February 28th, 2008


neuter and spay! info! cheap!

does your christmas kitty need fixin'?

i keep forgetting to post this, but you still have until st. patty's day to do this...

spay and neuter $10
503-292-6628 ext 2

keep your appointment!

it's for low income/financially strapped kitty owners
(but, they're not gonna check yr paystubs or anything)

every year a buncha vets in the area donate their time for this cause
because they are kitty lovers
and there are literally THOUSANDS of kitties put to sleep (killed)
because they are homeless and no one to love them

so do what you can to stop the cycle

thank you,
a kitty lover

Kat in the Hat
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I need to play in the snow!!

Hello helpful DP...

I keep hearing talk about people snow shoeing out to little cabins on mt. hood... and I cant seem to find what they are talking about!
Do any of you know where/how to rent a small/affordable cabin for a night?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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So the news and some analysts are saying that the price of gas could easily hit $4 by summer. I know that some of you could give a flying rats ass about this fact and that I'm a fool because I own a car and am part of the problem, yadda yadda yadda. A F and an U along with a couple other consonants is all I have to so to them...

Sorry, back to my point.

The country is gripped in the fear of the Great Beast called recession, the Feds are going to cut interest rates AGAIN, consumer confidence is low, food prices up, and then there is the whole housing thing. I need my car to cart around my 23 month old kid around town and so just using my bike is not an option really. With oil companies doing the whole Scrooge McDuck and swimming in profits, what do you feel we can do about this?

I'm sure there will be those that say DON'T BUY GAS ON SUCH-IN-SUCH DAY! That does nothing then hurt local business owners as gas stations make pennies on filling up your tank. Have any of the current political monkey's that are shooting for top poop flinger made any statements about our current economic woes other then they'll fix it? Congress did a consumer study about 8 months ago or so with concerns of price gouging at the pumps, but Big Oil got off like Bonds' Home run record.

sorry, I'm just ranting...

Anyone else frustrated like me?
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Xmas Socks

Support a local business, buy a cool wallet!

Some of my friends make these wallets and I thought I'd share a great sale/promotion if anyone's interested. The company started by making wallets out of duct tape and selling them at Saturday Market. They've since upgraded and moved on and have some pretty unique wallets. They typically run about $50 a piece and they last a LONG time. I've had my current one for about a year and a half and it's still holding up really well. However, until tomorrow (2/29) you can purchase a wallet and enter the promo code of "economy" and get 50% off of whatever you buy. I'm getting "Portland Clashing for myself" and for my sister I'm buying her "Broadway" since she's a hair stylist.

So yeah, check out the wallets here: http://www.dbclay.com/ and you can even tell them that Star sent you!

(no subject)

First person who can tell me the area of the RiverView Cemetery in SW Portland where this tombstone is located gets a special place in my heart

I thought it would be worth a shot to ask around here.

and here's a map of the cemetery
<img src="http://riverviewcemetery.org/graphics/cemetery_map.gif>

Restaurant I Stupidly Can't Remember the Name Of

Okay, this is a really stupid question because I've been there a few times, but I'm having an aneurysm and can't remember the name of the place.

What is that little restaurant (can't even remember where, but I *believe* it's within reasonable walking distance of Ember's club) that has pictures of some famous people on the walls, has a jukebox in the back, and when you go in the bathroom, the walls are completely plastered with clippings and graffiti?

I feel so lame for not remembering the name of the place. They have breakfast, sandwiches, lots of things with hummus. There's a counter on your right when you enter, and...I'm sure someone knows the place by now.

the Roxy...duh. I'm so stupid sometimes, but I'll make shifty eyes and blame it on the, uh...papers I've had to write for classes. yeah, that's it. *slinks away*

Medical gauze or the sticks to itself stuff!


I'm in need of where to buy a possibly large amount of white medical gauze. Or that stuff that sticks to itself that the Red Cross puts on you after you've given blood. Can also be used for supporting sprained ankles. And no, I do not need Ace bandages.

I need it for a costume. Leeloo from 5th Element to be exact, and since I do not have the 130 dollars to spend on the costume online, I'mma make it myself! I was thinking about using bondage tape, but I haven't found anywhere in Portland that sells it in white. Hot pink, black, red, orange even, but not white.

I need it by 11 o clock pm, this Saturday, as it is going to be my costume for Rocky's Fuck With Your Character Night. Which you should all go to. And buy a lapdance. We do that now, we auction off lapdances and the money goes to us, the Cabaret, so we can buy better costumes and repair our woebegone props. Help us out, get some hot chicks grinding on you!

But all that aside, where could I get these things? In large amounts. I'm not big, but I don't want there to be a chance of nipples or my bajingo showing, which means lots of layers.


Does anybody know where I can take scuba diving lessons around here? Yes, I have googled a list but I'm curious if anybody has been to any of the places (Looking at Pacific Watersports and Underwater Works but open to others).

I know there is one place by PCC Sylvania. Anybody have any first hand recommendations?

I have a vehicle and am willing to travel although I live on the West side so that's best.
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Non-Comcast cable?

This may sound like a dumb question, but are there other cable companies besides Comcast around here? After 35 years without cable, I'm giving in to my primordial urge to watch Discovery. I can't seem to find any alternatives to Comcast, unless I want satellite, which I don't.


Please let us live with you!

Holy crap, two posts to the same community in one day. I'm on a roll!

Craigslist has been utter shit when helping us with this problem. We need a place to live. We is my boyfriend and I. We live on Barbur Boulevard and would like to be closer in to the city. Plus, a month ago our roommate told us that the lease on the apartment was up and he was moving out, so we'd have to find somewhere else to live.

So we go and get an apartment lined up. Except the meth-head family that interrupted our interview with the property manager got the apartment because they turned in their application a few hours earlier than we did. Because we were at work. Making money so we could pay the rent. Legally.

That was a week ago. We have been rushing around and I have spent SO much money refilling the minutes on my phone so I can call people and ask about their housing ads and all that fun stuff that comes with frantically finding somewhere to live so we aren't homeless.

So, if you're looking for roommates, and I do mean roomMATES, we're a package deal, then go ahead and peek under the cut and see if you'd like living with us.

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me as harley

dress me?

So, regarding the whole 90s Nostalgia Party,  what are people going dressed up as? Or are you dressing up at all? For the life of me I can't think of anything even remotely original or exciting. Any ideas you could spare? I even Wikied the 1990s to look for inspiration, but the only thing that really popped out at me as recognizable was Laura Croft, and...No. I thought of just doing the whole grunge-punk Nirvana-obsessed deal (ripped jeans, flannel, vacant expression), but that seems too obvious. Maybe I'm just being picky.

Anything that I could throw together involving Goodwill buys or makeshift stuff from home would work.

...I guess I could always go as Batman if nothing else works out. He's bamf in any decade.
trucker ape
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the beans

anyone know who in the portland area has some really good ethiopian harrar coffee beans (whole not pre-ground)? and by "in the portland area," i just mean available to buy in the portland area, not necessarily portland-based, though i'd prefer it be a roaster in the pacific nw.
little blue dog


I am sniffling and coughing in my office, and yet it's insanely bee-YOO-tee-full outside.

Please tell me some of you are out there frolicking. I need to vicariously frolic.

That is all.

Bad-for-the-environment cleaning supplies?

Oregon definitely grows on you. If you told me 5 years ago that I'd be shopping for groceries in reusable bags, building a compost container, insulating my house with recycled materials and only buying biodegradable cleaning supplies, I may not have believed you.

Unfortunately, while we are all for going green, we inherited some definitely NOT earth-friendly stuff when we bought the house. Under a sink we discovered years-worth of harsh cleaning supplies and chemicals. We will never use this stuff, but I cringe at the thought of dumping them down the drain to pollute some stream or potentially cause a toxic cloud of smoke to rise out of the sink.

Does anyone know if there is a safe place to dispose of such items? We have lots of Drain-O, Ammonia-filled floor and glass cleaners, a giant CostCo-sized bottle of bleach, among other toxic things.

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Custom Framing...

Ok, so i took a few pictures of the portland skyline, they are BEAUTIFUL.. and printed them 12x 18 to hang in my bedroom.. problem is i didn't think 12x18 frames were so hard to come by. So now your help, where is the best custom framing place to get these framed. Not *to* expensive would be nice to.
Empty Room Dining Set

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

Ooops. I must have missed last week. C'est la vie. Here are some wonderful things about the Portland area....

1. Participating in my first-ever Portland Urban Iditarod this Saturday! This is going to be fun!

2. Ridonkulously warm February weather which is suitable for wearing bike shorts.

3. The seductive taste of Fort George Brewery's Coffee Girl stout. Exquisite goodness all around! The brewery is in Astoria, but apparently, one can find their brew here in Portland.

4. Leap Day parties and gatherings!

5. Southeast Portland Art Walk this weekend. I don't know if I will have much time to check this event out this year, but it's nice that SePo has this event annually.
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so we meet again trebek...

(no subject)

I would like to get a dining room table. I decided that I wanted to have Japanese style dining with a low table and cushions for seats. I figured I would find a coffee table to service this purpose. However, I've had a hell of a time finding a coffee table low enough to not be awkward. Any ideas on where I might find something like this? I don't recall seeing any sort of Asian furniture stores in Portland.

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Furniture... and stuff

I just got an apartment here but I don't think I'm good enough at dumpster diving to get furniture here. Should I go to a surplus place or check Craigslist?

Also, are there any panaderias, carnecerias, or mercados here? I need a comal, molcajete, and maybe some baked goods and I don't want to have my grandma shipping her stuff here.


So, I have some computer speakers here that are kind of crappy. They make a crackling noise, but they work. I forget what brand they are. Anyway, I upgraded like woah so if anyone wants some free speakers, let me know. You can either pick em up sometime, or if you go to PCC rock creek I can give them to you at school. Or I can meet you somewhere. But I am very busy what with work and school, so am only willing to go someplace close to home, which would be Hillsboro. Another option is I tell you when I work and where and you pick them up there. Meh. I just don't want to throw them away when they work just fine, they just have that silly noise.

Kay, bedtime.

new bauhaus album!

for any one who remember bauhaus they are coming out with a new album this tuesday! and we are taking pre-orders for it!

Bauhaus - Go Away White (CD version) - $16.99 ($13.99 pre-order price)
Bauhaus - Go Away White (Vinyl version) - $17.99 ($15.99 pre-order price)

Please send pre-order request to:


Include the following:
First Name
Last Name
e-mail or phone #

Corrrosion Records
128 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, Oregon
(503) 224-9916