February 22nd, 2008

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this still makes me mad.

so after a solid year of completely ignoring each other's existence, our neighbors' apparent chaotic family turmoil spilled over to our house a couple of weeks ago -- short story is their young child came over for help, my girlfriend and I helped, and mom came over next day to thank us. we exchanged pleasantries, introduced ourselves, shook hands, and she casually mentioned that they will be starting a band soon and will start practicing in their garage in the backyard. I share that ummmm we work overnights and attempt to sleep during the day, but she politely said something about checking with the police about the noise ordinance already while they were over. yeah, while cops were called to make sure no one was dead, they ask how late they can practice. with a knot already forming in my stomach, I think, how bad can it be? next day I am jolted awake after four hours of sleep to what I can only describe as three more hours of speed metal, nothing against it, just not exactly restful and I do not understand why it has to rattle my windows and I get to hear the lyrics perfectly to be effective practicing. I go over to ask same, I receive an earful about how I know nothing about bands or practicing and no, they cannot turn down their amps and boy, the cops get really sick of receiving complaints about things that aren't against the law. I am sort of flummoxed, reassure that I wasn't going to call the cops but I was just asking about muffling options or timing options as a friendly neighbor that just helped your kid and needs sleep desperately, the door is slammed in my face. the next day, its louder, and then we hear some random shouting for a good hour or so. I open the door to run to freddie's real fast and the woman is on her porch, clearly intoxicated, screaming "FUCKING HOMOSEXUALS!" at me and other things I don't understand, while her kids are chalking pictures on the street and smiling. I don't even know what to do, just got in my car and left, and I have not seen them since, but there is a makeshift fence up now on their porch. point taken. the practicing continues, every weekend day. *yawn*

maybe its just the first time someone has been so openly hostile toward me as a person and about my relationship, not just some picketer somewhere. maybe I am just still lamenting and feeling helpless about those poor kiddos growing up with that. I really want to buy a large rainbow flag and put rainbow lights all around our porch, one big gay portland house, or anonymously sign them up for a bunch of sexuality and parenting oriented newsletters, but I am truly afraid they'll try to like, poison our dogs in our backyard or something.

sigh. that's all. thanks for letting me get that out.
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Dearest DamnPortlanders,

After checking the memories and checking to skip=100 - can I get some personal recommendations for therapists/counselors/psychiatrists/psychologists/mental health professionals? Thanks a ton.

ETA per the excellent suggestion of shadowsintime - I am looking for said mental health professional to help me through the grieving process after the recent death of my dad. I have insurance, and the ability to pay out-of-network providers. I have a car, so pretty much anywhere is fine, as long as they have evening or weekend availability. Basically what I want is someone who's not an asshole, who people have good rapport with and feel comfortable with. Thanks!
Hunt Stockwell

Pimpin' The Golden Calf.

 Some of you from PDX know the local music scene.  The band formerly known as "Porn Store Janitors" reinvented themselves, bringing m'lady along with them and are now "The Golden Calf" in their pure quest to attain the balance of Metal and Dude Rock.  

Tomorrow night at O'Malley's at 6535 SE Foster.  10 pmish.  Be there for some mind blowing rock.  

This message approved and paid for by Hunt Stockwell, keeper of time and space.
Miranda July

calling it even steven...

...after my rant about the new grand central lanes the other day, i thought i would post a good review of a place i went this morning. if you are ever in the area (or even if you aren't) and are in need of a fantastic cappuccino and a vegan baked good, please check out sweet pea baking co on 11th and stark. they made me an INCREDIBLE capp this morning. best one i've had since returning from Italy this month. 



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Looking for...

I have a pair of OneTribe 4 gauge "angel" wing earrings.  I want them in 0's, but can't find 'em anywhere.  OneTribe doesn't appear to be making them any more, and eBay, various jewelry sites, and three different body piercings stores have thus far been unsuccessful in unearthing a set that I like.  I don't particularly care if they're OneTribe or not, but the only ones I've been able to find are in a much more stylized "seraphim" style, that I don't particularly like. 

If anyone or anyone you know can tell me where to find a pair in an 0 gauge or perhaps has a pair they wouldn't mind selling, please please PLEASE let me know. :)


That is all.  Cheers.
little blue dog

lawn work recommendations

Hey peeps, it's time (well, past time) for a general clean-up of my yard. I need to have trees and shrubs pruned, beds cleaned, and some compost and barkdust spread, and the debris removed ... i.e. nothing too technical, but I want a good company to do it, rather than hiring off of CL or the phone book. I'm checking Angie's List as well, so I'm really after personal recommendations of a service to contact. Thanks!

I have an idea for a game:

A game that will test the deep and abiding psychic connection we have had over the years.
I don't know if it will work, but tell me if you think it is worth trying:
In the past, I have had posts here where people post pictures. This would be like this, only the goal is to post pictures that somehow reach a psychic convergence in thematicness.
And, of course, I would screen the comments, so that no one could see what was being posted for about...8 or 12 hours.
Does anyone want to do this, or is this just more proof that the G Fish has been riding that Kava pony a bit too hard?

Bunny/rabbit chopsticks anyone..?

Thanks for the suggestions on Trader Joes for my smoked mozzarella hookup... you guys rock!

...now here's the next question: Anyplace local (bonus pts for close to or IN Vancouver again!) I can pick up chopsticks... but with rabbits/bunnies on them? I would ideally like more realistic ones. It's going to be a gift for the boyfriend's mother.

Ready... set... sqwee!
Worky Work!

Just thought I'd put this out there ...

If you're in the market for some tech support or general computer help, I'm your man! Not only will I not charge you what the box stores do (hello, geek squad), but since you're my favorite damn community on LJ, I'd be willing to discount it further for you wonderful people!


Client with the following:

-slow computer
-needed wireless network routed throughout her home (set up for five computers)
-installed new OS
-configure new said OS to operate with previously purchased components

The woman I helped told me that Best Buy (aka Geek Squad) offered to do this for her for the super low low rate of $180 freakin' dollars. What a steal!

What I charged? $45.00. Yes, that's right. Forty-five freakin' dollars.

So ... just an fyi. Shop around. I also won't jerk you around if I can't fix it. I'll lay it out and tell you that I can't. In fact, because I'm just so damn nice and pissed off at these other tech support helper people that they charge so much, I don't even charge if I don't do anything. Advice is free.

So ... yeah. I'm totally serious - shop around. There are much more competent and able people out there to help you and not completely screw you over.

Quick like a bunny!

Name something for me to do tomorrow with my two year old. Other than the Zoo/Children's museum. Been there, done that, want to try something new. Has to be within Tri-Met territory, preferably something not too far on the east side.

If nothing else we'll do Build-A-Bear, and ice cream. Just trying for an adventure. Can't really have an adventure at the mall. Or, can we?
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& Daggers!
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Nair's for short shorts!

This is likely a stretch, but I'm compelled to ask after reading this post:

Does anyone remember an old geezer type guy who used to speed walk around the Alameda/Beaumont/Grant 'hood while wearing inappropriately (in. appro. priately.) tiny yellow jogging shorts, trucker hat, and wind breaker? With his nuts bulging out of his unfortunately short inseam?

He was sort of a running joke/daily fixture among my '01 grad class of students since we were quite young. Even my little brother who's graduating from Grant this year recalls seeing him around. Wonder if he's still nuttin' and tuttin'. Or if he's listed on some sexual offender website.

Pet love :[

Background story:
My best friend lived with me for about a year and had brought her late mother's 16 year old Siamese cat. There were several scares, thinking the cat was going to die, but has held on. My friend moved out in December and told me where she was going she couldn't keep the cat so would have to have it put down. After some discussion with my current roomate, we decided that she didn't harm anyone and we would keep her until the time comes. The past week she has gotten really bad and my friend is really avoiding doing this, as many people before her have I'm sure. The cat can't keep any solid food down, and barely water. She has been sleeping behind my couch. I talk to her but sadly can't really pick her up because I am allergic, sometimes I hold her in a towel or put her next to me on the couch; she always wants to go back behind and just sleep. Today I noticed she can barely walk, she sneezed and literally fell over. Her eyes were kinda gunked shut, which I cleaned, but I feel like the end is NOW. She is SO THIN and I think she is in pain. She can barely hear me, I'm not sure if she can see me. I feel like a terrible person, but I don't have a car or really the extra cash to have her euthanized, besides the fact that it really isn't my responsibility or my choice. I call my friend daily, (who lives and goes to school in the area still) telling her the condition the cat is in she keeps telling me "I don't know how to go about this." Tonight I've had enough. I live in SE around the Powell and 39th area, The Powell Vet clinic doesn't seem to put animals down.

Has anyone a recommendation of somewhere close(ish). I don't even know the price scale for this kind of thing, I've never had to do this before. I am really emotional about this, so please, don't make me feel any worse; I've done all I can for this cat, who was left with me, and I am very sad about it.

Thanks guys.

This is a photo I took of her in the summer. :(
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post whore

There has been a lot of buzz in Washington DC in the last few hours.

Because in approximately 36 hours, Ralph Nader will announce his candidacy for president. This will happen on Meet the Press this Sunday with Tim Russert. This will be followed by a televised celebration being held by the GOP.


It begins! DP Psychic Convergence Challenge '08

So, since no one objected, and several people thought it was a good idea, we are going to play a game.
The game goes like this:
1. Close your eyes and meditate on the thoughts and feelings of your fellow damnportlanders
2. Find a picture that shows what is going through our shared subconscious.
3. Post it.
4. Tomorrow, I will unscreen the pictures, and we can see what we came up with.

Also, play nice.

Local Auctions

When looking at the Oregonian classifieds for estate sales every week, I notice a lot of auction listings. I'm always interested in checking one out but kind of intimidated for some strange reason. Something about competitive buying makes me anxious. Has anybody ever gone to one? Are they worth it? I'm not really in the market for restaurant equipment, cars, or antiques. Is this all that they offer? Has anything bought something really awesome or just really cheap and care to share their experience?

Laser tattoo removal?

Anyone have a recommendation on a great place to get a tattoo removed locally? I would like to alter a piece that was done by a great artist. With that in mind I would love to preserve as much of the rest of the piece as possible. Any recommendations or warnings you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

In La'kesh,