February 27th, 2008

Orange You Glad?

I thought I'd let you all know that I am gracing you with my presences this weekend! Loving and missing my pre-teen to young adult romping grounds! Always happy to be back, even if you couldn't give a shit.


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Got Vet?

Anyone know of a good feline vet in town?

I'd like to take my siamese in for his annual checkup [which is a little overdue].
Can anyone recommend a good vet?

Location isn't too much of a problem for me, so, fire away!

Thanks in advance...! 

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Last night's meet up was way fun! I got lotsa fun pictures. However, my computer crapped out last night before I left for said fun-times, and am now unable to upload them. So I'll post them later when I can either use my lap top successfully again or find a friends puter to borrow.
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This is probably a long shot, but can't hurt to ask...

Any idea where would be the least expensive (ha ha ha) place for someone without insurance to get an ECG run? I don't need an echochardiogram, just an electrocardiogram (the first hospital I talked to apparently quoted me the wrong procedure!). And yes, I am doing my homework and calling hospitals... I've already called Adventist, Providence, Legacy, and Willamette Falls hospitals. I'm on hold with Epic Imaging, and need to hit up Kaiser still. Any ideas of other places to go? Just hoped y'all might have some input also. Do we have a county hospital, like on ER, that has to treat you even if you have no money and no insurance?
I'm usually happy to go along without medical intervention, but chest pain is fucking SCARY.

ETA: So far, Epic Imaging wins price-wise. And for others who may need procedures done (such as EKG, MRI, other "imaging"-type things), they have a nifty plan where you get a 20% discount if you pay in full at the time of service, and if you don't have insurance they give you another discount. The lady I talked to said that they don't quote the "no insurance" discount over the phone, but "it's a really good amount" (her words).
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If You Don't Agree With Us, You're Wrong

Extra! Extra! The Portland Ragg is hot off the press and ready to be in your grubby little mittens! You shiver in anticipation, dear DamnPortlanders!

The Portland Ragg is for those who have a sense of humor, who want some info on local sports, movies, theater reviews, shameless erotica (oh yes), food reviews (from certified chefs no less) and fun little stories about a fabulously straight boy in the business of beauty. Don't like what you read? Then do the Tri-Met tales News-Libs on the back and shut the fuck up. Got an opinion about our opinions? Send us an email.

DPers should get a kick out of it, knowing you snarky snarky lot.

It's all free. It's all fun. It's all good.

Pick 'em up in your local coffee shop. Some shops are (but not limited to):
Haven Coffee
Powell's on Hawthorne
The Florida Room
The E-Room
In Other Words
Black Cat
Stumptown on Belmont
Paradox on Belmont
Ummmmmmmmmmm pretty much just random shops all over the East Side. Pretty much.

Keep your eyes peeled for West Side though. Can't hide the love for the West Side.
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Inspired by an early post.

I realize the cookie is a symbol of world class food everywhere.
So in PDX, is there a local bakery that you go gaga for the cookies? Or simply a store bought brand you prefer?

I personally couldn't narrow it down,so I figured I'd ask.
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so on saturday, feb. 23, portland froze. me and bluejayway were there (if you look close, you can see us twice). were any of you? either as participants or as unwitting bystanders?

oh, and there's another video of it up on youtube minus the annoying song, and you can hear a few people's reactions, though it's unedited and badly shot, and me and bluejayway are expressly not in that one.


Poll #1145725 Ghosts!

Do you believe Portland has haunted sites?

No I don't do ghost sites
Portland has ghost sites?

Do you personally believe in ghosts?

Yes indeed
I perform personal exorcisms

And lastly do y'all know of any good haunted sites in Portland besides the Shanghai Tunnels? Share some stories about PDX or abroad!


Hi everyone. I'm in possession of about 100 to 150 photos ranging from the late 40's to the early 90's and I'd like to have them copied and also put onto disk in a high quality format by a professional. What is the absolute best place in Portland to have this done? Some of the pictures are old timey with the white fringe around the edges, some quickly decaying Polaroids and others are irregularly sized and yellowy in color.  Money isn't really an issue unless it's going to be $500 or something absurdly higher than that. I live in inner SE.


EDIT: I also don't have a car, so biking distance would be awesome.

Portland Livejournal Meetup Pictures caption game?

i am involved with other "meetup type groups" where lots of pictures are taken and we put captions on each others photos and such....

i was curious why this doesnt happen here?

captions, motivational posters, lolzpics..etc

i know dp easily offended and stuff.... but i just thought it would be fun.... for those that go and the others (like i) who dont....

anyway i was just curious if this is against the "DP's golden rule book" that i forgot to read when i joined....

(just to clear this up before hand.... this month's pics are pretty funny this time around and i thought it would make for some light hearted friendly humor.... this is in no way meant as a way to hurt peoples feelings or whatever....)
anyhow just a idea for the bored!

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So, my cute little $80 craigs list bike crapped out on me today like the piece of shit that it has always been, and i realized that it's time to invest in a more reliable bike, since i'm going to be replacing my car with it and expecting it to me last me for the next few years.

where should i go?
the bike gallery is closest to my house so i went and looked there first but i hear they are the elitist snobs of the bike kingdom. not that it matters as long as i can get what i need. but i don't want to go somewhere that's ridiculously overpriced, either.
i hear river city is perhaps a good option?

suggestions, please and thank you.