February 23rd, 2008

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One Tribe Earrings

Wow... I was totally not expecting my post looking for a certain pair of earrings to start this massively huge debate... I'm intrigued and amused.

I have recently been informed that Robot Body Piercing apparently has them... Thanks to all who responded. I got a good laugh out of the back and forth.

And I will point out to anyone that has anything to say about large gauge piercings in obvious places - take a look at my userpic.  That's me.  I have a huge tattoo on the back of my neck.  Do you really think then that my decision to enlarge my earring gauges TRULY counts as mutilation?  LoL.

Thanks again.
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Desperately Seeking Rentals...

So, some people out there think I'm the sort of guy who knows people ("Hey, Linsel, you're someone who knows people...") and they look to me to come up with solutions to their problems.

I've had Three different women come to me in the last month, looking for suggestions on apartments for rent.
I've been a home owner for the last three years, and before that I lived with friends...

You lot seem like a bunch of vagabonds -- where do you suggest people look for rentals? 
Heck, if I had my druthers, I'd have all three of them live with me, but alas I've only so much room, and ultimately I'd likely get sick of em.
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Random Car Stuff...

So,I have a question about a car we recently bought.

We checked the fluids and everything under the hood looked ship shape when we bought 'er.
Now we just wanna take 'er somewhere to get a professional checkin' out...some place that'll NOT rip my
womanfriend off if she goes by herself.We are also into supporting independently owned businesses,if you
have one in mind that you have had good experiences with.

Also,here's a curious question....

Where abouts do you live and where is the gas station with the cheapest gas in your area of town (and how much is that?)
We are located in NE,off MLK (and Fremont) and the chepest gas is at that SHELL station at the MLK/FREMONT intersection. It's $3.19/gal.

Can I get a w00t for math!

Ok damnportlanders I have a math question that is probably really easy but I am stuck.

I'm not the greatest at math so if someone could help me solve this that would be awesome!!!

John Doe decided to add on a wrap-around porch to his house. He owns a 2,000 sq.ft. rectangular house. The length of the sides of his house is 50ft. Because of the land restrictions the porch can only extend 5 feet on the left and right sides of the house.
The length of the front and back of John's house is 40ft. He wants the porch to extend twice as far in the back as in the front.
John has budgeted $10,000 for the decking materials and has chosen cedar decking costing $5 per sq.ft. How many feet will the porch extend in the front and the back?

ok there it is. I somehow ended up with 500ft in the front and 1000ft in the back. I don't think thats right.

Help me out!
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Arisato Minato
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Help me find the name of an obscure game!

I played the trial of some casual game 2 years ago. I even took a screenshot of my high score on the trial.

For some reason I didn't buy the full thing, and for the life of me I can't remember the name of it.

So here's where I ask for your help! I'm going to link to the screenshot of the game, and hopefully someone here will know what it is.

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Audio connector plugs/cables for turntables

Does anyone know where one can find these kind of plugs to connect a turntable to a receiver? These are plugs that, in addition to the pair of red and white leads, also has a connector to the ground of the phonograph.

You will have my undying gratitude and an IOU to a slice of pizza the next time we're downtown.



Dear Damn Portlanders,

I am working on a sekrit project that will eventually be of great benefit to this community. Please answer me this: what is an image that represents Portland that can be reduced to 16x16 pixels and still be recognizable?

For your reference, this is 16x16: :'D
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(no subject)

Situation: I wanna go get a drink tonight. And not sit at home all bored.

Problem: No one to go with. :-P

Solution: Some cool DP'r(s) joining me for such an event.

Locale is fairly unimportant. I'm downtown in the alphabet district, but can get pretty much wherever. Yay trimet and my trusty feet!

So your job, should you choose to accept it, is to let me know where we are hanging out, and when. :-)

Thanks in advance!!

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Hello fellow DPers!
I want to let everyone know of a fabulous experience and recommend them immediately!
Need a good photographer? Then go to Reversed Lens Photography! They are very professional, take amazing photos,funny and extremely talented. They recently took family photos for me and we were all very impressed with the quality of the work. Considering my father in law has an opinion about everything and had nothing but niceties for the process and finished product is something to be said.

So, go fabulous PDX! Get your pictures!
Reversed Lens all the way!
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phone book anyone?

Seriously, why is it that I have received no fewer than half a dozen phone books (I think more but I didn't start keeping track right away) delivered to my door over the past year.  How many phone books does one household need?  (Dex's answer, apparently = 4). 
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I hate throwing stuff away... old technology edition.

I know, I know, this is ancient, but I have an old TI-81 calculator, in superb condition, and I really don't want to just chuck it into the garbage. Anyone have a need for a retro-esque graphing calculator?

I guess if I can give away those condoms from a few days ago, and not a calculator, we'll have taken the true measure of Portland, eh? :)

ETA: Claimed!

yet another tattoo question

i am looking into getting a tattoo on my shoulder it will be a simple like  "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb" on my shoulder, about a inch high.

question one: anyone gotten simple script, which i know it one of the harder styles and about how much they paid
question two: places that you have heard/had a good experience with that work with writting


yes i looked around, but without tags there is just too much. 


who wants to not only hang out/get a drink tonight, but help me get out of the hellhole known as vancouver for an evening?

I'm carless and suffering. Please don't let me stay home all night playing WoW.
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(no subject)

I can't offer you more than I've got in my pocket right now.....

this has been another cryptic post by edwartica.

Portland related because.....well, I don't think it is Portland related.
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