February 26th, 2008

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Banana Recipes

I am craving bananas.  I want to find banana recipes for both main dishes and desserts and side dishes.  I am finding breads and pudding and all kinds of desserts and some things that may be side dishes, but nothing for a main dish.  Anyone have anything for me? 

Please keep in mind that I have internet searched and I am still doing that, but I wanted to see if anyone had anything here.  I am also not the greatest of cooks, but will take a challenge.

Portland related because I live here. :)


My friend Steve just called me. He took 4 tabs of acid and some like herbal energy pack from the mini mart...like those 3 pill packs. He said he feels rushing in his brain and hes scared his brain is going to explode. I'm trying to calm him down. He's kind of stupid. Any tips guys? Similar experiences?
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I didn't take any acid, but I'm drugged up on pseudo-sudafed, and come to you smarties for good places for soup or pho to-go downtown. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
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weirdest request ever? possibly.


What do lactating mothers do? I mean, how do they protect their bras from getting all icky and gooey and moist (ewewew)? Aren't there special pad inserts you can buy? And if so, would any stores would carry these?

EDIT: and NO I am not preggers OR squirting milk.
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Another question...

My dearest Portlanders,

Can you recommend me a Volvo mechanic? Preferably one who will not charge me an arm & a leg to tell me what's wrong with my car.

P.S. I'll never buy another Volvo EVER! I hate it!
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Hey invisible friends! I need the name of a great handyperson - someone who can come in and fix just about anything. I'll try them out on my home, and if they're good I'll continue to use them for real estate clients. Can you hook a girl up?  
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can i has job?

probably a long shot, but i am on the prowl for new employment.

i am a legal/executive assistant with over 20 years of experience and mad i.t. skills (but no certs). 

since posts like this here are generally for baristas or entry level stuff, i don't have any expectations, but it doesn't hurt to put shit out there, right?

if you want my resume, just give me an email address.

here's hoping your day was better than mine  :)

used books in Portland

I am searching for an out-of-print paperback novel, Powells does not have it, I'd prefer not to pay the shipping and handling charges that come from ordering from an Amazon seller, and besides, this gives me an opportunity to ask this: which used book stores in the Portland area should I investigate?

visiting pdx

I am not from portland but will be there from this friday (the 29th) to monday. unfortunately just a short trip, but it will be my first time to pdx.

I already have gotten tons of restaurant recs from other communities/ friends who used to live there but i would love some attraction reccomendations (museums, shopping, anything!) or anything you know of going on this weekend.

also any bars that don't card... i'm 19 but will be with 23-28 year olds, so it would be cool if we could all get into a bar together.

thanks! cant wait to see the city!
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This has plagued me since I moved to the area (twelve years ago, which makes me non-native because I was sixteen then, but I've been here longer than something like 90% of my friends), but:

Why the hell is it called Hi-School Pharmacy? It isn't on their website, I looked. I mean, really. What kind of a name is that for a drug store?

The only logical thing I can think of, is that the first store was near a school of some kind. "Hi, school!"