February 21st, 2008

Fatty Goldfish

DP, i choose you!!!

i have gotten back into league and playing pokemon cards (dur) and although i know plenty of places to buy card and deck sleeves, i was wondering if anyone has the slightest idea where i could get ones with custom pictures on them?
  even something simple, like a single leaf or flower or letter, to customize, or any place that would be good for printing them for a fee?
 tried google, got nothin :-\
KH love 3

Video of the Day and First Love

Video of the Day

They should make this the official video for that song.

This song makes me wonder how many people still think about their first love. How long ago did you say bye to them? It has been 7 years for me and I think of my first love often enough.

Are any of you still with your first love? If so, amazing!

ETA: Also, for your amusement - Pugs Live!

FOUND - Grey tabby cat with white collar, deceased, N. Macrum & N. Willamette

Today I found a grey/silver/white tabby cat at N. Macrum and N. Willamette in the St. Johns/University Park area, in the curb by the bike lane on N. Willamette at the #44 bus stop. It wasn't there 48 hours ago when I rode by.

Short haired, medium size (around 11 lbs), i couldn't tell what sex it was or if the white plasticy/vinyl collar had tags.

I have a picture if you think you might know the cat. IF it was yours, sorry for your loss :(

(x-posted to craigslist, Mult Animal control & Dove Lewis)
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What's your favorite place to eat in Portland? Not sorted by price, glitz, time of day, type of food, etc... just your very favorite eating spot?

City Bean

So, on my walk down Jefferson toward Goosehollow, assuming I have my streets right in my head.
I walked by a sign near the Culinary Institute proclaiming CITY BEAN now open.
  My brain says ooooh bean..coffee...and it's not starbucks. I had no time to go this morning, I will later today.
I simply ask has anyone been there yet?

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Coke Commercial Song

Hola! So I went to the movies yesterday with my boyfriend to see Definitely, Maybe. And before the movie started we saw the new coke commercial. Does anybody know what the song is in that commercial? I really like it, and the commercial as well. My eternal love an affection to anybody who can help me out! Thanks!

And here's the commercial for you all to enjoy!
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lay your hands on me... figuratively

i'm moving next week. i'm going to need a massage. anyone have recommendations? or places/people to avoid? i prefer a woman, but atmosphere is more important. if you can tell me what you pay for your massages, that would be great too. also, are there any massage schools, or that kind of thing, where the rates are discounted?

thanks in advance! can't wait to hear your testimonials about your experiences, good AND bad.

(no subject)

Okay, people: Verizon or Cricket? Or something else?

I am finally venturing into the land of wireless communication and I have no clue where to start. I don't need anything fancy, just reliable and affordable for the PDX/Beaverton area. Any opinions?

Poe and Verne, Ala Beatonna

(no subject)

Has anyone heard of a local (garden)tool share? I thought I'd heard something floating around, but I can't find it on google.
Or maybe someone in the NE has a machete lying around that they would let someone borrow for an afternoon in exchange for cookies or the like?

edit-tool share has been found, but seems to be machete-less. Maybe someone has an idea of how to get rid of um...a lot of pulled ivy?

(no subject)

Remember the last Mayoral campain? There were some interesting candidates. The naked dollar bill guy that died during the campain (can't remember his name - Jim staggs?), a woman who advocated something to the extent of salvationism through television, Phil Busse (who I actually voted for in the primaries and would do so again), and of course, Extremo the Clown.

Anyways, curious what interesting charachters are running this time. Anyone know?
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Direct TV vs. Comcast Cable TV

I'm trying to evaluate the options for "cable tv." I'm not looking for anything fancy. I will probably just go with a base package, no need for HD TV or premium channels or any of that jazz. Basically I'm tired of broadcast channels coming in all fuzzy on those rare occasions where I actually want to watch TV or want to put PBS on for my little one. I'm also interested in stuff like the history channel, discovery channel, animal planet... I don't know... whatever those "educational" type channels are. Plus probably some random adult programming from time to time. I have no interest in Nickolodean or Disney channel or MTV or any of that fluff.

I noticed when I was visiting my mom that her "cable" ... some dish satelite network whose exact name escapes me at the moment, had a bit of a delay when changing channels. Sometimes up to five seconds, occasionally not being able to get any signal at all. I want to avoid that. No matter how much people tell me that I will get used to it after a while I still tend to find it annoying. So, I have some questions....

1) Does either Direct TV or Comcast cable have this delay when changing channels?

2) Are there any other issues with either service that I should be aware of? (I will likely order Direct TV through Qwest as part of a package if I go with them.)

3) What is the difference with regular/basic/analog cable vs. digital cable? I have an older TV, so I don't know if this would make much of a difference for me.

4) Whose base package has the better selection of channels? As I recall, when I tried to compare a few months ago I couldn't find a complete channel listing for either service in Portland.

5) Any thoughts on the digital recorders that they offer when you order their service? It looks like its basically their version of TIVO. I've never had such a device, so I know relatively little about it.... All I know is that older TIVO models allow you to skip commercials in recorded programs, but newer ones don't.)

6) Any other thoughts on the matter to help me in the selection process???

Thank you in advance, DPers!


Okay so... I signed up for lovelab before I even moved to Portland, forgot about it and re-discovered it about a year ago. My old roomate (and best friend) signed up for it and so did most of the rest of my best friends. How many of you use it? Has it ever brought you anything more than frustration and anger? I've met some interesting people, but nothing even on the same page of the dictionary as "love". It seems like one big, incestual Portland (and greater) orgy, and honestly, it's starting to get quite sloppy now that all my friends and their friends and their friends are logged on. My best friend met her boyfriend on the site, but not before many many failed attempts. I realize online dating has become universally acceptable since the aol chat room days, but I still can't help feeling a little bit like a tool and like I'm on constant display. I've met people and they assumed I would be more "boisterous" or "crazy" much to their disappointment. Feels like the days of meeting people in public have been replaced with "ISAWU" and "missed connections". Maybe I'm just bitter? Anyone have any success stories from Lovelab, craigslist, myspace, etc?


edit: Also, what are your lovelab handles? he he he
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Another post about dirty sidewalks

Remember the fiasco on this comm last year when all the suburbanites taped off the sidewalks days before the parade and a big brouhaha ensued? Remember? The Portland Mercury tape tearing rampage at night? The debates? The sob stories and guilt trips about why you shouldn't tear up tape?


Parade spot duct tape controversy nearing an end
By KGW Staff

The long-standing practice of using duct tape to reserve space along Portland’s parade routes could end this March.

City Commissioner Randy Leonard is ready to bring his duct tape ban to a council vote. Leonard said he wants to put an end to the bickering, greed, and confusion caused by the free-for-all duct tape system. The commissioner first proposed a ban last summer and, since then, the public has been invited to comment on the issue.

The Rose Festival has endorsed the idea to ban the use of duct tape, spray paint, and other marking methods. Under the plan, the city would spend $50,000 on porta-potties for those who want to reserve their space by showing up in person.

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So I could have SWORN that I had my VCR set to tape tonight's eps (yeah, I like the "enhanced" repeats as well as the new eps)... but I didn't. And I missed tonight's Lost episode. >:p Anybody have a tape of it (hopefully with the "enhanced" repeat also) that I could borrow???

FWIW, I live in the Milwaukie/Clackamas area.


ETA I am on a dialup connection, and trying to download a TV ep would take HOURS. I can't even hang out at YouTube or sites like that; watching a 3-minute video requires over a half-hour of stuttering and pauses to buffer and... 'Cause not only am I on dialup, but my computer is totally fucked up. And I haven't had the money to get it fixed as yet. Watching online or downloading is totally not an option.
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