February 24th, 2008

Not going away.

What is your least favorite city in Oregon, and what makes it so?

Oregon City. All the tweakers. I know in Beaverton I can spit and hit a tweaker, but there is something so much worse about the Oregon City variety to me. I just hate Oregon City.

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quick question:

where is a huge/awesome outdoor playground in portland... preferably east side? i'm hangin out with my daughter this week and i'm not familiar with the parks around here yet...


for future reference, where is the best place to perform open mic? and by best i mean not overpopulated, high pressure, uber-hipstery... ideally i prefer a more low key, mellow crowd... ya know? i'm trying to get started with some music around here but i'm kinda shy... recommendations? experiences?

Nader for President

I guess Ralph Nader is running for President for yet another time.  Think he has a chance?  Think people will vote for him in large numbers like they did in 2000, especially here in Oregon?  Why can't that guy just go away?  Lastly, why is he doing this now?

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Any T-Mobile customers here?
Is anyone else having troubles with receiving and making phonecalls?
Several of us [who are Tmobile customers] haven't been able to make or receive calls, nor access our voicemails in the last 20 hrs. Text messages come in 2 hrs late.
When I tried calling my own phone from a house phone it goes either straight into voicemail or it tells me that all circuits are busy.

Network outage?
diddle the skittle

We're doing it again!

Once upon a time, the Cold War was over, the Perpetual War hadn't
started, and the worst problem the country faced was a blowjob. Once
upon a time, the national budget was balanced, the internet was an
exciting new frontier that was starting to feature graphics, and
Quentin Tarantino had credibility. Our modems blazed at 28.8 kBps,
Smashing Pumpkins were still together, and we had no idea how good we
had it.

Chez Geek, the house-party impresarios who brought you the Chez Geek
Halloween Party, invite you to our 90s Nostalgia Party on February
29th. This Friday, the year steals an extra 24 hours from the
Gregorian calendar, and we'd like to spend it in a different decade.
The music, the movies, the awkwardly-dated universe of the 1990s will
be ours once again. Bring your youthful illusions, bring your
friends, and if at all possible bring a bottle or two. The party
starts at eight and ends when the Supreme Court rules 5-4 to make
everything suck.

Where: 4737 SE 44th ave; about two blocks south of Holgate.
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Hey DPers, my current pair of running shoes needs to be replaced. So what stores in the area (preferably downtown or nearby) carry not only nice new shoes, but also have sports bras for those of us with a bit more to support. I'm talking the D/DD range here, nothing too extreme but enough that it's not particularly easy to find good sports bras in stock.

Thanks, y'all. My feet thank you in advance.

EDIT: Thanks all, I went with Title Nine for the sports bras, which are great! Seriously, I totally recommend them for sports bras, as the sales lady was really helpful and found a great fit for me. Then I went to Portland Running Company where they did a full on shoe fit complete with demo running, and I'm very happy with the results.
c10 dinner


I'm having a couple of people over to watch the Academy Awards this afternoon/evening. So if any of you are jonesing for a little Oscar-watching with poeple you barely know, drop me a line and i'll tell you how to get here. I'm in NE, near Laurelhurst. I have some munchies, but very little in the way of beverages so BYOB.

God's gift to women...

International Women's day is fast approaching, and that means it's time for my birthday. Two years ago, around this time, I put up a post asking for suggestions of where I should go for dinner on my birthday. I'm still working through that list, but wanted to see if anyone had any further suggestions.

Current CW is that we'll be dining at Tabla. Anyone with specific experience there? I'm looking at you, beansbouf, since you're the one who suggested it last time.

Also: Sorry for being such an ass back then, littlebluedog.

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Hi everybody,
does anyone have any idea where in Portland I might find vegetarian dry dog food? I've found the canned stuff at People's and Food Fight, but am toying with switching to veggie dry food - if I can find it.
Any suggestions would be awesome,

job suggestions?

I'm on the job hunt and hoping someone can help me find the right place to land. Know a company that's a decent place to work and doesn't treat their employees like they're disposable?  A small company with lots of potential looking for a Jane of All Trades and willing to negotiate some flexibility? Or an awesome large company that's hiring if you know someone who knows someone (and you're the someone)? I'd love to hear from you.

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Lego Batman Rain

De Nicolas in SE. Need reviews.

Dear DPers.  The girl and I are in the mood for delicious, yet inexpensive itallian eats.  We've driven by De Nicolas on SE Powell and it looks pretty promising, however reviews are sparce for this place and it seems to have been there forever.  Has anyone had any experiences there? 

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Before I forget!

sistermaryeris and I moved last weekend, and used Move It Or Lose It, a company recommended right here in DP.

As I keep seeing posts asking for mover recommendations, I wanted to give them a hearty thumbs-up. They were 121 bucks an hour for three guys, with truck, and worth every penny AND the 20-bucks-apiece tip.

There, now that's cleared out of my brain. I can sleep.
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so i got some birthday money...

and so there are a few things i want to buy.

first, does anyone know where i can find cloud star buddy wash products? it's an all natural dog shampoo, in case you were wondering. they used to sell it trader joe's and now i can't find it anywhere. and my little girl needs a little pampering.

second, the weather has been so nice, i really want to buy a bike. i want a ladies' vintage cruiser. i also want it to be dirt ass cheap. should i just peruse craigslist or is there a really great bike resale shop i should look at?

third, i need a new purse. i am really into the vintage flight bag look (think sixties era pan am bags, but, you know, with interesting images on the front instead of logos). is there any place in portland that sells that sort of thing?

thanks for the help! yay for birthday money!