "A Portland community on Livejournal" 

Come on, I know it was one of you!!!!

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Reception Ideas

A friend of mine is going to have to get together a group of people for a reception in the portland Metro area. She doesn't have a ton of money so free would be best. Outdoors would be awesome, perhaps in a park. Any suggestions? Weather appropriate for April/May please and thank you!
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Farmer's-type market this weekend?

I know it's going to be rainy today and this weekend, but it's the only time I have free to do stuff I want.
Are there any farmer's markets open today or any day this weekend? I know there's the one at the PSU campus and the Saturday market, but I'm always seeing signs for smaller, neighborhood-type markets. I can never remember where exactly they are or when. Please help? If anyone has information to make my weekend, that would be great. Thanks.
I know a lot of them are not open this early in the season. I'm looking for the ones that are. I know they are open because people have been putting up sidewalk signs for them, I'm having a hard time remembering where and when they are.
Thanks again.
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Google coolness

So yesterday I went all postal on gas prices and the failing economy. Just to prove that I am not a total n00blette to the idea of public transportation i present to you


it's pretty hot. so a big "pfft" to all you nay-sayers out there that said I shouldn't complain about gas prices or that my child should deal with public transportation.

thank you and good day.

oh and i'm sure some of you already knew about this, but others may not...
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HDMI help

** EDIT: nblsavage FTW! Got one from Big Lots for $12. Gold plated, six foot. **

So my house now has hi-def LCD fancyness, but I need to get an HDMI cable to enjoy it's full bounty. I walked into Fred Meyers to get one and was quite shocked to discover that they cost almost FIFTY F_CKING DOLLARS. Radio Shack was the same.

I'd really like to get a cable this weekend, so in town is ideal, but I'll order one off the intertubes if need be.

It's a pretty solid fleecing of the general public, IMHO - sell a $3 cable for $50. Go Retailers!

...and have a delightful weekend everyone! :D
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all ages music

The OLCC is resubmitting their proposal for mixed age venues, and you should get out there and support that endeavor in whatever way you can, but until such lovely times come back to us (yes, Ptown used to have mixed ages shows, when I was underage)...

...come to the all ages show tonight at Rererato!

Whether you're over 21 or under, it's a good way to get your evening going early.

Music by

Sad Music for Happy Humans (myspace.com/sadmusicforhappyhumans happyhumans.org)
Smoke and Mirrors

It's suggested donation of 4$, but no one is turned away, at an intimate artspace in the alberta district (5135 NE 42nd Ave).

Sad Music for Happy Humans goes on first at 7, show ends promptly at 10, beverages are available, but not the alcoholic kind!

Hope to see you there!

Medical Care Help


I'm new to the LiveJournal and community. I looked through the memories, but didn't see much outside of Outside-In and I'm over 30, so no-go.

Anyway, I've had some rough abdominal pain for the last 4 days. I'm 30 days away from getting health care through work (typical). I can afford around a hundred or 150, but I don't even know where to go. Can anyone point me to a doctor in downtown or SE?

**EDIT: I went to Urgent Care and will survive. Thanks for your help.
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How do you sleep?

 I'm bored at work. So here is a question. What are your sleep quirks/habits/etc? 

I can't fall asleep with tv/radio on. I have to have as much white noise as possible. Fans/machines. I like it to be as dark as possible and cool. I only sleep on my side. Sometimes I do the pillow between the legs thing if my back is bothering me...my chiro says do it all the time, but I don't. And I like to "hug" a pillow. Oh and ever since I got rid of my alarm clock, I sleep so much better. I don't usually need it to wake up, so I just use my phone...and I'm not checking the clock all night to see how much sleep I'm missing.

Now you.

Missing a cat?

I just got an email at work that someone found a 3 year old Siamese cat. I don't know the person it originated from or where they're located but I figured I'd take a shot in the dark and see if he belonged to anyone from here.


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Weirdos in Portland, Oregon


I work downtown, close to Pioneer Courthouse Square. Every month or so, a group of about 1-2 dozen young people jog onto the square and do some weird repetitive dance that involves hopping from one foot to the other while patting the head and rubbing the stomach, and chanting something in time to the footwork.

Once, I was close enough to determine that they were saying/singing Dylan's "Serve Somebody."

I keep meaning to ask you folks, but I always forget. They're out there right now. They usually hop around doing their thing for about 10 minutes, then hop away.

I suspect it's a group of PSU students? I thought it might be a Greek hazing thing, but there's guys as well as girls. And everyone's pretty chipper. Reminds me of the type of team-building exercises I'd do when I was doing theatre, or maybe it's a religious or faith-based group?

Any ideas?

Free legal advice: Family law


Maternal grandmother kidnapped grandson (took him to Battleground, WA) and served my boyfriend with (what I think are temporary custody) papers about Christmas time, I am asking him to find said paperwork but we are not wealthy people. Can you point me in the direction of free legal advice?

Thank you!

P.s. Mom is a violent criminal who has already had her parental rights taken away.
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she blinded me with science!

Awesome housing opportunity for YOU!

The neighbors are moving out of the other side of our duplex, and my housemates and I are taking over the whole place! We have one room to fill at $375/month. Location: SE 39th and Powell. You get easy walking access to major bus lines, Safeway, TJ's, coffee shops, neighborhood bars, and Plaid for those late-night beer runs. The cool part of Hawthorne, Reed College, Belmont library, and Laurelhurst Park are all short bus rides away. We have a big yard and plan to grow lots of yummy vegetables this year.

We are a couple of roller girls, a couple of WoW nerds, and a dude who works in a head shop. We party hard once in a while and like to keep things quiet the rest of the time.

ETA: Cats, outdoor smoking, and we're all 30ish.
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Book worms!

Right now I'm taking this really cool class on Oregon & Pacific NW Writers, and we just finished reading The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula LeGuin. I thought some of you might be interested because it's set entirely in Portland. The really cool thing is that it's sci-fi, so it's a futuristic Portland. It was really interesting to read, and considering it was written in the 70's, LeGuin is actually pretty accurate in predicting some of the future. Although it is amusing to read her descriptions of "the perfect cone" of Mt. St. Helens. Anyway, thought I'd share in case anyone needs an entertaining book to curl up with on what appears is going to be a very rainy weekend.

Home owners/renters!

My BF and I are looking to maybe rent a house in August. We are also thinking about an apartment, but it has not really been settled. Anyway, I would like to know what people pay on average for utilities. Gas, water, garbage, etc. I already pay electricity so I am sort in the loop on that bit. I am just trying to figure out how much rent we could afford.


I am sick as shit. Talk to me, please.

To NyQuil or not to NyQuil? That is the question.

I have none... :(

What is the sickest you have been this last year?

Working in a child care center, I get EVERYTHING.

I need outta here..anyone know of any good communes?

Ok I am very serious. I currently live in St. Louis Misery and I can't stand the bible-belt small town everyone in my face crap anymore. I vacationed in Portland and fell in love with the place. I had been planning to move in with a few friends next year but if that falls through I want to know of a houseing co-op or communes in the city I can shack up with. I am a certified pharmacy tech and would prob be able to find a job rather quickly once I am there.

I need outta here BADLY