February 19th, 2008


Douchenozzles on Craigslist

This is probably old meme but WTF is up with the rampant amount of assholes on Craigslist here? I've lived in a few major cities and used CL successfully for friends, dates and places to live without any problems and then I move here and get flagged TWICE in a month for no reason.

Here is an ad I reposted for you to mock or whatever ;). I don't see anything flag worthy, do you?

So what is the deal? Do people just really suck or what? I swear there are people on there who just read the ads all day purely to flag posts. Jackasses.

ETA: My ad gets flagged but then we have these gems up on there. How nice.
Miranda July

just wanted to warn my fellow portlanders...

....don't waste your time and/or money. 

i went to the new Grand Central Lanes for the first time last night. Here's the review I posted in City Search:

"Let me start by saying that I was thrilled when I found out that the Grand Central Lanes was going to re-open. I am a native Portlander and love it when unique businesses are brought back to life in the city. Last night my friends and I decided to take our inagural trip to the new Grand Central Lanes, but what a disappointment. We arrived a little after 5pm to a (mostly) empty dining room. It took several minutes to have anyone greet us, and several more to get our menus. After ordering some beverages, we waited a good 15 minutes to receive them. Since we had a time-line to meet in order to get to our lane at the reserved time (don't even get me started on this one), we had to abandon our dining table before our food even arrived. It was then brought to us and placed on the coffee table that we shared with the lane across from us. The lack of seating in each lane made for a cramped and uncomfortable dining experience, all for food that was just average and too expensive for what it was. Remind me to NEVER AGAIN pay to eat food on my lap. The atmosphere is really nice at Grand Central. The leather couches and mood-lighting are appealing to the customer who is experiencing this place for the first time. However, once you try and actually USE the establishment, it is a huge let-down. The cramped quarters in each bowling lane make it impossible to maneuver around your food and friends. The music is pretty terrible. The huge televisions playing in-your-face-sporting events give the place a Vegas, Stanfords, sports-bar kinda feel. I think they could have done without all the televisions and put that 20K towards a better DJ or reduced bowling prices. At the end of the night, the four of us ended-up spending upwards of $140 on dinner and 2 games of bowling. It's pretty safe to say that none of us will be going back, and we will certainly not be recommending this place to anyone else."

Stick with Hollywood Bowl my friends. It's cheap. It's divey. But at least you can feel comfortable and know what to expect.


Portland Shockwave fundraiser/costume contest

(I've been reading and snarking with the rest of you for quite awhile, now, so I understand that event listings are usually reviled and spat upon. But hey... at least I'm not embedding a YouTube video!)

What: Portland Shockwave "Totally '80s" Fundraiser
When: This Friday (the 22nd), 8:00PM (costume judging at around 10:00PM)
Where: STUDIO 704, 704 Main St., Vancouver (I know, I know... it's hard to cross that river)
Details: Raffles, Costume Contest ($100 in prizes!), Drinking, Dancing, Debauchery
Cost: $10 cover (come on... it's a fundraiser!)

Everyone (over 21) is invited! Help us pay for our out-of-town games (we've got games in Sacramento and Santa Rosa this year) and maybe win a prize or two yourselves! The Shockwave is Portland's only women's full-contact football team.

Now, you may be thinking, "Man, I don't want to spend a Friday night with a bunch of dykes." First of all, don't knock it till you try it! And second of all, it's a little-known fact that about half of the team is straight. And seriously, what's hotter than women who like beating the crap out of each other on the football field?

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(DamnPortlanders-related because I joined the Shockwave after a DP post a year ago about wimmins playing football and now I'm doing it.)
lady rebel rider

(no subject)

hey all, i just joined, been in portland for about 4 years now, and i need to find a good fish and chips place, i've been to Corbett Fish House and honestly was left very unimpressed, i need a place that does good old fashioned fish and chips, they need to be greasy, at least a little, and good sized pieces, the kind of fish and chips you'd expect to get wrapped in newspaper.

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Dream of sassy socks?

OMG I have a newfound love interest - sassy socks! My friend found this website that is based locally on Powell. You have to order over the internet, there is no warehouse to visit, but the pictures are really well done so you get a very specific idea of what you want. They've got everything from anklets to thigh-highs to garters to... just imagine! I have no affiliation whatsoever with this company, I just want to let you guys know of an awesome local business. I ordered 4 pairs on Sunday and recieved them today. Sweet! So anyway, here's a pic of one of the pairs I got:

And here's the address: www.sockdreams.com
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Food and Drink

I've lived in Tanasbourne (Hillsboro/Beaverton) for 5 years now and I still don't have a clue...

So I have a silly question-

Where do women go (out here) when they want to meet other women?

eBay Motors?

Has anyone here sold a car through eBay motors? How'd it work out for you?

I'm really considering getting rid of my old Mercedes 300SD beater and was thinking of trying eBay Motors.
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Meetup next week!

Sorry I'm a day late on the meetup reminder, but I've got a bit of Maui-itis right now, which will actually also prevent me from attending meetup. (Feel free to call me during meetup and make fun of me as usual, though.)

Anyway. Meetup is Tuesday, February 26th at the East Bank Saloon starting at 7pm. Minors are welcome and the meetup FAQ is here.

Let me reiterate once again: BE GOOD TO THE WAIT STAFF. We are loud, obnoxious, we play musical chairs, we order weird things, etc. Our usual waitress puts up with our shit very nicely in general, and deserves respect. And big fat tips from anyone who can afford them. (And even if you wind up not ordering something, feel free to leave a couple dollars on the table-- seriously, every bit helps.)

bellybalt is in charge while I'm gone, since he already has the meetup tags and everything anyway, and I'm going to call the restaurant to remind them about us the day of meetup and I'll tell her to direct any complaints to him for me. ♥
le faint


Does anyone know what was happening this afternoon at 67-ish and Foster this afternoon, about an hour ago? The whole road was blocked off by police vehicles, there was yellow tape everywhere, and law enforcement having discussions with groups of people on the sidewalk. I got re-routed to Powell and didn't get to find out anything about the action.

Local news websites didn't have any info that I could find.

ZOMGZ Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow!!!

Sorry if this has already been posted; I looked back a few pages and didn't see it.


Total Lunar Eclipse Late Wednesday
By VOA News
19 February 2008

Skywatchers in the Western Hemisphere will be able to view the full moon in shades of red as it slides into the shadow of the Earth during a total lunar eclipse Wednesday night.Collapse )
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Xmas Socks

Game Night!

Star here with your bi-weekly reminder of game night. If you haven't heard about it, here's the sweet and lowdown:

Who: Singles in their 20s and 30s. Does this include you? We're a friendly bunch and we usually have some new people every event.

What: Game night! Board games, card games, whatever.

Where: Lucky Lab NW. 1945 NW Quimby, Portland.

When: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. The next one is tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 20th. 700 until whenever people start to leave or the bar closes at 12am. (People are usually around until at least 1030 or 1100)

Why: Why not? Come hang out with some cool people in a pretty low-key and relaxed environment. Eat some good food, drink some tasty beer and meet some new people!

Hope to see you there!

Oh yeah, feel free to bring some games of your own and/or a friend or two if you like. IF you want some more info, you can check out the Myspace page at:

(no subject)

Am I the only person in Portland who doesn't spit on the sidewalks? Why do people even do this? Ever since I moved downtown I can't walk on any sidewalk even in the 'nicer' areas of downtown without having to dodge all the spit on the sidewalks. It's god damn disgusting and there is no excuse for it. We should follow Delaware's lead and start fining people $1,000 for spitting.

Sometimes this city seems so unhygienic, like people just treat the streets and sidewalks like a public bathroom without any pride or decency to keep things neat and relatively clean. I live near a few bars and pretty much every morning I spot 3-4 barf spots on the sidewalk, like someone dumped barrels upon barrels of puke and just left it there for the flies.

Seriously Portland, wtf?
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Dear Fixie-Riding Idiot on SW 10th...

...yep, you're TOO COOL to ride a functioning bike, let alone wear a helmet or obey traffic laws.

And you also give the finger to someone who honks at you (not me, but I wish you gave me the finger). Obviously they're not cool enough to stand your unique kind of asshat bike riding.

Tell you what, fuckie-fixie rider - DIAF. Or more precisely, die by having your head squashed by a large vehicle like a garbage truck, cement mixer, or bus.

good bars

where are some good bars to hit up on your 21st birthday? I'm not looking for "clubs" or dives. Just a nice play to relax, have a few drinks and maybe listen to some live music. I already plan on taking my friend to Kell's. What are some other places along the same lines? What about some of the theaters around town that have beer and pizza? are they any good?

just need some recommendations because i haven't been out much myself since i turned 21 a year ago. i want my friend to have a good time! thanks...


Just wanted to see if any of you guys had any feedback  or done of these programs:

*Big Brother, Big Sister
*SE Works Programs
*Boys & Girls "Mentor Program"

I'm considering them and would love some feedback (good or bad)

thanks!  You guys always impress me!
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Too Much Coffee Amanda

Found Cat.

I work at a veterinary clinic and a cat has come into our care recently. It was found about two weeks ago. I'll post a picture, but if someone knows this kitty, any information you could give me would be great to verify.

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little blue dog

change comes from within

I have a jar full of coins, a personality too cheap to willingly shell out 9% of it to the machines at supermarkets, and an account at Wells Fargo. Before I systematically call each location to ask the same question, I thought I'd ask you smarties: do you know any locations that have a change-counting machine?


where can I get cheap topsoil for my garden?

I've got a bad case of gardening spring fever this year. I seriously need a few truckloads of topsoil for my garden and sad, neglected backyard. In the past, I've just amended my dirt with the gleanings of my compost pile and a few bags of Black Gold, but I really need a lot of dirt.

I don't have a truck, though (I know there's always Craigslisters advertising free dirt). Do any of you have a great source for reasonably priced topsoil/compost/bark chips/mulch, etc? I've never ordered it, so I have no idea how much it costs. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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teh funniez:
SALEM, Ore. - The Oregon Republican Party is $264,000 in debt and is planning to move its headquarters to a smaller office in Salem.

It's the latest bit of disheartening news for the state GOP, which is still licking its wounds from the 2006 election and has yet to field candidates for three statewide offices this fall.

Federal campaign finance reports show the party is on a repayment plan for $35,000 it owes the IRS for about two year's worth of payroll taxes it failed to pay for its employees.

Seriously though... for an organization who's mantras are "fiscal responsibility" and "Support our Troops", how frigging irresponsible is it to owe two years worth of back taxes?

Looking For An Acoustic Guitar

My acoustic guitar died a sad sad death this winter when it slid off the table it was leaning against and broke the neck (tile floors are murder). Now that i actually have a small amount of money, i'm in the market. But everything on ebay or craigslist is too much for me. I'm looking for $50 or under. It could be the biggest piece of shit in the world, but as long as it's got steel strings (or even if it's built for them, but they are absent at the moment) and makes noise, i'm fine.

Do you know of any crummy pawn shops where i could find a crappy guitar? Or better yet, do you have a piece of shit lying around your home that you're looking to get rid of? I'm your man.

Thanks in advance for any help!