February 20th, 2008

Here is the deal:

I have spent the last year and a half working at the same place. I am not without my faults, and I have had issues with one of my co-workers. I thought we were past it. I thought we were doing good. I have no reason to believe anything to the contrary. Until today when out of left field I am written an administration letter about how I am just an overall bad person. So I ask my boss why after all this time 1: something was not said before now, and 2: why I have never been told of the good things I have brought to my team. To one she states she has been slacking, not doing her job correctly. As for two she informs me there is nothing good to report.

Which rips my heart in half. So all this time I have been going along thinking things are fine, tabs are being kept by people who call themselves my friends, and instead of telling me at the time, I get it all in one nice letter than my employment with the company ceases to exist if I don't change. Most of these things my fellow workers are at fault for commiting, some of them are true, some of them were told in confidence, and some of them are flat out farce.

My trust is broken. I can return, if I straighten my act, yet I don't feel 100% to blame. I do not feel I can return and work with these people if they think I am such a bad person/employee. And I cannot work with people I don't trust.

I am sad. Just sad. I know I can be a bad person, I just didn't know I was so horrible. I guess thanks for letting me know.

p.s. being a single mom makes this blow so much harder. Additionally I feel like someone who has been abused then told I deserved it. They have been really unkind to me, but I have to be the one to change.
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(no subject)

So, I am ridiculously curious about egg donation now, because the radio keeps playing advertisments for it.

Has anyone on DP donated eggs? Or recieved?
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It's coming...

Soon, in time for Stumptown 2008.
  I will be introducing to Portland Issue 3 of Comics Obscura, a collected comic anthology of various genres and art styles. Issues 1 and 2 can still be found through me at $5.00 cost. Acid free paper used, all that lovely comic book sheen.
  Any questions feel free to contact me or visit our website for a preview at : comicsobscura.com.

  Now that this shameless plug is over, I must kill time until my 45 bus arrives. Wooo!
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sarsaparale? gingerilla?

Help me out, smarties.

Years ago I had a beverage at the now-defunct "Ponderosa Ranch" theme park near Tahoe that was either ginger ale or sarsaparilla, and it was so good that I've been trying ever since to figure out what it was. The ginger ale I've tasted since then is weak and leaves a tangy aftertaste, and the sarsaparilla I've tasted is darker and sweeter, almost like root beer. But this stuff I tried was SPICY. So I think it was just a certain recipe or brand of ginger ale or sarsaparilla.

(Really, what I'm looking for is a mixer for whisky, and I think this stuff would be perfect if I could locate it, or something like it.)

So, any ginger ale or sarsaparilla connoisseurs out there willing to take a guess, based on my vague description above, of a particular brand I should check out (and where it's sold)?

hawthorne bridge

Where can I find a quality office chair & desk?

Does anyone know where to go in this town for a good desk chair? I'm not talking office depot or staples. I want to get a quality, comfy, ergonomic office chair that my back is going to love. I'm not crazy about the aeron (sp?) chairs. (Maybe it's just that my ex's chair was too big for me.) But, perhaps something roughly along those lines. It doesn't have to be expensive. But, it does have to be exceptionally comfy for my slightly petite (5'5") frame and I don't mind paying to get it (within reason, of course).

I know I've seen a discount office furniture store in SE on the way to the Hawthorne bridge (on Morrison & 10th????). But, I don't get the impression from what I see sitting on the sidwalk as I drive by that they're going to have what I'm looking for. They look pretty basic, plus I'd imagine that a discount warehouse type store isn't going to carry the kind-of thing that I'm looking for.

I also need to get myself a good, solid wood desk for computer use and storage of various office-type supplies. I'm not terribly sure exactly what I'm looking for. Probably something without a hutch, though. If you have any ideas where to find either one in this town, please let me know. I've combed through Craigslist on various occasions in the past to no avail, so I think I need to start looking at new stores. Price is not a huge consideration. I want something that's going to last and something that I'm going to love. I'm definitely past the days of college, get what you can take furniture.

Thanks in advance!

Investment tips?

Has anybody here ever bought stocks? I just heard that Blue Ray signed a big contract with Wal-Mart which leads me to believe that they will win the format war against HD-DVD. I have a little extra money set aside and wondered where to go to invest in stocks. Is there a good place in town that can help? Is it a lot of work or do I just sit back and watch the money roll in? Something tells me it's the former and not the latter.

Edit: change "will win" to "did win." I get my news by carrier pigeon.
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(no subject)

Hey folks,
Moved to Portland back in October, and I've had many adventures, looked at much local art, got beat up at shows, drank several times my weight in beer. There's only one thing so far that I haven't been able to find: a really good junkyard. I'm feeling nostalgic for the D.H. Griffin Wrecking Yard in Greensboro NC, a big wonderland of scrap steel, broken bicycles and engines and indutrial machinery, old rusting shipping containers filled with anything from thousands of school desks to a sequinned upright piano. A literal mountain of old military surplus footlockers. Piles of broken lawnmowers you must wade through. It's The Magic Kingdom for any kid with a stick welder and a love of trash. I could spend all day there. I'm certain Portland and/or the surrounding areas must have such places. Anybody got any tips?

pics not loading

Does this happen to anyone else? Sometimes (too often) I'll load up LJ and none of the icons will display. I'll reload the page and nothing changes. Sometimes the CSS won't load either. My internet connection works fine for other things. This also happens with facebook, myspace, etc. If it doesn't work in firefox, sometimes it will work in Safari, or vice versa. I can find no pattern. I'm using a macbook with 10.5 installed. I had previously chalked it up to my old crappy computer, but this shouldn't happen with the shiny new one. Any thoughts/suggestions?
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Window and trim recycling

So, I replaced three medium-sized windows in an upstairs bedroom of my house with one huge one a couple of months back. Since then, I've had the old windows plus large amounts of old wood and trim piled up in my backyard just kind of sitting there festering.

Since spring is kind of around the corner, I'd like to get rid of this crap without having to take it to the dump.

My inquiry: does anyone know where I can recycle this stuff? I'd hate to just toss it all in a landfill. A couple of the paned windows are still kind of reusable, I guess.



I'm pretty sure someone posted about this last year, but I didn't see anything in the memories. Given, I think they were asking about Eugene.

Where's the best place in Portland to buy scrubs? I just need the pants, can you buy only the pants without the shirt? I need orange scrubs =O Thanks!
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Finally got around to it

Do you find yourself avoiding particular popular movies, tv shows or music because everyone loves them but once you give in and check them out you totally fall in love with it and you think, "Why did I take so long to get into this?"  

Right now these are the things I'm just getting around to enjoying: 

Flight of the Conchords

Pink Floyd – More specifically the album, Meddle.  I have loved Piper at the Gates of Dawn forever, but never checked out much post-Barrett stuff. 


What are you just getting around to liking? 



Smoked Mozzarella in Vancouver..? Or maybe Hayden Island OR?

I'm in love with the stuff... (not so much at the $24 per pound price tho... yikes!) but the only place I've successfully located it is way across town in Vancouver off of 164th @ Wild Oats. The cheese lady informed me last night that they may be dropping that particular product soon!!!


So I would like to locate a couple other places that would have it somewhere in Vancouver or just into Portland on Jantzen Beach/Hayden Island. Is there even anyone by word-of-mouth who might smoke it at home and be willing to be my new smoked-cheese dealer?

No codewords here... I really want smoked mozzarella !! Or does anyone know of a close tasting cheese that's also smoked & where to get it..?

I can only imagine what this is going to turn up as on that secret DP affiliated journal. rofl.


~In <3 with Smoked Mozzarella
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cookie monster

It's my roomies birthday today and I'm going to make him some cookies (I'm really good at this whole planning ahead thing). I've been googling various recipes and whatnot, but I specifically want to make cookies that will be good for cutting into shapes. I know that sugar cookies are the traditional cookie-cutter-cookie of choice, but are there other kinds that will work? Or does anyone have a particularly amazing sugar cookie recipe? I just don't think they're that amazing, they taste kind of boring. =( And I'm not a very master baker so I don't know what I could add to liven them up.

Any ideas or recipes that you know of? Also, I don't have a rolling pin, think I could makeshift one by using a tin can or something?


(also, in case you're wildly curious, the cookies are going to be penis shaped. =) because I'm still immature enough to find that hilarious.)

(no subject)

Would anyone know whereabouts in Portland or the surrounding area I could find earrings like these? I bought a couple of pairs at Potala Gate Imports in Eugene, but have since lost the back to one of them. Specifically, I'd be looking for bone earrings that have wires in the middle instead of little bone spurs like the one in the link, and that look something like the top two earrings in this picture:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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here's another post.

I've recently decided that in the next few months I'd like to buy a 'british redcoat' type jacket.

You know, like this.

Are there any stores in the area that have military or similar type jackets? (Also, in larger sizes, as I tend to be busty, woe.)

The problem with online costume shops is A) You can't try it on, and most 'halloween' costumes are expensive AND cheaply made (in my experience). Also, because the majority of things I can find look like this, which... is not what I'm looking for. At least for everyday use. ;)

I do have the option of paying a family friend to make one for me, but that seems like it'd be expensive, and I was wondering if I had any other options.

Also, do any of the ladies online here have experience wearing men's military jackets and how well do they work with curvy lady shape? Any feedback is awesome. :)

I'm also interested in this style or this style of jackets. The redcoat style is just easiest to find most of the time.
Ewan What?!?

Eclipse! Eclipse!

You can see it right now; it's pretty cool looking. I've been peeking out my window every once in a while watching the moon slowly disappear. Go check it out! (And if you have a super-awesome camera and can take photos and post them, do! My little point and shoot just isn't cutting it.)

to all artists out there--

My employers own Thirst Winebar. They are currently holding a contest to design wine labels for their own bottles.

She was telling me today that she hasn't gotten any good entries yet!

The prize is amazing: $250 cash, Case of the wine (6 white and 6 red) if winner is 21 or older, Dinner for 2 at Thirst Wine Bar & Bistro’s Riverplace location, Feature and recognition in newsletter, Recognition in press release, Feature and recognition with links to portfolio on Thirst’s website for 1 year, Your name on every bottle with your label / artwork on it, Ability to showcase your artwork/portfolio at Thirst Wine Bar & Bistro for at least 2 months

 The specifications are here, on their website.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I can ask for you!

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